Asian oysters going cheap

Contributed article by Susan Collins

It’s official now!

The reprehensible Asian flesh trade has hit our shores. Perusing escort ads in newspapers over time I’ve suspected that it had leached its way in decades ago. Our desire to live in a politically correct and safe helium bubble has restricted any robust discussion about Australia’s sex industry being increasingly staffed by workers from the Third World in brothels owned by Asian immigrants.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 3rd July 2011 titled “Low prices fuel exotic sex trade” reported that:

• twenty per cent of Queensland’s legal brothels were staffed exclusively by Asian-born women
• Queensland police intelligence indicated that a high proportion of the state’s illegal sex workers were Asian
• over fifty per cent of women working in Sydney brothels are Asian
• most illegal brothels in Sydney are Asian-owned
• Asian prostitutes charge as little as half the fees of their Caucasian counterparts
• Asian prostitutes provide unprotected sexual services at ‘competitive’ rates
• Australian-born prostitutes are more selective about their clients, with Asian sex workers accepting basically anyone
• Asian prostitutes tend to be poor with limited English skills, so sex work is an attractive option because of its flexible hours and high pay rate
• no clinical data exists about whether Asian sex workers have a higher rate of sexually transmitted infections than their Australian counterparts.

Australian-born sex workers now have to compete with foreign-born sex workers who are prepared to do the same work, at less pay, in a more hazardous environment with a better attitude. The same old tired banner but just hung above the world’s oldest profession. Do we have such a critical skills shortage in the Australian sex industry that we need import sex workers from the Third World?

According to the Scarlet Alliance (the Australian Sex Workers Association):

“Australia has a very restrictive and arguably racist immigration policy that favours access to our country to those people with wealth and power. Therefore people from poorer regions and lower socioeconomic backgrounds are disadvantaged. Many sex workers from Asian countries who are overwhelmingly women would never gain access to Australia under these stringent conditions and so in order to gain a visa, many migrant sex workers enter into ‘contracts’ with people who will sponsor and assist their entry into Australia. This ‘contract’ arrangement is illegal under Federal Immigration & Sex Slavery Laws, and sex workers are considered to have been ‘trafficked’ into the Australian sex industry.

The illegal status of overseas sex workers mitigates against many migrant workers in Australia from fully accessing health and other support services for fear of detection by Government authorities.

In the vast experience of Scarlet Alliance through its membership of State & territory sex worker organisations and projects the overwhelming majority of overseas sex workers have chosen to work in the Australian sex industry and have willingly entered into ‘contracts’ with agents to facilitate their passage and working arrangements whilst in Australia.

The coercive, ‘servile or slave-like ‘conditions that some sex workers find themselves in upon arrival are a direct result of the relative powerlessness of these illegal workers to negotiate the conditions of their employment and other conditions.

Therefore Scarlet Alliance recommends that the sex industry must be fully decriminalised in order to maximize OHS, industrial and other regulatory mechanisms. The powerlessness and potential for exploitation of illegal migrant workers is further compounded when they are working in an illegal and underground industry.”

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, there was ‘no clinical data showing higher rates of sexually transmitted infections among Asian workers’. There won’t be if they are not legally eligible to attend health services that collect and collate this date. The excerpt from the Scarlet Alliance above indicates that foreign-born sex workers ‘fear detection by Government authorities’ if they do attend these health services.

It appears that Australia’s multicultural sex industry is murky and underground. Its workers voluntarily come here for a ‘better life’. They are locked into illegal contracts that render them vulnerable to accepting hazardous conditions, such as cheap, unprotected sex with dodgy characters, with no easy access to health services.

What type of effect does this all have on the well being of Australians? Let’s connect the dots here. Hassan Nagi the HIV Sydney taxi driver convicted of raping three of his female customers contracted the virus from prostitutes who he had visited for regular servicing since the age of 20. At the time of his trial Nagi had been frequenting sex workers for eighteen years. On a taxi driver’s wage, it is highly probably that Nagi’s took the more economical option of the Asian-born sex worker operating out of an illegal brothel.

While this is speculation, it is also an example of how the deadly HIV virus can spread in Australia. An Asian-born sex worker contracts HIV because she cannot insist her clients wear a condom. Her clients are immigrants from misogynist cultures who cannot afford legal Australian-born sex-workers who negotiate their working conditions. Because the Asian-born sex-worker is unable to insist her clients wear protection she then transmits the HIV virus to them.

Clients such as HIV-infected Nagi, while driving cabs then rape their vulnerable female passengers, potentially passing the HIV virus onto their victims. Nagi was convicted of raping three of his female passengers during a five-year period. They were just the ones who reported him and also knew that they had been raped. What about any women who passed out in his cab from excessive alcohol consumption and were unaware they had been raped by him? Who would they in turn sleep with unaware they may have contracted the HIV virus?

The Scarlet Alliance is campaigning for it to become easier for foreign-born prostitutes from the Third World to work legally in Australia. This will give them the ability to negotiate safer, fairer working conditions. Changing legislation to ensure migrant sex workers from Asia can work in Australia safely and reap the benefits of working in a first world country has its benefits. I just wonder what sex workers from the Third World can really offer Australia, apart from cheap sex. Are they going to put as much into this country as they will ultimately suck out?

If prostitution is decriminalised and it is easier for ‘foreign born prostitutes’ to work legally in Australia, it is not difficult to predict from current trends worldwide that a flood of sex workers from the Third World will arrive. The consequences for this could include:

• an increase of organised foreign crime from the Third World
• the risk of sexually transmitted diseases becoming more prevalent
• fraudulent activities, such as tax evasion
• brothels operating ‘under the radar’ in ethnic enclaves where the activities are obscured by language barriers, ethnic loyalties and cultural differences
• social problems from the Third World’s disaffected population (if you are a prostitute chances are you have ‘issues’)
• chain migration of sex worker’s ‘relatives’, in cases where they get citizenship
• a drain on Australia’s infrastructure and social services, such as the health service.

I find the prospect of foreign-born sex workers operating legally in Australia particularly unappealing. Nor do I embrace the idea that it’s acceptable that ‘Asian business people’ operate so many of these brothels and in some cases are flouting Australian laws and introducing their own culture’s ‘work-practices’ into this industry.

I doubt no woman ever said when she was a little girl ‘When I grow up I want to be a whore!”. Prostitution may be the world’s oldest profession, but it also one of the world’s most savage, dehumanising professions. There is an insinuation that Australians are selfish and racist if we don’t throw open our borders and country to the entire Third World. We can’t save the world, they have to save themselves. Foreign born sex workers need to stay in their own countries and be the ‘change they want to see in the world’ and build up their own societies.

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  1. Multiculturism never works because instead of blending in,minorities,at best remain insular and at worst,want to just take over. The recent London riots was a scary sight.All those Africans rioting and complaining as if they'd be any better off under black rule. The countries of their ancesters are hardly beacons of democracy,stability and prosperity. As soon as a drought hits in Africa,they get out the begging bowl.We get droughts here in Australia. Blacks have always insisted they're an equal race.How about they start proving it?I want to see blacks do well-in AFRICA. We're full.

  2. The Kuta Kid says

    Now Asian Sex workers.??

    well… F**K me!

    Sorry. Bad taste humour is a Forte these days.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      joking aside

      i agree. legalising prostitution would be another open door to criminals.

      the biker debacle will end up looking like a tea party once third world crims start arriving. they will make the bikers look like a mob of sissies.

      get rid of the liberal and labor parties. vote for people who care about Australia.

      lets reclaim our land

      • Soothsayer says

        Agreed, Middle Eastern organised crime makes the traditional Aussie outlaw motorcycle gang look like utter gentlemen.

  3. mike monroe says

    May I share something private? Last September I dreamt that my childhood friend in Christchurch had died. We had lost touch and hadn't spoken for years. I was so upset over my dream I looked him up that very morning after the dream and it was like old times again, telling jokes and laughing.

    Later that night Christchurch suffered it's first earthquake.

    Wayne survived and we kept in touch, i'd phone him nearly every week.

    Two months later, in December, he was diagnosed with cancer. He survived the next big earthquake that destroyed all my childhood memories of living in a city of great beauty, but died one day before Easter.

    Two nights ago I had a dream of he and I, sitting at an old 1970's formica kitchen table. The flooring was in black and white chequered, although it was like being in an old black and white movie. It was complete darkness surrounding us, I have no idea if we were actually in a kitchen or not.

    I remember slamming my hand flat against the table so hard in my dream, there was a dull ache is if it actually hurt physically when I woke up.

    "WHY" I yelled at him, "Why only Western countries?"

    And my friend looked at me and said sadly in such a clam manner; "Because you're being exterminated."

    I woke up in fright. I remember him saying 'you're' instead of 'we' as if he was acknowledging his passing.

    I realise I'm exposing myself to ridicule writing this, but just was so powerful and wanted to share it.

    • Save Australia says

      Nothing to ridicule there mate.

      The genocide of the European peoples is enough to give any sane person sleepless nights.

      Why are the globalists doing this? To want to cause the genocide of your own people is surely an indication of a mindset that is very disturbed.

      Thank goodness there are good people in the world who are waking up others as to what is going on.

  4. a politically correct and safe helium bubble …

    That explains why almost every policy coming out of Canberra these days sounds so crazy.

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