No Sharia Law – ADL rally in Sydney

The first Australian Defence League (ADL) Sydney rally held at Martin Place on Saturday, 30th July was a complete success. The rally attracted a mixed gathering of at least 70 supporters from various political parties, Church groups and, of course, the very vocal and passionate members of the ADL, especially the ADL south-western Sydney division.

The rally was peaceful, spirited and united in opposition to sharia law, burqa wearing, and halal slaughter in Australia. The peace was temporarily interrupted by a collection of “useful idiots” representing a coalition of leftist and refugee action groups. The Police formed a line between ADL Patriots and the anarchist-socialist groups. The leftist anarchists were yelling out abuse riddled with anti-Australian messages full of hate and division. ADL patriots continued to hold their ground in the face of the adversary. Eventually the police escorted the left-wing troublemakers away.

Increasingly concerned citizens are awakening to the demands made by various Islamic groups pushing for the acceptance of sharia law and the realization that our government – on all stratas of administration – lacks the will and courage to tackle the divisive demands made by the Islamists. We are under threat by a governing elite, an enemy with an anti-Australian, anti-Christian and anti-freedom agenda.

Anti-Australian leftists within the Labor / Green federal coalition seek nothing less than to undermine our Australian culture and replace it with a tribalised society teetering on the brink of social unrest.

Australian culture has seen a gradual decline since the mid 1970s when the utopian Marxist policy of multiculturalism was introduced. Successive Labor and Liberal parties continue to support the failed policy of multiculturalism, with dire consequences for the Australian people. The lack of social and cultural cohesion has been created by decades of government-sanctioned multiculturalism. As a nation we are heading towards a period of festering disunity and reaction due to government support for multiculturalism. Islamic groups advocating for the acceptance of sharia law in Australia naturally see the need for sharia tribunals as a valid request under the policy of multiculturalism, as the policy doctrine preaches cultural parity and pluralism.

Recently we witnessed news of a recent Sydney covert to Islam who received 40 lashes for drinking alcohol when four Islamists broke into his unit, pinned him down for 30 minutes and flogged his back. A Muslim apologist from Muslim Village said, “This is a criminal act and has no place in Islam” but then said sharia law is clear, “Mohammad flogged a man forty times for drinking alcohol”. The apologist shot himself in the foot by stating such an obvious contradiction.

Last year Rev. Fred Nile put a private member’s bill before the NSW Parliament calling for the burqa to be banned. Barry O’Farrell and Kristina Kenneally instructed their members not to place a conscience vote on the issue, so the bill was defeated as both major parties bloc voted against the burqa bill. Yet another example where the channels of democracy continue to be polluted by the politically correct brigade.

Sharia law dictates stoning and beheading for adultery and prostitution; it also includes other Quranic punative measures, like the amputation of limbs, floggings, beatings, and other forms of cruel and wicked punishment.

Sharia law restricts non-Muslims and Muslims alike on all stratas of Islam. There is no age limit for marriage of girls under sharia, non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims in an Islamic society or court and must pay a jizya (poll tax) to remain safe. Non-Muslims are forbidden to marry Muslims, new churches can’t be built; and existing churches higher than a mosque are demolished, so that the minarets of a mosque tower rise above in a sign of conquest.

The Islamists are achieving results, due to our weak and ineffective government which lacks the will or courage to tackle the obvious problems. We need strong representation in Parliament to illustrate the wishes of the electors, instead of paying perpetual lip service to the democratic wishes of the people.

It is blatantly obvious that sharia law has no place in Australia or any other Western nation. It is time for the people of Australia to stand up and continually challenge our weak government by protesting on a regular basis. See you at the next rally!

“Say NO to Sharia Law – YES to Freedom and Democracy”

Islamic Sharia Law in Brief!”, Australian Islamist Monitor, 5 February 2011
Sydney man lashed 40 times under sharia law”, Yahoo! 7News, 18 July 2011


  1. John Virgo says

    The people coming in on boats are not asylum seekers nor are they illegal immigrants, they are an Islamic invasion force. They are of fighting age, mostly male, fit and in good condition. They pay their way here and then expect to not work again and live off the public tit. They sit on boats and buses smiling and waving for the camera and once they’re in here turn on us and go back to heir Sharia based ideals.

    They are growing in numbers and there for Islamic based demands. Their tactics are obvious to the sensible mind. They are not fleeing hostile countries for the most part but are sent by their Imams to Islamise Australia.

    They call our navy to come pick them up that’s how much they have it worked out. I have discussed the problem with Navy personnel who openly tell me they know that most of the boat people are Islamic militants but are working under orders to bring them in.

    A friend of mine who worked at Christmas Island told me of the violence within the fences, the abuse directed at the guards, the rape of boys by men, the demands for what they term their rights.

    If these people are not stopped from entering they will become more demanding and more violent, bombs will get let off by them, and we will be in the same situation as Europe. Asking Jakarta for help to stop them will lead nowhere as they don’t want the financial burden and the trouble they bring added to the fact they are a Muslim country anyway to they are helping to Islamise the world anyway thus serving Allah.

    The only way to stop them is turn Christmas Island into a turnstile. They are taken their and put on planes to their point of origin, if they end up in the wrong country who cares, it will stop them immediately and would be cheaper than providing for them for the rest of their lives and they’re descendants. I have no compassion to people I consider will become, and are already our enemy, the trouble is they aren’t just being let in but are escorted in to live on handouts for the rest of their lives. Australia will pay dearly for the mistakes of government on the bleeding hearts.

  2. You come here you live by our laws, simple as that. If we went to your country we would be killed for even suggesting that we dont want our wives to wear a ninja outfit. Why is it that it is just the western civilised countries that are expected to be politically correct and tolerant of others. If they arent then why should we be.

    Look at who is committing the majority of the crime in this country, it is certainly not Australians, it is immigrants and their offspring.

    Stop all these so called refugees comming in, they are not refugees, the only reason they want to leave their countries and come to the civilised world is because they know that here they will be looked after without having to work where as in their own countries they will need to work for a living. They claim to be running away cause they dont agree with the laws of their countries but when they get here they want the same laws they ran away from.

  3. Where has this been released, Mike? Where did you hear that Muslims are set to be the Majority in 2031?

  4. I've grown and lived in australia all my life and this is a beautiful place. however, the ability of a minority group to force its demand against a whole country is absolutely disgraceful. They have come to OUR shores and now they want THEIR rules to apply as well! This has to stop!! If they want to live here, they should abide by australian laws that apply to ALL australian citizens. Quiet frankly, if they're not happy, then leave Australia, don't bring troubles to this beautiful place. And for heaven's sake Australia, this so called 'Political Correctness' has to STOP! We don't need to lobby an argument and waste more honest tax payers money! We need Action!We need to stand up for what is Right and True and Free!This HAS TO STOP!

  5. mike monroe says

    It's just been realeased today that Muslims will be the majority in as little as 2031 and will then most likely start their own poltiical Islamic party.

    What we saw in London recently was merely just a warm up.

  6. I am appalled at some information a friend of mine told me a few days ago who works for the pharmaceutical giant "Merck". He has been working for Merck for about eight years. He started with the company in Europe. He was telling me that the company was interviewing people for a position and one of the executives of the company asked him which three people he would pick for the job. He told the executive which three people he would pick and the executive rebutted by saying that the company couldn't afford to have an Australian born and bred person as Australians have too much integrity and do everything "by the book". The executive went on to say that Australians were too much like Americans, too patriotic and inflexible. He continued to say that the company needed someone who was global in their outlook, was extremely career orientated and who would just "get the job done". It sounds to me like they just want someone to do what they are told.

    If this is true, it is absolutely unacceptable. What is this company doing to its products and why do they need someone with such a lack of integrity?

    I think that "Merck" has some explaining to do.

    I have done some research on this company and they have been in some very hot water in relation to their vaccines and medications. Some suggest that they have even been responsible for deaths in third world countries with some of their cervical cancer vaccines.

  7. mike monroe says

    And whilst our idiot politicans bring them into the country by the tonfull, London burns.

  8. Those riots in Britain should be a wake-up call for all peace-loving Western people. One blackfella gets shot by police and the whole country goes up! Was this guy pointing a gun at police? Most of the rioters looked African.'Cultural enrichment' at play here. Racist black thugs made London look like Mogudishu! What exactly do these people have to complain about? Look out! Coming to Australia soon.

  9. Concerned Aussie says

    RE: David Manne sucessfully appeals to the High Court for a temporary halt to deportation of latest Christmas Island arrivals to Malaysia

    I have never been in agreement with the Labor government's "Malaysia Solution". The idea of us sending 800 of our refugees there for processing in return for 4000 of their "processed refugees" is ridiculous. It is costing Australian taxpayers an absolute fortune to process these people when we have major basic needs in this country that are not being met. We have an increasing proportion of our population that are living close to and below the poverty line and 85,000 Australian children who are homeless and this number is set to increase. This government should be looking after it's own people first.

    We should be closing our borders, resigning from the UN charter of Refugees so we are no longer under any legal obligation to help these boat people and we should be sending a loud message to the UN that they should be getting off their butts and fixing the problem in these countries so these people don't feel the need to migrate. Mind you, I'm highly suspicious that these boat people are just economic refugees that will lie and saying anything to get in the backdoor. Has anyone stopped to realise that most of these boat people are Muslims! Funny coincidence that!

    Now we have this idiot David Manne who has taken it upon himself to apply to the High Court for a stay of execution so these migrants don't get deported to Malaysia. Who gave him the power to veto the Government? He didn't consult with the rest of Australia first to find out what we all thought before he made his decision to go to the High Court! He doesn't speak for the majority of Australians out there! No! He made his decision off his own bat, speaking for himself and his beliefs knowing that he would probably make a name for himself in the process! I didn't realise that this country had become such a dictatorship! He sights the unaccompanied minors who were found on the boat and says that we have a duty to look out for these kids and that our obligations in this area are not going to be fulfilled by deporting these kids to Malaysia.

    HELLO! The parents and relatives of these children made a deliberate decision to send these unaccompanied kids on a boat like pawns, knowing that it will be difficult for the Australian Government to turn them away! When the kids are safely allowed into this country it automatically opens the door for their parents and relatives to get in too. It is a deliberate attempt by these people to manipulate the system to their benefit.

    I am a parent and would never put my children in danger by putting them on a boat (that is not necessarily seaworthy) alone and unaccompanied and send them on a journey across the ocean in the hope that they would make it alive to another country and that this country will feel sorry for the kids and let them stay. The parents and relatives of these unaccompanied kids know what they are doing. They are manipulators. They have an arrogant belief in their eventual success and are totally irresponsible with regard to the welfare of their own children. What if the kids don't make it? What if the boat sinks and the kids drown? What then? Do these parents just send another child next time and hope for the best? What should be happening to these children is that the Federal Police should be hunting down the parents and relatives of these children and prosecuting them to the full extent of the law for deliberately placing their children in danger. I don't believe for one minute that any of these unaccompanied kids would of volunteered to make such a perilous journey themselves. Why isn't anyone hunting down and prosecuting the parents and relatives of these children? Why isn't anyone drawing attention to them? It's about time people in this country woke up and saw what is really going on here and started doing something to stop it. Stop the parents using their kids as pawns! As for David Manne……what a self righteous git. He obviously has no clue about what is really going on. Unfortunately this "git" will find appeal with all the bleeding hearts, the socialists, the egalitarians and the "greens" out their who in their stupidity are responsible for setting this country on a road to social, economic and environmental ruin! Maybe we should all ban together and make an appeal to the High Court to have this Government tried and held to account for its gross lack of responsibility to it's own citizens! For its waste and ineptitude with regard to the handling of taxpayers money! For the misery it has heaped upon it's own citizens! I'm game if you all are!

  10. This census form that we must fill out wants to know everything about us,yet all I want to write is my opinion on the carbon tax,Islam and all the foreign aid that ends up in the hands of corrupt dictaters. Seriously,something isn't right here.Africans are now popping up everywhere.They have nothing to offer us,they're not like us and don't belong here. I mean,come on,when are we going to be asked our opinion on topics like these? The planets other intelligent race,the Orientals don't accept multiculturalism in their countries,why should we? To be a Westerner in 2011 is a huge burden.

  11. pro patria says

    The prying Census form was delivered to my house today.

    For Question 19, Religion (optional) I have written


    Perhaps others could do the same. It would send a powerful message if thousands of people wrote Anti-Islam as their religion.

  12. Seriously Concerned says

    it's good to see people out there trying to tell other citizens about what Sharia Law really stands for.We will be set back into the dark ages. Please try to get around the country e.g. Far North Queensland Thanks

    • OzPatriot says


      Best to contact APP person in QLD – details top left of this page.

      You can become an organiser and an agent for change; remember that we are masters of our own destiny – if we wont do it for ourslevs then who will!!??

  13. mike monroe says

    I tried to be poltically correct once, but decided the truth was far more easier and less stressful to the soul.

  14. OzPatriot says

    Nice one guys!!

    With the cost of living rising; add to this the aggressive demands of Muslims, the momentum is certainly growing.

    We have a certain thing on our side that the left does not….truth!!

    The continuity of freedom, democracy and our Australian way of life is our motivation; all the left has is hate, anarchy and Marxist sadism!!

    Advance Australia Fair!!

    • Like with the carbon tax,multiculturalism was never taken to an election.Leftwing parties just don't like giving the people a say on matters of major importance.Hordes of Muslims,Indians and now Somalians are pouring in,and the average Australian gets no say as to whats happening.Who wants their cities to be full of Africans? We cannot keep being the dumping ground for every other race who cannot look after themselves. Gough Whitlam started this rot.36 years after his sacking,we're all still paying for his upkeep.

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