SBS propaganda should go back to where it came from

The SBS television show “Go Back to Where You Came From” has been a predictable exercise in pro-refugee propaganda.

Paul Sheehan, in the Sydney Morning Herald, has described the style of this show: “the loaded dice at the centre of the progressive argument about boat people: that if you believe in stopping the small number of asylum seekers who arrive by boat, you are lacking in empathy, lacking in compassion, and probably anti-Muslim. The entire series is designed to enforce this maxim. … This is an empathy forced march. … This new series has real people in real places, but it remains an exercise in manipulation for everyone involved.”

Comments on the show from one pro-refugee viewer were symptomatic of how many others felt about it: “It’s poorly made and deliberately inflammatory. Not journalism, but just another reality television show. … It’s totally not worth watching. … The whole production stinks of a sham. … My objection is not with refugees, but with the horrible biased and manipulative way this production was put together.”

The Australian Protectionist Party was approached to participate in the show, to send someone overseas with a film crew to do a story on refugees. However, it was considered unlikely that the show was going to be neutral in its outlook. It was certainly unlikely that it would be slanted against Australia taking in more refugees. After all, it was a show about Third World refugees to be screened on SBS, a TV station dedicated to multiculturalism and funded by a pro-multiculturalism government. What were the odds that it was going to be a piece of propaganda that, either directly or indirectly, would be advocating for the importation of yet more Third World refugees into Australia? It would not have taken anybody more than a few seconds to realize what this show was going to be like.

Take a few ordinary Aussies, dump them in the middle of a bunch of suffering refugees, make them see how awful it all is, how much suffering is going on, hopefully make them cry, and you will have a churned out another piece of multiculturalist propaganda.

However, any thinking person already knows that refugees are living in awful circumstances with much suffering. We might not know all the specifics, but most of us would have a general idea. Any television producer worth his salt would be able to put any Australian in a situation (such as an overseas refugee camp) where one would feel sorry for refugees, and maybe he could even make us all cry. To use a hypothetical example, we could be shown poor Achmed, who was beaten by his oppressors, is blind in one eye, and is in terrible health. We would all be sorry for him. Our first instinct is to want to help. And that is when the multiculturalist propagandists have done their job; they will be rapt to have been able to have manipulated you.

But the refugee issue is not about one person, about one Achmed, it is about millions of refugees who want to come to Australia, it is about a refugee influx that is a part of the government’s immigration programme which is bringing in vast numbers of Third World immigrants into Australia, part of a flood of Third World immigration which would change and destroy Australia as we know it forever.

There are far better ways of dealing with the refugee issue than allowing millions of them to migrate to Australia. Instead of spending billions of dollars on refugees (a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald said we have spent over $2 billion dollars just on detaining them), we could use that same money to resettle them in countries that are far more culturally similar to their own societies. The money would go ten times as far in the Third World, helping a lot more of them, and helping them there has the added bonus of avoiding social problems in our own society. Certainly, if refugees were publicly refused entry into Australia, the flood of boat people would soon dry up, which would save lives by deterring refugees from setting sail in the first place. Whilst the Liberal government’s Nauru solution was only a superficial attempt at solving the problem, it certainly dried up the refugee flood, which was demonstrated by the fact that the boat people began flooding in once the Labor Party halted the Nauru policy.

The multiculturalist and internationalist types push their propaganda pieces onto all of us, on our televisions, via our newspapers, and in our schools. They do this because they have a social agenda, a political agenda, to change Australia, from what was a homogeneous nation, into what they think will be a wonderful melting pot of diversity. But the reality is much more awful than that. Apart from the dubious morality of pushing an immigration-driven genocide upon the Australian people, the street-level reality of such “diversity” is one that really needs to be experienced to be believed. Average Australians do not want to live in African-dominated areas around Dandenong or in Arab-dominated areas around Lakemba, or in various other “culturally enriched” suburbs – and for good reason. And who would want that as the future of Australia? Only mad multiculturalists and self-hating liberals.

On top of all this, it is well known that the refugee and immigrant communities from certain Third World countries commit much higher rates of rapes and violence than other communities. With millions traumatized in certain countries by war, it is not surprising that many bring their emotional and psychological baggage with them – and then take it out on our innocent sons and daughters. It is madness to bring in such people when we know that it will mean that many more Australians will be bashed and raped than would have happened otherwise. Having one “extra” rape or one “extra” bashing (over the average rate) is bad enough, but when these “extra” bashings and rapes begin to number in the hundreds and thousands, then it is a politically outrageous situation that must be stopped. The Liberal-Labor politicians, with their multiculturalist cheer squads, who have allowed this to happen are, at least in the moral sense, criminally responsible for all such street crimes against innocent Australians.

If SBS really wants to make a tear-jerker documentary, why don’t they interview all of the Australian girls raped by Third World immigrants and refugees and all of the Australian boys bashed by Third World immigrants and refugees? Our televisions and newspapers have seen a flood of items about the refugees; how about we now concentrate on the problems facing Australians on our on streets?

Enoch Powell once referred to immigration problems in his famous “Rivers of Blood” speech. He referred to the work of the Roman poet, Virgil, when he said “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.” Whilst there have indeed been race riots in Britain involving murder and mayhem, the real rivers of blood have been occurring in the streets over a period of years, with so many Britons bashed and murdered by those from Third World ethnicities.

So too in Australia there are “rivers of blood”; but we do not see the entire rivers, because they occur in trickles, usually individually isolated cases of thousands of individual bashings and rapes that are occurring all over the country – but most of the media are loathe to point out that they are part of a bigger problem. They may report on individual cases, but not on the larger pattern. We can see the trees, but we are not seeing the enormous forest that they are a part of.

Come on, SBS, how about you do the people of Australia a favour for a change? Instead of pushing your politically-biased agenda, which the Australian taxpayers are paying for, how about a documentary about all of the Australian lives damaged by the violence accompanying the government’s deliberate flood of Third World immigration?

The apparatchiks at SBS need to go back to where they came from; presumably back to the multiculturalism propaganda kitchen where they cooked up this pile of rubbish. They need to start thinking about serving Australians, not trying to feed them propaganda. The Australian people deserve better fare than what SBS is dishing up.

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  1. mike monroe says

    white genocide in South Africa…the most diverse country that has proven that Multiculturalism works according to the far left.

    This is what happened to one white family that never made the news

  2. mike monroe says

    This is how a white female in Sweden 'was thanked' by the very people she demanded to be allowed into her country.

    • Soothsayer says

      Poor woman. It's a a hard way to learn the truth, the price she paid was with a violent and undignified death.

      I think the West is losing its ability to think critically about multiculturalism. The only way we can do it safely is as faceless strangers online; places where our work colleagues will never know our thoughts etc.,.

      I have had truly horrendous experiences under multiculturalism and have not found it to be that enriching. If I didn't question multiculturalism and continued to swallow whole the propaganda promoting it, there would be something wrong with me.

  3. Be Aware says

    Congratulations SBS – you did show that the economic migrants ( all male )who come to Australia as asylum seekers do push others ( who were not Muslim) to the back of the queue.

    I am Australian – I am not ashamed of it and all the condersending articles will not change my point of view.

    I do not agree with the PC outlook we have on most subjects – we say what is supposed to be "politically correct" rather than what we actually think – of course this leads to a situation where some people really believe that all cultures are equal ( you can see how that has worked out in Europe ).

  4. Anna Dean says

    As sad as it sounds, we can't save them all!! Unless we want to end up living like them and lower our living standards! Highly recommend to watch "gumball immigration"

    This is not heartless, this is selfpreservation. Of our culture and traditions!

  5. Soothsayer says

    This is much needed article.

    The issue of refugees and asylum seekers needs to urgently addressed in the world. The number of refugees and displaced people are in the tens of millions worldwide. Western countries can simply not absorb all these people.

    It is like a tap that is never going to be turned off.

    Added to this is the cult of Multiculturalism that stipulates all cultures are equal and migrants / refugees from around the world can settle here and continue living in the same way that they did in their homelands – so they bring what is also unhelpful to them and continue those cultural practises here.

    I have had a third world immigrate I worked with drug and attempt to rape me, this actually caused me to resign from my job. These people bring with them an animosity towards the West and a contempt for Caucasian women. I don't feel safe with the ethnic mix of this country changing. My personal experiences do not match the propaganda machine of SBS or the ABC.

  6. Save Australia says

    From a comment on the SMH 24/6/2011 story

    Every day we see elderly Australians with no money to heat their houses or buy dog food to eat. Charities and medical researchers are begging for some money to find a cure for diseases, and our medical and hospital sytems are in crisis. So why are we spending $2 billion (which is just the tip of the iceberg) to allow people who throw away all their documents, to live amongst us when Australian citizens desperately need this money?

    • Well said 'Save Australia'. I'm ashamed to say that we Ausies are becoming a very apathetic race and won't wake up until it's too late. The average Joe seems to be contented to live in a fools paradise just so long as he has a beer and a footy game to watch. Who was it said," mainstream sport is the opiate of the masses"?

  7. Save Australia says

    Poor SBS, people picking on them.

    It's not like they are a propaganda arm of the government or anything … oh, wait a minute.

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