Happy New Year for 2012!

Happy New Year for 2012!

We’d like to wish everyone all the best for the coming year!

We appreciate the efforts of the many people who have contributed so much to the Australian Protectionist Party; it is they who have been making our work such a success.

There’s been a lot of things happening, new people joining, much development occurring, and lots of Protectionist materials getting out to the public. And we’re hoping that the new year is going to see even more good things coming our way.

For those who have not seen it already, there is a new patriotic calendar available for 2012. If you haven’t got one already, we highly recommend that you do. The artwork in the calendar is really good and very humourous. See the earlier article about the calendar for more details.

Thanks once again go to all our members and supporters who have helped in so many ways, setting up organisational matters, getting our materials “out on the streets”, and taking the time to provide information and feedback.

We wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


  1. And these people dont believe in christmas.

  2. Check out these pics from Boxing Day sales in Sydney. You'd swear this was Asia.


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