Gillard insults Tibet

Julia Gillard’s failure to meet with the Dalai Lama reflects extremely poorly on Australian diplomacy. No doubt her failure to do so was noted around the world.

She is quite happy dealing with the Chinese government; a long-standing communist government which has invaded Tibet – an invasion and occupation which has included rape and murder as well as many other atrocities and abuses.

Gillard could have even met the Dalai Lama as the head of Tibetan Buddhism, rather than as the head of the Tibetan government in exile, but instead she chose to ignore him.

Maybe the government doesn’t want to tread on Chinese toes in fear of damaging trade with China, maybe there are too many “ex-communists” in the Labor Party who don’t want to annoy their past comrades, or maybe they just don’t want the embarrassment of raising the prospect of a nation that is being destroyed by immigration-driven demographic genocide (as well as a kind of enforced “cultural enrichment”)?

Whatever the reason, Gillard’s decision to not meet with the Dalai Lama is a poor reflection upon Australia.

With Tibet being swamped by the Chinese, both demographically and culturally, many Australians feel an affinity with that poor blighted nation. The very least we can do is to show them some recognition.

PM confirms she won’t meet Dalai Lama, PerthNow, 13 June 2011
Julia Gillard holds out on Dalai Lama meet ahead of his Melbourne visit, Herald Sun, 9 June 2011


  1. To think Australia is building up its Defence Force in far north Australia, duh, which Asia country are they expecting to land forces on aussie soil, if its China, lets see the facts

    Australia troops 3 battlions,30,000 men, no reserves

    China 50 Divisions 5 million men & women

    So how much is our defence going to relinquish,remember the Brisbane Line for an attack by Japan, half of Australia, we were surrendering half our Continent before they even stepped ashore, our last line of defence, great thinkers in defence force

    Vietnam,hmmmm, nope, no Navy,Cambodia nope, no Navy,Malaysia nope no airforce,PNG nope no nothing, Indonesia maybe, army navy airforce x 2 million men

    Australia will be a pushover,we don't have any resources that America needs, so why defend for a non-profit, we have one soldier for every 3 kilometres of coastline, thats one soldier here and his mates 3 klms either side of him

    • Soothsayer says

      We may already have a battalion in Australia….who knows. It is a totally taboo topic to talk about this.

      Japan had spies already entrenched in the Asian countries it later invaded, who had already gathered critical information.

      This is why the Americans gathered up its Japanese citizens and put them in internment camps. No one ever highlights this fact that it was just a sensible war time strategy. Not nice for the Japanese who were loyal American citizens, but how could the Americans tell who was a loyal citizen and who was a spy.

  2. its all about money money money she doesnt want to upset our bigest coal buyer.they can kill millions so long as they keep giving us all that money.

  3. What more can you expect from Boganville? Illegal Chinese are inundating PNG as well.

  4. Soothsayer says

    I've been calling it 'forced naivety' for a long time. We are basically forced to ignore warning signs that the fairy dust is faulty.

    Is there any government think tank that is exploring the possibility of what may happen to Australia if with the Chinese get an economic and political stranglehold? I'm betting with their colonial era hang-ups and beliefs in their racial superiority that there could be some big changes that mainstream Australians may not like very much.

  5. Michael R says

    I see Vietnam is getting jumpy over China's activity around some disputed Islands. Protest pics here:

    <a href="; rel="nofollow"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>;

    Tibet, South China Sea, … same same. We have to be totally bonkers to invite "immigration-driven demographic genocide". Barking mad. Mad as a cut snake, you might say.

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