APP website receives over one million hits!

This week the website of the Australian Protectionist Party,, reached the significant milestone of having received over one million hits.

As we are a relatively new party, without a presence in parliament as yet, this is pretty good going.

We would like to give a big thank you to our members and supporters who have been getting out there promoting the APP and the website – well done! Thanks also go to the website design team for the professional work carried out on the site, making it look great and being a worthy showcase for the APP.

In recent times we have also received quality articles from APP supporters which have proved to be popular, and our gratitude goes to them as well for adding their work to the site. For some examples of the writings contributed via our “Submit articles” facility, see: “Call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye”, “Curtin Detention Centre”, and “The Case of the White Horse, and other niceties…”. They are all well worth reading.

All of this work by various people on the internet site, along with the community activism and networking participated in by many good APP people, as well as the street work and demonstrations carried out by our much-appreciated and hard-working activists, has made the APP into a worthy political force in Australian politics.

The APP is making waves in the political scene and we aim to do much much more!

Join us to protect Australia and to make this country a better nation for your family, friends, folk, and future.

Australia is worth protecting.


  1. Skipping Girl says

    Good work at the anti BDS protest in Newtown.

    Keep up the fight.

  2. Nick Folkes says

    Great result. Obviously people are starting to take note of APP.

    There is a lot of frustration in the general community on the direction of our nation. The curent Labor govt. is the worst administration I have had the misfortune of living under in my memory. Labor used to be a party full of Patriotic working class cream but these days it is stacked with leftist dregs of the middle class.

    Support the APP so we can offer Australians a viable political party now and in the future. The Labor/Liberal/ Green machine of political chaos doesn't have a survival plan for Australian people.

  3. It's good to find a website by people who are awaken to what is happening to us.Australia is well worth saving,and also the West in general. Every Western nation in the world,including,would you believe…..Iceland is being invaded by minorities we have absolutely nothing in common with.They bring nothing to the table,and we just don't benefit from them. We have to pay to house them,feed them,build their mosques,pay their centrelink benefits and tolerate their intolerance,yet get nothing in return and it isn't fair.They don't give an inch,yet expect a mile in return.Then there are those who are in detention….how much are they costing us? Try being a white living in parts of Africa….you'd be kicked off the farm or out of the house because of the colour of your skin.Ditto for Asia.Don't get me started on Muslim countries. Yet,they can just come out here and take over entire suburbs left,right and centre. Yes,Australia is worth saving.We need to work out how…and soon!!

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