Andrew Bolt found guilty as multicultural fascism strikes against freedom of speech

Andrew Bolt has been found guilty of “racial discrimination” in what has to be one of the most dangerous court rulings of the decade.

Bolt had questioned the Aboriginality of nine people, some of whom were described as looking more white than Aboriginal. The judge in the case said that Bolt had contravened section 18 (c) of the Racial Discrimination Act in two articles and that “I am satisfied that fair-skinned Aboriginal people (or some of them) were reasonably likely … to have been offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated by the imputations conveyed by the newspaper articles”.

After the decision was handed down, Bolt said “This is a terrible day for free speech in this country. It is particularly a restriction on the freedom of all Australians to discuss multiculturalism and how people identify themselves”.

Bolt’s two articles, published in 2009, were “White is the new black” and “It’s so hip to be black” where he questioned the Aboriginality of several people.

Anyone who is of Aboriginal descent should, in a free society, have the right to identify themselves as Aboriginal, no matter the physical proportion of their Aboriginality, whether they be 1/2 Aboriginal or 1/64 Aboriginal or whatever proportion. Likewise, anyone who is 1/2 French or 1/64 French or whatever proportion French should be free to identify themselves as French; and the same should apply to any other ethnicity.

However, in a free society, anyone should also be able to freely air their questions or views on such matters. These are social questions that people should be able to publicly debate. Unless, of course, you are a multiculturalist who hates free speech.

One of the points at the crux of the matter is that those who identify as Aboriginal have been able to claim certain privileges, whether it is special allowances for students (as identified by Pauline Hanson some years ago with Abstudy), housing loans at a very low rate, or other advantages. Such privileges have caused many average people to question the special offers as well as the idea of part-Aboriginals identifying Aborigines. The availability of such privileges, and ethnic identification issues, can be argued for and argued against; however, the point is that people should be allowed to argue, that they should be allowed to have their say, no matter if someone disagrees or is offended during the course of the debate – for that is what freedom of speech is all about.

However, the political nature of multiculturalism is authoritarian and therefore the multiculturalists have been busy over past years bringing new laws into being that are political laws, which are designed to bolster the political ideology of multiculturalism and oppress its opponents. These multiculturalism laws are so obviously political, that they would not be out of place in any fascist or communist regime.

One of the favourite slanders of various multiculturalists against people or organisations that they deem “racist” is to call them fascist; however, it is very obvious to any astute political observer that it is the political ideology of multiculturalism which is fascist and authoritarian in nature; indeed, just as the ideology of fascism appeared out of the “left” side of politics, so did the notion of government-sponsored multiculturalism.

ABC journalist Andrew Dodd has written that the judge’s decision “is a slap in the face for free expression. It limits the kinds of things we can discuss in public and it suggests there are lots of taboo areas where only the meekest forms of reporting would be legally acceptable”.

Dodd is quite right; the multiculturalism laws are written in such a way as to have lots of grey areas, so that people will always be unsure what is legal to say and what is not – and the result will be that most public commentators will keep their mouths shut for fear of being persecuted. So there we have it, a political regime that imposes laws to put people in fear of using their freedom of speech – no wonder these multiculturalism laws draw forth parallels with Communist Russia, Nazi Germany and other authoritarian regimes.

Political laws against freedom of speech, such as are contained in provisions within the Racial Discrimination Act and the various Racial Vilification Acts, must go. Either we have the freedom of speech to discuss social and political matters in this country, or we don’t – it’s that simple. Political and social debates will always involve people being offended, as that is the nature of public debate and free speech.

All freedom-loving Australians should contact their local members of parliament and demand that they remove all laws against political free speech. Write letters to the newspapers and protest widely. Join the Australian Protectionist Party and start a campaign to support your right to free speech.

If we leave these political laws to stay in place, and allow the multiculturalists to march their jackboots over the helpless body of freedom of speech in this country, then our democracy is in peril.

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  1. skippymate says

    Subject: Fw: "The silent majority":

    This seems to put into words what I – and I am sure many others of

    the silent majority – think!

    It was written by Mrs Jenny Bell of South Australia to Julia Gillard and

    Tony Abbott:

    To Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott …

    You BOTH Worry me ! ( In fact both of your Political parties worry

    the hell out of me !!!)

    Over the last three years, I find myself becoming more and more

    fearful of the pair of you, and between you, you are turning this country

    into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel a part

    of! I watch you in parliament, and no, not just the two of you, but every

    politician that I see, stand up in parliament sneering at each other, and

    acting like children !!!

    (..and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you all … what an

    example to set!)

    Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the

    needs of this country at the forefront, NEITHER of you are doing that, you

    seem more interested in "one-up-manship ", in scoring off each other, &

    denigrating each other, to the detriment of this country & its people !!!

    It seems to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you

    can DO for this country !

    It is fast becoming a place that I do not recognize, as the place I

    always thought, was the best place in the world to be !!! But no longer !!!

    You are" not" listening to the people of this country !!!

    And here in South Australia, your counterparts are afflicted with

    the same disease – is it endemic in all politicians ?

    I am watching the deterioration of living standards in this country,

    (and according to you, on a world stage we are doing better than most

    countries … REALLY ???) … and yet the gap is widening between the

    "haves" and the "have-nots" .

    I see our homeless on the streets, our hospitals under-funded, and

    understaffed, our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace … and

    yet I see multi-millions of dollars being sent off shore, in aid to other

    countries, before attending to this country's needs !

    I see the "selling off of the farm", in large amounts, to foreign

    interests, (In Every State ) including water rights to foreign interests

    too …. and WHY…?

    Especially when you go to great lengths to tell us that water is a

    finite resource, & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it,

    so that we ensure we have it for the future ?

    Foreign interests "Fracking" for coal seam gas, and riding rough

    shod over farmers' rights to their own land, AND USING QUESTIONABLE

    CHEMICALS. (You don't even KNOW what chemicals they use), and possibly

    causing damage to the water table in the process !!!

    And those foreign interests I believe, do NOT have to pay anything in

    royalties back to this country, for the first five years of their tenure


    A Carbon Tax,( which you KNOW is just another tax with a "Starting

    Point dollar value") which will make NO appreciable difference, to carbon

    emissions, AT ALL!

    A tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing

    alone, when other major countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it, or believe

    in it !

    All that it will do for this country is put working families and

    small businesses behind the eight ball, …..what planet are you on, if

    you think that your few hundred dollars in compensation will make even a

    scrap of difference to the effect of the carbon tax on people ?

    Blind Freddy can see the holes in that argument !!! Do you really think we

    are that dumb ???

    The CONVOY OF NO CONFIDENCE was real !!! …and I haven't spoken to

    even ONE person, who would not have liked to be there if they could, but the

    tyranny of distance and /or work was the only thing that kept them away,

    ( myself included ), … and you KNOW that only a part of the convoy was

    actually allowed to be in front of Parliament house and ON VIEW … the rest

    were streets away, unreported by the media !

    For Mr Albanese to stand up in parliament, and call it "THE CONVOY

    OF NO CONSEQUENCE ", in his sneering tone, shows just how out of touch with

    the people of Australia you really are !!!! WE WOULD HAVE "ALL" LIKED TO BE

    THERE !!!

    DEFENCE ……. Because Americans are our Allies, and we support them

    in Wars, ………Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, …. and you have sent

    our soldiers to those

    places, and our soldiers fought for you, and for Australia ……. some

    coming home with terrible physical injuries, and some

    with devastating Mental Injuries as well ….. BUT WHERE ARE YOU, WHEN THEY



    Veteran's Indexation to CPI only is a disgrace … and is something

    YOUR Labor party Julia, used as an election sweetener, to get the Veteran's

    Vote … BUT YOU LIED (Again) ! You never had any intention of honouring

    your election promise to them … and it WILL come back to bite you

    at the next election !!!! (And Tony, Liberals were NO BETTER, Howard had

    more than 10 years to "fix it " and didn't !)

    Veterans are not alone, they have families, friends and supporters,

    who are heartily sick of the deception your party perpetrated on them

    ….AND THEY ALL VOTE !!!!

    THEY are your obligation, first and foremost ….. and it is not your

    first obligation to give aid to every man and his dog overseas first !!!

    Look after your own FIRST !!!! Is this what you call SALUTING THEIR


    Have you any idea , how sickening it is for our Vets to see you both,

    ( Labor or Liberal ) turn up to the funerals of our current young vets for a

    photo opportunity, to be seen to be "caring " in the public eye, but only

    to turn your backs on them all, when they need you ???

    (Just ask Breanna Till an Afghanistan Soldier's wife, how CARING this

    government is !!!)

    And in light of what you DON'T do for our Vets …….Let's talk

    about Multiculturalism ……People have come here from other countries, for

    a better life, for more years than I have been alive.( I am 65 years old !)

    … my own family migrated here in 1883, from Germany, and did find a better

    life …

    Pre & Post war immigrants have came for a better life, and settled in

    and became wonderful contributors to this country, as did those who came

    here after the Vietnam War, all have contributed to the rich diversity of

    this country, and some descendants have even fought FOR this country, and

    they have become Australians and were glad to be …and they

    had NO handouts from our Government either, …they worked hard for

    everything ! I have never before had a problem with all, or any, race of

    immigrants coming here …However , I DO NOW !!!

    Please tell me why we have areas like Lakemba, where police do

    NOT, & will NOT go, for fear of their life ?

    Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools, for

    fear of "OFFENDING" someone ? (The latest little gem is that they are not

    having, or being funded, for "chaplains " any more , but "Counsellors "?)

    Please tell me why religious Christmas observances are no longer

    allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone ?

    Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in some stores might OFFEND

    someone ?

    Please tell me why we have to have segregated days in some swimming

    centres, for fear of

    "OFFENDING" someone ?

    Please tell me why we have some RADICAL clerics demanding Sharia Law

    in this country … when if we were in THEIR country, this would NEVER be

    allowed ?

    Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND

    someone ?

    Please tell me why we are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own

    country, because of


    Please tell me WHY Australians cannot legally wear a face covering

    bike helmet into a bank ..and yet it is ok to wear a Burqa which covers the

    whole face ?

    And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here, can

    wreck our detention centres, as in Villawood , and STILL be accepted here ?

    SO , in light of the above, WILL BOTH OF YOU ……Please tell me

    WHY, when some of our Vietnam Veterans FINALLY received (in the last 6

    months) the recognition that they should have had after the Vietnam War,

    (and which they received from the USA & South Vietnam, during and

    immediately after the Vietnam War), that the families of those Veterans,

    were refused assistance by this Government, to attend that award ceremony,

    and yet this Government ….flew , accommodated , and even took on bus tours

    , to the the families of asylum seekers, after the funerals of those who

    were killed in the boat which sunk off Christmas Island ?

    What does that say, about just who are this government's priorities ?

    The Australian people that I speak to have genuine concerns of

    becoming a second class minority in our own country, and the reasons for it,

    are some of the above, ….. Are you so blind that you cannot see this ?

    And no , I am NOT racist !!!…(if I did not like Catholics or

    Protestants would I be considered racist ?) Of course not !

    Why is it, that if we object to what is happening in our country …

    we are immediately labelled RACIST, in an attempt to shut us up ?

    We are fighting Radical Muslims, in Afghanistan & Iraq, are we not ?I

    hear you say, yes but the Muslims we have here are "Not like that " … well

    how would we know ? …do we hear ANY of them coming out & speaking AGAINST

    radicals ?? I haven't …have you ???

    Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in

    Australia ! ….Are not the experiences of Britain, France, and the

    Netherlands an example of that? Why do you think it would be any different

    here ? We even have an Australian born "radical ",whose message is that

    Australia WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had

    "better get used to it ".

    Will both of you grow some "Balls ", and start sticking up for this

    country and its people ???

    We are the people who put you where you are, and PAY you to look

    After "our" interests ! … And you are NOT doing that, by any stretch of

    the imagination !!!

    I would appreciate an answer, from both of you, if only to convince

    me that once again, I am not talking to a brick wall !!!!!

    In case it has escaped both of you …I would like to remind you

    that, in Australia the Government … is FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, &


    never forget that……because you sure have up till now !!!

    • Soothsayer says

      What a great letter. Jenny has really said it all.

      • Jenny,you've spoken for most average Australians. I was on a Muslim website earlier getting an idea as to how local Muslims percieve current events and was met with 'Its all Israels fault",'Its all Americas fault','Bin Laden was'nt a terrorist and…..wait for it…'we need sharia law in this country'. The voice of 'moderate' Islam has spoken! Our government should serve our people. Letting in the third world masses and paying out billions in foreign aid isn't serving our people.

  2. Save Australia says

    Support Andrew Bolt and Free Speech in Australia!

    ABC poll

    993: Was the Bolt decision in the Federal Court:

    A tragedy for free speech 52%

    A victory for racial justice and equality 48%

    12036 votes counted

  3. SaveTheAustralianPeo says

    This is ridiculous – Andrew Bolt should be free to say what he wants.

    If I want to say something negative – or positive – about fat people, redheads, muslims, or anyone – then its my right to do so.

    Our democracy doesn't have the principle of "free speech" simply to defend the right of people to give bad movie reviews or talk about football teams.

    Controversial free speech is what free speech is all about. Otherwise the principle of "free speech" doesn't really mean anything, does it?

    These fascist laws against free speech should go!

    "Save Australia"

  4. Devon Warrington says

    People can complain about the judge's ruling, but the real problem is the law in the first place. Racial vilification and relevant anti-discrimination laws should simply be abolished.

  5. The last time I checked,Australia was still a democracy where one had a right to an opinion without being falsely labeled. Trouble with the left is they only believe in free speech if it applies to them and nobody else. They want the right to demonstrate and use our democracy to their advantage,yet constantly interupt demonstrations from those on the right. Without freedom of expression,the West isn't the West. May as well live in Saudi Arabia.

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