Curtin Detention Centre

From a contributor:

I just thought I would share the current situation here with you all.

We live in Derby in the Kimberley region of WA. Back in 2000 my husband was a police officer at the time the Curtin Detention Centre was up and running.

Some of the things he witnessed while dealing with them would make you sick to the stomach. How can we have respect for such a race that has no respect for females, be it their wives or daughters, and sell their sons to uncles. At one point there was a massive breakout and, when captured, their response to the police as to what they intended to do in our society was “Take over your town, kill your men and children, and rape the women”. At that time there were a mix of men and women in the detention centres so obviously they multiplied rapidly. The best thing that happened was the closing of the detention centre.

Unfortunately the detention centre got reopened last year with men only staying there. There was a mixture of emotion from the townspeople but of course those such as the Shire Council and Real Estate agents saw it as a money maker in regards to the amount of people it would bring to the town, creating more housing etc.

Local townspeople are being left with nowhere to live because it’s a fact that real estate agents are negotiating higher rental costs for home owners. For example, a couple may have been currently renting a house for $480pw, the real estate agent will then go to the owner and say “you can get $780pw if you rent it to Serco”. Some home owners are being greedy, so out go their current tenants and in Serco staff go. It has been happening!!!!

I would like to add that my husband and I have properties here in town and the property market is booming since the reopening, but we couldn’t care less about that; the bottom line is; they shouldn’t be here and we don’t want them here and we don’t care about making money from their presence. Whatever may be happening in their own countries shouldn’t be Australia’s problem and they most certainly shouldn’t be coming here with the intentions of making our beautiful country like their own.

On a recent trip to Broome with my family we stopped at a roadhouse just out of Broome and saw three buses of so-called refugees sitting in the park having lunch. My hubby was informed, when speaking to one of the persons he knew transporting the detainees, that these people were on an outing, they get taken to Broome to have lunch, ice cream, etc. on a regular basis. We were personally outraged by this as us taxpayers are no doubt the ones paying for this.

These people being here is also having a great impact on our health system. Derby Hospital is already slowly losing many of its services which are being moved to Broome, which is hard enough as it is, and it’s now harder with local people having to wait for some services such as scans. I’ve been waiting for a scan on numerous occasions in a waiting room full of these people which made me very uncomfortable. You have no idea what diseases and health problems these people are bringing with them!

It’s very obvious that Gillard has let many more into the country since she has been in power. There was a huge drop in the amount coming in when Howard was in! These people for a start aren’t genuine refugees; they are healthy looking, so obviously not starving, and they have thousands of dollars to get here. They aren’t the nice people some may think they are, they don’t assimilate, don’t have any respect for our country or the people here, nor do they accept the western way of life. They have no place here and it’s worrying the amount of them coming into our country!


  1. First of all people like David Manne(bottom dweller lawyer) and Sarah Hanson-Young (Communista) need to be taken of the Public purse. Manne's group are funded by the Fed Govt. and Hanson-Young the politician is funded by the tax payer also. We the taxpayer are funding those that are trying to destroy us. How do we make them accountable?

  2. What about producing a documentary about the impact of Muzzie migration to Australia and if possible what happens in the detention centres if anyone is brave enough dressing up like a Coptic Christian and venturing into Lakemba or Dandenong etc. and using a hidden camera to film the responses from the Muzzies to infidels entering their ghettoes then showing the film to people in halls to educate them about the reality of the consequences of Muzzie immigration?

    I have no idea who would or could do that and I know I couldn't, but perhaps this would help to swing public opinion back in the realm of sanity.

    • Letters like the above should be sent to talk back radio's. Ray Hadley has had a few "whistle blowers" on his program, they had to be anonymous for threat of losing their jobs. Seems to me it is in Serco's interest to have as many "Clients" in detention, the more money for them! Certainly scary the millions of dollars tax payers are paying this Company! We don't know the half of what these illegal immigrants are doing in Christmas Island etc…, perhaps if there were more people willing to spill the beans, the public would be outraged and the bleeding leftist hearts could be put back in their place!!! Or pehaps they can adopt a family!!! I think every member of the Labor party and Greens should be made to billot a family – or an underaged boy (supposedly!!) for at least a month!!! Put their money where there mouth is

  3. Wherever Africans,Indians and Muslims settle,they drive up crime,drive down property market values,drive down wages and drive the rest of us up the wall. How do we benefit from these people being here? Sure,it benefits them! As for the killings in Norway,extremism is a product of useless government.If western governments actually put their own people first,and protected them from multiculturalism,crime and the spread of Islam,Right wing extremists would have no reason to exist. Every rape committed in Norway is on white women by men of African or Middle Eastern appearance.No wonder this guy exploded. How many of you are secretly appauding what he did?

    • Save Australia says

      Certain groups do commit way more violent crimes than other groups, so living in an area where large numbers of the same have now moved in will therefore also drive down house prices in those areas (e.g. go to some parts of Lakemba or Dandenong).

      Many from Third World countries are more willing to accept lower than industry standard wages – they are more used to Third World conditions, so that makes sense. That hurts Australian workers, when they can't get those jobs the Third Worlders have taken, or when their wages are pushed lower or stagnate.

      And being subjected to a huge flood of Third Worlders, being made strangers in our own land, along with all of the cultural problems (e.g. caused by Islamist types), creates much social unhappiness.

      So, those first things you said are true.

      But I do not agree re. "secretly applauding" that angry and deluded man who was pushed to the edge and beyond by the extremist ideology of multiculturalism. He ended so many innocent lives and hurt so many people – it is an awful terrible tragedy.

      It is more likely he hurt the cause he thought he was helping. What was he thinking, that because of his killings that the government would stop multiculturalism and Islamification? Or would it be more likely that they will pass new laws to suppress the political freedoms of people like him? I'm guessing the latter is more likely. So, even from his own viewpoint, it was bad. It was wrong, whatever way you look at it.

      The political system of multiculturalism should be attacked, not innocent people. I hope Norway survives. I hope we all do.

  4. OzPatriot says


    When will you grow up and get this Marxist bias out of your system?

    Why is it that when we have an opinion in regards to what is happening to our country are we allegedly portraying "…bigotry against Muslims and multiculturalism.."

    No one asked for multiculturalism, Mark, it was forced upon as, like bitter pill; told that it is good and right and would enrich our society.

    You cannot talk about bigotry; what about the fact that you have been to court for defacing private property (anti-burqa mural ring a bell?) You are typical of the left wing, marxist bigotry, anarchy and degeneracy present everywhere in our universities and places like Newtown – always the the first to attempt to shut down debate when it comes to free speech that is not in accordance with yours.

    What happened in Norway is dispicable, but i do not hear you condemning the Koran or the fact that Mohammed, the war mongering pedophile, is the golden standard by which Muslims adhere and act in accordance with.

    I am happy to furnish you with a list of atrocities carried out in the name of Allah upon request!

    Grow up and contribute something to society ***.

    And another thing; do not ever compare the asylum shoppers of today with the hard working Europeans that came to this country 30 – 50 years ago – they are an abomination, Christian or not.

    Yes, I just read the Al-Jazeera article; the bias is breathtaking – wake up and grow up, Mark!!

  5. Mark Goudkamp says

    While you are quick to condemn all detainees (and ignore the fact that many of the Iranians in Curtin and other detention centres are Christians who have fled Ahmadinejad's regime), how many of them have you actually met and spoken to?

    And I wonder how many of you have stopped to reflect that your bigotry against Muslims and multiculturalism is what led to the atrocious tragedy in Norway last Friday?

    Would any of dare to read Al-Jazeera?


    Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney

    • Save Australia says

      It was multiculturalism itself that led to that terrible tragedy in Norway.

      Multiculturalism and Third World immigration creates a lot of anger within the Euro-Western populations that are being dispossessed by Third World populations, just as there is a lot of anger in Fiji against the Indians who have become over a third of the population there. No-one likes to be made a stranger in their own country or see their country "taken over". It is surprising that there is not more violence from Euro-Westerners, caused by multiculturalism, but that low rate is probably because Euro-Westerners are not highly violent by nature or culture, unlike some populations.

      Multiculturalism also creates a lot of anger within those Third World populations who have fundamentalist religious views and who have migrated to Euro-Western countries where they experience, every day, people who they consider are behaving badly – women walking around exposing their faces, arms, legs and so on, and men drinking alcohol in public, eating pork (unclean), cuddling dogs (unclean) and so on. They feel anger and frustration every day, because they do not belong here, they do not fit in here, and it is killing them inside, having to deal every day with these "terrible" Westerners. It would be better for them if they went to a more compatible country instead of staying here and becoming angrier and angrier. It is such anger that no doubt is a factor in the high level of violence and rapes committed by certain Third World populations against Australians and other Euro-Westerners.

      The Norway situation was a terrible tragedy, with a death toll of around 70 people. A terrible, terrible loss of life, caused by multiculturalism.

      But what you conveniently do not mention is the THOUSANDS of Euro-Westerners killed and raped and otherwise assaulted by the non-Euro populations living in the midst of the Euro-Western nations, at rates WAY ABOVE the norm. The effects of multiculturalism upon Euro-Westerners is like a whole series of bombs going off every year, but the difference is that it usually happens to individuals one at a time and almost no-one in the media is brave enough, or cares enough, to draw attention to the big picture.

      Some multiculturalists may shed crocodile tears over the poor victims in Norway, but ask them to shed tears over the thousands of Euro-Westerners killed and raped by non-Euros and you will just get denials or excuses.

      Multiculturalism is responsible for hurting or killing people every day. In reality, it is an awful and nasty political-social theory that is leading to the death of the West – but lots of Multiculturalists like that idea because so many of them are awful and nasty bigots who hate the West, who hate that the fact that Euro-Westerners generally live a better lifestyle than most Third Worlders, and they hate our way of life – they are so twisted with hatred that they want to see our Euro-Western nations die off and be replaced by foreign populations. Genocide, I believe it is called.

      The hatred and bigotry of multiculturalists is often beyond the average person's comprehension. For the naive multiculturalists I say that we should forgive them, for they know not what they do; but for the deliberately nasty multiculturalists, I can only pray for their souls, which are so full of bitter and twisted hatred of our Euro-Western societies.

      I feel shock and horror for the poor innocents who died in Norway, victims of a divided society created by multiculturalism, but I also remember and feel for the thousands, nay, tens of thousands who have been raped, assaulted and killed by non-Euros – many of whom were deliberately imported by multiculturalist regimes even though those same regimes know the extraordinarily high rates of violent crimes committed by those people. Those thousands of people – thousands whose lives have been terribly affected or ruined, or even ended, because of multiculturalism – rarely ever make the front pages. They just suffer and die, one by one, each contributing a trickle of their vital fluids to the rivers of blood that flow unnoticed through our streets; all lonely victims, unheard and unseen in the unspoken war of multiculturalism against the West.

      What multiculturalism has caused in Norway is shocking enough, but the future that multiculturalism promises to bring down upon us and our children should fill us all with horror and foreboding as well.

    • Well Mark,

      In your rush to paint Christians with the brush of generalisation and lump all Christians in with that extremist whose feelings I can understand, but like the typical Christian I condemn and to label righteous indignation about evil Muslim conduct, did you stop to consider what it is like for any non-Muslim live in an Islamic country like Iran or Egypt or the K.S.A. where non-Muslims have essentially no rights and have to suffer discrimination, brutality, murder etc. if not pay the jizya to remain alive?

      Did you consider that you should first go to people like the Egyptian Coptic Christians who have come to Australia to get away from the barbarity they are subjected to in the name of Islam and who are subjected to persecution in our very own Sydney suburb of Lakemba if they enter it and do not conceal their Coptic symbols?

      Did you consider talking to them or an organisation such as "Tears For The Opressed" to learn about the barbarity committed against the Copts and others in Egypt and elsewhere that police there turn a blind eye to and our leftwing and other media simply does not report?

      If you think the objections of Australians to Muslim conduct and what is done in the name of Islam is bigotry and a fuss about nothing why don't you try walking through the non-tourist areas of Egypt with overtly non-Islamic symbols integrated within and adorning your clothing not to mention a tattoo of a cross on your wrist like Copts have to prove to one another they are Christian?

      Why don't you try entering the Muslim no-go areas in France that police won't enter because they are intimidated by the Muslims there?

      See how you go doing some or all of that and then try telling us that our objections to what is done in the name of Islam or to Muslims being here is bigotry.

      Go and live in those places as a non-Muslim and then try telling us it is fit for Australia and whether you can still claim it was bigotry that led to the Norwegian tragedy, an isolated tragedy caused by one extreme individual whose behaviour is not condoned by the average Australian.

      I wonder myself and I think others do too if you consider this is so bad as to tar us average Australians with the brush of negative generalisation why people like you don't make even half this much fuss about the unjust and barbaric treatment of non-Muslims that goes unreported and is ignored by the police in countries where it happens.

      I wonder why I don't think I have even heard a peep out of people like you about what happens to non-Muslims in countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

      Don't such people matter to your ilk?

      One Christian does this and you Mr Fairness, talk as though it was done by the whole of Christendom or that people who understandably have strong reservations about Muslims living here given that it is well known they resist integration and are averse to complying with our laws and have been openly shouting chants and threats of a very violent nature.

      You remind me of the political advisers I have heard about who are appointed to advise politicians as to how and what to do in regard to policy making straight after graduating from university without having experience reality for even 5 seconds. They then work abnormally long hours for a few years before retiring and then hiring themselves back to politicians as consultants without having gained the slightest idea of what life is really like for the average individual or family.

      If there is anyone here who is bigoted I think it is you because you take one extreme and highly unrepresentative individual and you hold him up as an example of us and you attack our well founded and very reasonable concerns about Islam and Muslims from your ivory tower of social justice without the slightest indication of having made even a tiny effort to determine the reason for our concerns and whether they have any validity and simply call it bigotry.

      To put it politely Mark, I think you are speaking out your backside and through the perspective of leftwing prejudice not intelligent, objective analysis of the facts and issues and until you do so I do not believe you are in a position to even reproach an ant for biting you let alone have any say about who comes to this country.

      • A slight correction: Grammatical mistakes aside. I do not mean to condemn that Norwegian. Rather his actions and the choice to use violence to express his concern.

        I think most people feel the same way, but would not resort to violence and I think it is a cheap shot to liken the majority of Christians to him or anyone else with objections to Islam and Muslims or to blame them or views they hold for his violence.

        He not what has dishonestly been called bigotry, he and his choice alone is what was responsible for the deaths of those people.

    • geronimo says

      Mark, why do these so-called refugees bypass all the other UN countries to come to Australia if they are "fleeing"? Sorry mate, but it's complete bullshit – ultimately, we are going to have billions starving worldwide and will see unprecedented levels of displaced peoples trying to get to other countries and there actually isn't much we can do about it – in fact we should just stop trying to be a release valve and butt out of these country's affairs – we need to start being honest about the hypocracy of the multiculturalism agenda. We also need to start asking the hard questions. E.g. do we recognise Australia is already well and truly exceeding carrying capacity in a post oil world and continue on our path to martyrdom or start recognising the harsh reality and doing the best we can for other countries while also moving ourselves to a sustainable population by drastically culling immigration (irrespective of it's source) and dropping irresponsible policies like the baby bonus. We don't have the luxury of time and we certainly don't have the luxury of accommodating more people. We've argued all the evils of the Western world for decades, and certainly, factions of our western countries have enabled/engineered some heinous things, but if we think that people in the Middle East or Africa or anywhere else are any different, we're deluding ourselves. We need to draw a line somewhere – and we're fast approaching a point where drawing a line will not make any difference. So, while I appreciate your sentiments – it is just a condition – a cruel condition that we have managed to get ourselves in to which Australians must ultimately decide whether we choose to live or die. We can't have it both ways.

    • Gareth Connors says

      How many have you spoken to Mark?I worked at Curtin 1998-99 and had full access to the detainees in my role as a counsellor.

      I can tell you that the minority (A dozen or so)out of 1150 detainees were christian.

      They had to be isolated from the muslems for their own safety.

      Now this is a fact.. I inerviewed dozens of these people and the overiding answer to the question ' why are you in Australia' was 'To earn money and fuck women'.

      During my first two weeks at Curtin there were two riots. In the second riot they tried to burn 23 of us to death as we baricaded ourselves in the mess hall. They lit fires under the elevated floors of this transportable building and danced and sang as the flames rose.

      What were they so angry about? I will tell you. The company to whom I was on contract (Australasian Correctional Management)had decided to discontinue paying $3000 a week to provide them with cigarettes!

      Now bloke before you try to defend this scum again go work with them and experience first hand just how dysfunctional a culture Islam realy is. And if you can refrain from wetting your pants when 1100 plus crazy muzzies want to kill you and are in a postition to do so just tell them that 'We are all brothers' and see what you get.

      Lefty do gooders like you make me sick.


      • geronimo says

        Thanks for posting Gareth, what is disturbing is the lack of visibility on this to the majority of Australians. Many will say that boat people represent a very small percentage of our migrant intake, but what they don't realise is that most of these people aren't genuine refugees at all and they are abusing the UN conventions. These are the dangerous element with primitive mentalities – not the generally educated skilled migrants (although I'm opposed to bringing in any more people because a) all too often businesses fall to this for convenience or cheap labour rather than gearing up trained people, b) we are still decimating our biodiversity without fully understanding the consequences, c) statistically, not even a quarter of these migrants become contributing members of society (and even less with the illegals), d) all-too-often employers find they don't have the right skills, e) they just go to the cities causing further chaos and f) our quality of life is going down the toilet ). They then bring families and relatives over, breed like rabbits, demand special consideration and are often given it where Australians would just be laughed away, and regard us as dirt to be exploited. Most of them end up non-contributory citizens and sneer at us because we don't have any rights to speak out. We must recognise that it's not just government, it's business agendas – banks have reported they make $1000 for every man, woman and child – and so if they want to double their profits, just double the people and to buggery our future. What I don't get is they will also have to live with the consequences of their stupidity. But I suppose most of them don't look at things in a very comprehensive sense.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Hey Mark – I sure hope you put your name and all your bleedingheart supporters' names down to TAKE a dozen refos back to YOUR PLACE TO LIVE. You can feed them, clothe them, house them, educate them AT YOUR EXPENSE, NOT MINE. OK?

      Fantastic – great of you to volunteer! ***

  6. geronimo says

    agreed albalad – but I think you'll find most people on this forum do just that and write to and talk to anyone they feel will listen. But this forum also provides an outlet for us to vent our outrage and frustration to people who will actually listen and validate what we are saying and that is also important when we are faced with people who seem to live in some sort of bubble of denial.

  7. mike monroe says

    I tell Aussies all the time that we are losing this country and that our poltical leaders are nothing but treasonous bastards aided by a treasonable left winged media that refuses to acknowledge that white people are not only victims of racial abuse but are encouraging our demise.

    But do they care? Nah, just so long as they get to watch Australia's got talent, dance to the latest American Negro gangster rapp (which calls them white dogs, c*nts and mother f*ckers) play on their mobiles and i-pods, they don't give a shite.

    They will though when the takeover occurs.

    • I agree. When the Muzzies take over, the left will be the first or among the first to feel their wrath.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Not every person in this country is going to drop to the floor and let these Mooslimes walk over us. My hubby & I have a contingency already…DO YOU?


      And use the left-wing do-gooders as a personal shield when the shi'ite hits the fan.

  8. Seriously Concerned says

    After viewing Q& A on ABC when there have been discussions on Asylum seekers cum illegal immigrants I see that the majority of Australians think there is nothing wrong with them coming in. Then when the show was aired on SBC when Aussies went into these countries further cemented people's belief that it's OK to have people come‘convert the universe to Islam’. That is what angers me that Australians don't see that our western way of life will be slowly eroded away. They have totally different belief system,respect for women is zero,and we who don't agree with the majority are the ones who get near on persecuted for our opinion. I would encourage you to view the Khilafah 2011 Conference uprising in the Muslim World …on the road to Khilafah.It will make your hair curl. I'm amazed it didn't receive any media coverage…..or I missed it.

  9. Soothsayer says

    I recommend Greg Clancy's book "The People Smugglers" for more information on this topic.

    You can purchase it from

  10. Not that it makes any difference, but I just sent a long email to the PM, plus the link to this article.

    I also said I know you won't take any notice of what I say, and this will end up on the rubbish pile.

    • geronimo says

      Good for you Sue.

      • I too have sent numerous emails! No response either! Look what happened when the ABC and the RSPCA got involved with the meat exports! Instant websites with petitions!!! Maybe there needs to be mass petition signing! How about an ABC program shaming muslims? Oh I forgot, most of the people doing that are either dead, have body guards or are condemned as Bigots and Racist Islamaphobes!!! Until we ALL speak out against muslims and hold THEM accountable they will continue to play the victim! I hope this rally on the 30th will bring attention to Islam the religion of Peace, and that there are many protestors. I suspect though that the media will condemn the protestors, label them right wing bigots, nazis etc…without even bothering to research the facts for themselves!!! Most Australians don't even know the threat because when it comes to Islam there can be no debate!! Bit like the Carbon Tax extremists!!! Well I will be in Martin Place on Saturday! The public need to know what Sharia means! Wish I had posters of all the women killed for honor, had their noses cut off, or their faces burnt off, homosexuals hanging up by cranes in Iran, women stoned to death, amputees, womens sewn up vaginas, videos of those poor little girls forced into child marriage, the young boy who was tortured and his penis chopped off. I know what Islam is, because I look and read about it, Geert Wilders tried to show the public with his film Fitna, Ayaan Hirsi Ali tried with her play that wrote quotes from the Koran on womens bodies, but the director was murdered, and she fled to America! How do we get all these images and truths out there, to the uneducated public? Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel and Pamella Geller are doing great things, they are putting advertisements on buses, and providing help for young girls who's lives are at risk for being too westernised!

        • Save Australia says

          Geert Wilders did a good job producing the film "Fitna" to expose the problems with Islam, however it was Theo Van Gogh (working with Ayaan Hirsi Ali) who produced the film "Submission" about Islam and was murdered by an Islamist for doing so.

  11. Albalad,

    I haven't just complained on forums like here and I was more thinking out loud than complaining. I have been complaining to these pustulant pollies about several matters, and I for instance complained about that Iranian Muslim stowaway who was convicted of the manslaughter of a Church of Christ minister which a pastor friend said the trial was a sham, and I sent an email late this week, but still haven't got a reply yet. The article I learnt about this in is "Exclusive Alana Buckley-Carr, The West Australian June 25, 2011, 2:55 am" and the miscreant's name is "Hassan Baharestan". Please feel free to join me in complaining to the minister who claims he lacks the power to deport him. This guy is mentally ill and assaulted someone else, but wasn't charged for that. Please don't think all I do is mutter in places like here.

  12. I'd say it is obvious this government wants more of these people here when they made this deal with Malaysia to take from them 4 times the number of illegal immigrants who arrive in Australia and they agreed to take the ones Malaysia a dominant Muslim country wants us to have! It shows they don't want to reduce the number of illegal immigrants. Rather they want to increase the number and drastically so!

    • I was under the impression the immigrants we will be getting from Malaysia are Burmese Christians? But from what I have read, the men are sold, and forced to work for nothing, and the women get prostituted out, god only knows what they do to the children. I can only imagine the mental state these immigrants will be in!!

  13. it wont do you any good complaining on this forum as we all know what you talking about and most likely agree with you – have you complained to your local MP ? that is the only way we will get any satisfaction on this problem. We don't really need an in house bitching session.

    I am fed up listening to people complaining but never getting off their buts and complaining to the right place.

    Sorry if that seems harsh – but it really is time for people to tackle this problem and government head on

  14. John Stoker says

    Government has the most credible access to data, including social consequence and impact on the Australian community from multiculturalism and high "refugee" intake. We are witnessing an unrelenting push on out of sync ethnic and cultural mix shoved onto this nation against the prevailing rejection of this stinking immigration policy by the broad public.

    I returned to Australia 9 years ago after 20 years in the USA and could not believe the transformation on Springvale, Dandenong and other suburbs, as though visiting a foreign nation. A recent visit into Melbourne CBD found me outnumbered by Asians to a degree that I felt a stranger. The dilution of the European flavour of Australia I conclude as deliberate. It is obvious the Federal Parliament is on a path of political correctness idiocy with the intended destruction of our historical and once great way of life to be replaced with "global citizens" status for all.

  15. Soothsayer says

    "They aren’t the nice people some may think they are, they don’t assimilate, don’t have any respect for our country"

    Agree with that comment. Asylum seekers cum illegal immigrants get portrayed as 'salt of the earth' types and from my own personal experiences I've been concerned at the attitudes that are really held by refugees etc.

    There is also a sense of entitlement that Australia is a rich country and we can afford it. They don't see how hard people have to work to make Australia a 'rich country'. We exhaust ourselves making this a great country while they kick back and feel entitled to reap the rewards.

  16. Gareth Connors says

    I agree. I worked at Curtin in 1999-2000 for 3 months as a counsellor both for staff (they needed it) and detainees. I had an Iraqi surgeon as an interpreter. He was a genuine nice bloke. As for the average detainee they were bloody oxygen thieves. One female staffer brought a can of Pepsi in for a little girl that she had befriended. When the girls father saw the Pepsi he snatched it from the childs hand and drank the whole thing in front of her.

    I had a few long interviews with the Imam and his minder. When asked he said his purpose in coming to Australia was to 'convert the universe to Islam'. When I asked did he mean the world he replied 'no, the universe'

    My overall impression of the male detainee population was that they would look you straight in the eye and lie (part of my job was to establish if their claims of persecution, torture etc were genuine). Some of course were, but not many. When caught lying they would just shrug and blame god 'Inisha allah'.

    As a mental health professional I was apalled at the obsessive nature of their praying and rituals. In western terms they would be seen as clinicaly diagnosable as Obsessive Compulsive.

    I never ever thought That I would hold sterotyped views of a population but I can only call it the way I saw it.


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