Multiculturalism not working, as Israel wants to send Africans to Australia

Danny Danon, who is a member of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and the chairman of Israel’s parliamentary committee for immigration, has called upon Australia to take in thousands of African asylum seekers who are currently residing in Israel (many of them have fled from Eritrea, on Africa’s north-east coast).

The issue was raised by Danon with Michael Danby, an Australian Labor Party parliamentarian who was visiting Israel in June (Danby used to be the chairman of the Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Migration). Danby could not be reached for comment at the time this article was prepared.

It is interesting to note that Danon has, in effect, admitted that multiculturalism is not working in Israel. However, it is not working in Australia either and we do not need to compound our current difficulties by taking in more African immigrants.

Danny Danon said that “The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity”. What a shameless display of hypocrisy and double-standards! What about Australia’s identity? Don’t we also hold the same right to protect our identity?

If the immigration of thousands of black muslims is regarded as creating an unwanted situation for Israel, then surely it is obvious that it would be creating an unwanted situation for Australia as well? Israel should arrange to re-settle their unwanted black African migrants in black African countries which are more culturally and ethnically suited for such migration.

Australians do not want the importation of thousands of muslim immigrants from Israel (or any other country) and any such proposed scheme needs to be halted right now, for the sake of Australia’s future.


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Joint Standing Committee on Migration: Committee Members: 43rd Parliament, Parliament of Australia [current chairperson is Maria Vamvakinou MP]


  1. yeah mate my mate came home after the floods in toowoomba and there were sudanese in his house by that time they had taken every thing good and the cops did jack

  2. I agree with most of the sentiments expressed here. I am also a member of the APP in Western Australia. I take my concerns about Australia's direction directly to my Federal MP. We can all talk together here all day, week or month but it will achieve nothing unless we as a group of people start communicating our concerns to Parliament. If after doing this Parliament ignores our concerns – then it is time to step up the ante – only by this type of approach will anything be achieved. ( and have any legitimacy ). One only has to look at the history of the West to observe this.

    Now I sincerely hope we all look up our Local Fed . MP address and start giving them the impression the we as a group of concerned , tax paying and law abiding citizens, do not approve of the direction our country is being taken.

  3. Israel, you can keep your Africans, we dont want even one of them.

  4. White people used to run these countries well…everybody had food, shelter, clothing, jobs…then the blacks decided they could run things just as well. Why are they now invading white countries on a massive scale? What do they want from us? All my taxes pay for their Centrelink, and foreign aid. Where will it all end? They need to stop breeding like flies, and start doing something good for the world.

  5. mike monroe says

    I, as a white male, got told today 'Not to speak to any Asian women at work because it is not culturally acceptable for them to be spoken to by white males.'

    So I am now forbidden to ask them how their weekend was or to pass the time of day. It was a nice place to work but now that most of the white people have been replaced with Asians, it's lonely and miserable as they speak their own language and look down on whites.

    • geronimo says

      If what you're saying is true then, it is on the cards that they will increasingly seek to push you out of your role.

      If I were you, I'd make sure I have a copy the company's polices – in particular anything relating to code of conduct and try to get the company to provide in writing the above policy they've mentioned which cites their sources. I'd also be seeking legal advice so you are informed of your rights and presenting these documents to your legal consultant.

      While this can be an incredibly delicate situation, it is unfortunately likely to get increasingly worse for you and by not acting, you are accepting what has been decreed for you. Don't let yourself get backed into a corner. The APP don't have a particularly high profile yet – I just happened on them following some obscure trail of interest. Perhaps it might at some point be even worth talking to ACC, George Negus or even the news. Perhaps the APP can also help by standing in your corner and at the same time, gather support from a growing number of Australians like myself that do not want to secede our country to people who aren't Australians. These people have plenty of places they can go and live with their self-destructive, out-dated, divisive social constricts. Australians on the other hand, have increasingly limited options.

      • mike monroe says

        It's all very well for you to say I should act upon it. I have no family or close friends to support me finacially if they decide to get rid of me should I start complaining.

        I will have my day with them. But I am patient too.

        • geronimo says

          fair comment – and I agree with you – patience is so important – my comments perhaps could do with a little clarification.

          The two main points I was making are

          a) it's worth knowing what you're rights are and in particular, considering what your options are should you inadvertently speak to the forbidden ones (the warning's fresh in your mind now – but what about a month down the track??) and subsequently receive a caution, reprimand, warning or even dismissal. Keeping track of things by email also – seeking clarification so you can refer to them – asking for a copy of the HR manual are all reasonable things to request so you can study up and be informed. This can protect you in many ways and running them by legal council could prove invaluable. You are not making waves here, just understanding where things stand. This is more what I was referring to by taking action.

          b) In relation to making a more overt stand through media channels etc – this was really meant if you're basically at a point where you have nothing to lose. Upon hearing your plight and you being factual/reasonable about it, I'm sure you'd find someone would offer you a job – and the APP would surely be willing to support you and perhaps get some much needed media exposure. Further, it's also clear how little many Australians realise about their right to their culture is being eroded away.

          But please just take the above as options – you're free to ignore or consider bits. We're ultimately on the same side. Multiculturalism is destroying our Australian culture and oppressing Australians.

    • I feel for you mate, and dont talk to them anyway, its not like they would have anything interesting to say. And why do they look down on us? This is the all important question, if they were better than the whites, then they would have a better country to live in, with social services, health care etc, the reason why they want to live here is because we have a better system, because we are better, more civilised race of people. Sorry the truth hurts so much guys.

  6. danielbatman says

    The main reason for immigration is to keep rents and property prices rising and unfortunately this means the poor get dramatically poorer in this process

  7. geronimo says

    the reality is, we simply can't help. Australia is arguably beyond it's carrying capacity now – without Oil and with future droughts we are nuts if we don't adopt a policy of 0 or perhaps even negative net-immigration. There are millions starving now, how do you decide on who to save. If our governments actually want to help, it's never going to be as a release valve. It is highly likely – almost unavoidable, that we will soon have billions in the same boat – and well said "Save Australia" – why should we martyr ourselves – there's a limit to our responsibility.

  8. why do jewish people here in australia want this country to have open borders.yet if they were in israel they have a different view on immigration.If any jewish person is reading this could you explain why.

  9. Soothsayer says

    Did anyone see with an article headline of First Aussie Boat People – the people who settled this country weren't boat people. They didn't come here illegally and they weren't fleeing persecution.

    This is the same as the banal 'we are all immigrants'. We are not all immigrants. Many people were born in this country so they are 'natives' of this country not immigrants.

    The language in the mainstream media is designed to make mainstream Australians from the European heritage align with the third world immigrants and asylum seeker 'gatecrashers'.

    • frederickdixon says

      They even use the same "we are all immigrants" argument here in England to try to persuade the real English, whose ancestors have lived here since the ice went ten thousand years ago,that we have no more right to the country than the latest arrival from Mogadishu!

      It is, of course, a totally bogus argument in Australia just as much as in England – the real people of a country are the descendants of those who created its institutions and culture, who lived its history, who gave it its name and its language.They, the nation creators, are not immigrants but all others are. It follows that Anglo-Celts cannot be immigrants in Australia, Canada, U.S, UK etc.

  10. Save Australia says

    I can understand why Israel doesn't want thousands of black African muslim refugees – and we don't want them here either!!!!

    How hard could it be to pack them off to a black African country? Tie it in with a foreign aid package or whatever.

    Seriously, what is going on here?

    It seems that Third World refugees see their plight as some sort of passport to get into a First World country, as if it is their right. Well, it isn't.

    If they were true refugees, they would just go to the country next door and stop there, but nooooooooo, they just keep right on going, looking for the best country they can find. And so many of them head off to the land of the Giant Centrelink.

    I can understand them. I would want to get into the best country too. If I had a choice between fleeing from one poverty-stricken country to yet another poverty-stricken country, then I would prefer to keep right on going until I could get into Australia, or Canada, UK, USA, etc. – but I also realise what that would mean:

    1) Such people looking for a better deal are no longer true refugees. They stopped being refugees the moment they passed by their first safe haven.

    2) It establishes a principle in practicality whereby the tens of millions of refugees in the world suddenly have a so-called "right" to get into Australia or another First World country – which is rubbish, because they don't have any such right.

    3) If we let them all in here, when they are so different to our style of life (culturally, ethnically and socially) then they will end up destroying our country. After all, what would it mean? An Australia of 50 million to 100 million that is mostly African-Arab-Asian, with almost no Aborigines or Europeans to be seen. The long-term consequences are that it would mean the end of Australia, the end of our Australia as we know and love it – the death of our nation won't be turned into something wonderful, it will just mean the birth of yet another Third World country.

    Welcome to Mexico Down Under.

    Why should our entire nation die, just so that a small percentage of the Third World can get a better deal?

    Think about it.

    • Soothsayer says

      Agreed. It seems to be the social security policy of many of these third world countries to dump their poor and dispossessed on us. If we oppose it we are labelled 'racist' and 'selfish'.

      People from these countries would be crazy not to try it. What do you have to lose? Blab on about your rights and racism, and say things like 'we are all immigrants' and bingo you can come into the land of milk and honey and bring all your cultural baggage with you.

      These countries need to solve their own problems, they will be much stronger societies for it.

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