Selling uranium to the Third World is a bad idea

Despite strong opposition within their own party, Labor has recently passed a motion supporting Prime Minister Gillard’s recent push for Australia to start selling uranium to India. Unsurprisingly, this prompted an immediate request by India’s great rival Pakistan to also be sold Australian uranium. It should be pointed out that India has not actually signed the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This should have been reason enough for Labor to oppose lifting restrictions on selling uranium to India. Doubts have also emerged about just how earthquake-proof some of India’s nuclear reactors are; and there are always concerns about a country with such a large Muslim population having potential access to nuclear material. Are we not supposed to be “at war with terrorism”?

But alas, sometimes the push for economic growth talks a lot louder than common sense. Australia is already selling uranium to Red China, whose military buildup continues at an extremely robust pace and who is heavily engaged in global espionage against Western countries. Apparently we have an assurance that China will not use Australian uranium in their nuclear bombs and this has satisfied enough of our politicians. Never mind that even if they do honour this agreement, China can easily divert other uranium sources into bombs, and we just make it easy for them by selling them uranium. A recent newspaper report has suggested the Chinese may have up to 3000 nuclear missiles secretly stashed away. A number of China analysts have suggested Red China has every intention of becoming the most powerful nation on earth.

Australia should not be selling uranium to Third World countries, to Muslim countries or to Communists. The recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan should have showed the very real risks involved in the nuclear industry. With our own large sources of uranium, Australia is in a unique position to make a socially and morally responsible stand. We should not be endangering the Asian and Pacific regions by encouraging the nuclear industries of India, China, etc., or be contributing to any regional nuclear arms race.

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  1. Hey captain obvious. I don't mind a bit of feedback. Thank you. You failed to address my point about anti-discrimination laws. Any reason why??? I'm very comfortable knowing that you and your mates are part of something called a minority group. This being something that the most of the country doesn't agree with. That must be a very frustrating reality for you. Please feel free to write another lengthy reply to this post as I understand that it can be hard to fill up the day with just job rejections.

    • Soothsayer says

      Brenton, can you please outline where the anti-discrimination laws are being violated. And for which state, I've heard Victorian anti-discrimination laws are getting fairly anti-democratic.

      Since we are so ignorant, can you also give us some guidelines as to the difference between having a debate about important issues and discrimination.

      All we are doing is looking at the facts and forming an opinion. Are you insisting that people swallow things whole?

  2. We are all very fortunate that you and your uneducated racist redneck mates will never amount to anything more than a s*** the won't flush. I'd be surprised if you raised enough money to get a bus ticket to the nearest Centerlink office. Hot tip… You might want have a look at something the rest of us call anti-discrimination laws.

    • Captain Obvious says

      Ha! Lol. That Brenton is an idiot.

      He is just an anti-Australian hater, posting hate speech on this site. As the trendies say nowadays, "Haters gonna hate", nothing you can do about fools like that – unless, of course, they have perfected brain transplant surgery (in that case, he could always upgrade to a pig's brain I suppose).

      He calls us uneducated and racist, but he makes two grammatical errors:
      1) "want have a look at" should be "want TO have a look at"
      2) "the won't flush" should be "THAT won't flush"

      Also… he calls us "rednecks", but that is a racist term used against white people.

      So, in actual fact, it looks like he is the one who is an "uneducated racist".

      What a moron, making himself look so stupid.

      Hey Brenton: Hot tip… You might want to have a look at something the rest of us call intelligence.
      Maybe you could start off slowly… aim for borderline mentally retarded, then try to work your way up from there.

      Apologies to all decent people out there, but rude people like that Brenton guy deserve to have a bit of rudeness thrown back at them. There are people like him in all cultures and all races – low-lifes who degrade society no matter where they are. Civilised people usually just have to put up with them, or ignore them.
      (Hint, hint, moderators – feel free to delete Brenton's future posts, as he does not deserve space on this site, as decent people should not have to put up with his rudeness.)

      • Brenton's articulation and grammar have have led me to this conclusion.
        "The whole world might think you're a fool, but when you open your mouth you leave no doubt".

      • We have people like Brenton in the UK. That's why the UK has turned into a t*** waiting to be flushed.

    • Soothsayer says

      Brendon – do you have a problem with freedom of speech? Are you one of these people to feels it is your right to use vitriolic abuse towards others who have an opinion you personally don't like (or clashes with your ethnic group's agenda).

      Opinions are like a******es, everyone's got one.

      What happened to that great belief of 'I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it'. Now it is 'if you don't agree with what I say I will fight you until you stop saying it'.

      Is this a fall out from mass immigration from the third world, we lose our right to free speech because 'new Australians' from the third world find the concept that Australians have the right to disagree with them to challenging.

      Is this the evidence that Diversity is our Weakness rather than our purported strength?

      • Soothsayer says

        On the topic of free speech, Mark Steyn is visiting Australia and going to be doing pubic talks on the topic of 'Feeedom of Speech in The Western World".

        So if you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you may like to attend. Tickets are available via the Institute of Public Affairs .

  3. In their recent conference where Labour was debating this they said that, if they didn't approve selling Uranium to India, – they "might lose the Indian vote"
    ( So they are now obliged to act in India's interest – rather than native born Australian… selling us out yet again… )

    • Devon Warrington says

      Yeah malcolm. And Rudd said India didn't need our uranium anyway and that it's more about "maintaining good relations with an emerging economic power". In a nutshell, it's arse-kissing, but the very principle of selling them uranium is just wrong.

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