Australia Day

Australia Day is the anniversary of the European settlement of Australia, and commemorates the achievements of our forebears and the builders of our nation.

On this day we honour all of those pioneers, settlers, and explorers who built this country into a great nation.

Happy Australia Day everyone!


  1. Darren Hodges is not a racist but a realist and it is a real threat that laws discriminate against whites and favour non whites because the left are the racists in reality who prefer to patronise non whites because for some reason they have an inferiority complex re their fellow Aussies of Anglo/Celtic extraction.

    Only explanation most agree on.

    Darren – Not seen you lately mate on DebateRelate.

    Brian Ross is defending the indefensible as usual. Pop in and say good'ay 🙂

    I am not a racist either but do object to not having a race card to play myself when someone also an immigrant like me but from different part of the world gets the job and less qualified as well as not paid as much – this is why Labor brought in the White Australia Policy in the first place – nothing to do with race all to do with third worlders being brought in to work for less pay than Aussies of any hue already here. The left as usual have turned it around to project their own twisted views.

    Hope we get people up and running in the coming election – sooner the better.

    Governments seem to have forgotten that they govern for the majority not minorities who if they fit in and most do are not targeted until they play the race card and that makes them the racists imo.

  2. Soothsayer says

    I hope you all had your Australian flags on your vehicles. Don't let any nasty racists intimidate you into not doing it.

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