Has the Immigration Minister lost the plot?

Chris Bowen, the Labor government’s Immigration Minister, is proposing that Australia should take in yet more Third World refugees.
Bowen has proposed that the refugee intake be raised by a further 50% (as if we didn’t have too many coming here already).

Haven’t Labor been paying attention to the disproportionately high crime statistics of refugees from certain countries?
Obviously the Labor Party doesn’t care about the well-being of Australians.

Haven’t Labor been listening to the Australian people, who don’t want more refugees?
Obviously the Labor Party doesn’t care about the views of Australians, and they have no true interest in democracy and the wishes of the people.

Haven’t Labor realised that increasing the proportion of Third World immigration into Australia will create further social discord, and create a fractured and disunified society?
Obviously the Labor Party doesn’t care about the future of the Australian People.

Yet, we shouldn’t be fooled either by the posturing of Tony Abbot and the Liberal Party who, although they lowered illegal immigration, quietly brought in many more thousands of refugees by plane; the Liberal Party imported the highest number of Third Worlders into Australia than any other government before them (a record later broken by the Labor government of Kevin Rudd).

Neither Liberal nor Labor can be trusted with the future of Australia (and the Greens are even worse).

The refugee programme is costing Australians hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s hundreds of millions that could be spent on Australians; for example, for better medical services and hospitals in regional areas – but Gillard, Bowen and all the other do-gooders would rather see Australians die than give up on their dreams of a Third World future for Australia.

Well, we have a dream, too – a dream of a better Australia, a unified Australia where the people are united by kinship and culture, where communities are brought together, the streets are safer at night, and our way of life can be a free and easy one.

The future of the Australian People is worth protecting.
Only Australian Protectionists have the answers.

Refugee intake should increase by 50 per cent, Immigration Minister says”, Perth Now, 1 December 2011


  1. Proudly Non-PC says

    GREAT idea !

  2. Elizabeth says

    Stop foreigners wiring $AUDs overseas. Millions of taxfunded australian dollars are going overseas via western union. Everyday I see it. The top two are 1> phillipines, 2nd Africans: somalians, sudeanese, Ugandans and kenyans.

  3. Ron Munro of Salisbury, SA. says

    Being a military man and know dying for ones country is a duty .. what worries me more is .. How many of these so called refugees Muslim.. They are who wqe will be battling with on OUR OWN SOIL SOON!>

    • Proudly Non-PC says

      Well, given half the chance, I'll drag, push and shove our traitorous politicians right into the front when the fighting begins. They caused it ***

      (by the way, the words we're required to type in order to post need cleaning up. Most of them are indecipherable)

  4. 85% of refuges are still on welfare five years after being accepted into Australia. How many are ex boy soldiers who have committed rape and murder?
    If we are to help them it has been proven that its better and more affordable to help them in their home counties, via Aid. Not import them and the social unrest they bring.
    The crime statistics pertaining to these refugees are very high. In fact the government has banned the media releasing details of crimes and violence they commit to avoid public outrage!
    Chris Bowen should be arrested for treason, mind you Labor need the refugee votes don’t they.No other sane person will vote for them.

  5. Ron Munro of Salisbury, SA. says

    Anyone who allows the silent invasion of Islam into OUR Country has totally lost the plot and should be removed.

  6. ringer from the west says

    It,s the club of Rome and the ILLUMINANTI.

  7. ringer from the west says

    One wold Goverment ran by Bob Brown and the unions and JULIA.

  8. Give Christmas Island to Indonesia, lock, stock and barrel. Then see how many boats will take the illegals there. Put the "bleeding hearts" and the people who want illegals here on the first boat to CI once it has been handed over to Indonesia.

    • Apart from South Africa, much of Africa is quite monocultural. And the sufferers to the southern parts are Boers protecting themselves from black ransacking.

  9. I agree with all you say Viv, they are all a pack of money grabbing greedy sods. Why should we give aid to other countries, it's about time they learned to stand on their own, what did they do before us westerners started to help? Also when countries like Australia give aid to these so called 3rd world countries it only goes to their dictator govt's.

    • Sue,thanks for your response.Its good to see that quite a large number of repondants are women.We need more women still to stop worrying about Lara Bingles weight,put down their New Idea's and get out there and spread the message about the danger our great nation is in. Are politicians in Canberra to serve Australians,or the third world? I wonder. Every year we give,give,give to the third world countries,and they give nothing back,except an endless supply of refugees. It just isn't fair. Black Africans are tribal people and just arn't generally compatible with our way of life,culture or thinking. Yet our pathetic leaders are forcing them onto us without actually asking us first. I'm disgusted.Please be disgusted with me. Good on you Sue.

  10. Viv, the only reason they seek refuge here is they get a free ride from our ridiculous govt. I cannot understand why the govt thinks they are poor, when they have already paid for the boat or plan trip here. They are all a pack of lying bludgers, just wanting us to pay their way.

  11. I would love to encourage any Muslim who wants to have multiple wives,sharia law,compulsory facial coverings, halal meat and sexual inequality to please seek asylum in Saudi Arabia or Iran. It's your only way out. I mean, how dare Australia or the West try to violate your human rights by preventing you having all this. And all Africans who don't like whites, I'd encourage you all to seek asylum in Africa where you won't have to put up with us. No really.

  12. All politicians are a complete and utter waste of space. They give five years of service, care only about minorities, waste truckloads on foreign aid, let in an endless stream of refugees, then when they retire, the taxpayer has to support them for thirty or forty years. Billions wasted that could go toward better schools, health, dental care and infrastructure…..for Australians.

  13. If anyone wants to be productive join this group on facebook.


    Sorry if this has been posted twice.

  14. Labor want a one world govt. and they love muzzies. Geezzz why do we want more of those illegals here? Australians are suffering and labor keeps pulling in all these so called false refugees, they have blinkers on, and are in denial of what is really happening. I cannot believe this is a topic at all, when it should be how can we cut the illegals coming here.

    Essential services are suffering and the pigs in Canberra give themselves a big fat payrise, and Tony and his party just took it and shook hands with the opposition, they are all greedy and don't give a dam about the Aussie's.

    • Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

      Well said Sue. Gillard's huge payrise to the tip rats in Canberra should have been challenged by Abbott but instead he accepted dirty money and kept quiet. This just goes to show both parties and their parliamentarians are self serving sloths. Support the APP by becoming a Candidate, donate, letterbox flyers or open a local branch. We are the revolution.

  15. All the Labor Party cares about these days is its own political survival. They have to get those extra 8,000 members Gillard wants from somewhere and they certainly won't come from within Australia.

    I do believe the Coalition hears the concerns being voiced by Australians, but still goes ahead and endorses policies which ignore them.

    Perhaps they are all under duress and trying to protect the country from immediate and serious threats we do not know about. What they are all failing to see is that we want to know and fight for our nation, not roll over.

    • Glenda they are only thinking of their pockets.

    • Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

      Glenda, the Coalition is really no better than Labor. Both parties support multiculturalism, globalisation and high levels of third world immigration – this is a recipe for economic and cultural meltdown.

      There are not many areas in which I support the Coalition except for repealing the carbon tax and re-establishing offshore processing.

      Australia needs to remove itself from the UN Convention on Refugees. Modern day asylum seekers are not refugees but are illegal migrants.

  16. All the posturing here and words amount to zero, somehow if the APP wants to become an influencer on Australian affairs it has to attract mainstream support that is where the focus should be – there is only 2 years at most till the next election how can this party improve its brand awarenes and be recognised by the general voting public?

  17. Yet another example of how this government is destroyng the country that we love.

    Refugee numbers may be small but to an individual street or community where these aliens are either placed or choose to live it is almost a deathblow to the identity, culture and value system of the street or community.

    People want to live with their own kind, its a basic law of nature that includes Australians as well as the incoming immigrants/refugees.

    Already we have so many polarised communities with constant friction between the varous communities.

    It beggars belief that this government is blind to the mistakes of other parts of the world where 3rd world immigration and refugees have had a devastating effect on local streets, communities, towns and even big cities.

    I do believe that Australia should withdraw from its UNHCR obligations, thus saving billions of dollars each year as well as preserving harmony in our people.

  18. Soothsayer says

    I always thought the Labour party was suppose to champion for the interests of the working classes. They seem to be now championing for the rights of non-citizens to the detriment of the working classes.

    It is the working classes who will have to compete with these people for jobs.

    It is the working classes who will have to live side by side with people who are incompatible to them. It is the working classes who'll have to worry about whether their daughter will be sexually assaulted or their son bashed by these people.

    Does Democracy work when politicians buy people's votes via citizenship? Who else will these refugees vote for – they will vote for Labour, because Labour let them in.

    • Boats. I had a hole in mine an it sank. Get my drift. What are we gonna do? I'm sick of paying taxes to give these bastards a free ride.

      • It once was Abott and Costello. Now More clowns. Our heritage was labor all the way. Sorry never again. since I got this e mail 4 boats 500 plus illegal imigrants. They burn their dwellings . must,ve been really bad with no smokes. What is wrong with gillard. SHE IS A DICTATOR, LIKE IT OR NOT. Did you want a carbon tax, mining tax, still waiting for benefits. How about A no (illegal boat} tax. I,LL GIVE 20 PERCENT OF MY WAGE. GOD HELP US.

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