10% of the Carbon Tax to be given to the United Nations?

Despite government claims that their much-vaunted Carbon Tax will be spent on helping Australians, we should bear in mind that it has already been revealed that the Labor Party has agreed to hand over 10% of the new tax to the United Nations, for it to be given away to Third World countries.

The West Australian has reported that “Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s new tax will be used to allow Australia to meet its share of a $100 billion-a-year United Nations fund to transfer wealth from rich countries to help undeveloped nations adapt to global warming. The Gillard Government is party to a UN agreement which Climate Change Minister Greg Combet entered into in December at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico, under which about 10 per cent of carbon taxes in developed nations will go into a Green Climate Fund.”

This is an outrageous plan that will be yet another disaster for Australian taxpayers. Australians are already paying too much in foreign aid, at a time when staff in our hospitals and schools are crying out for much-needed funding, when people are literally dying because they cannot get an adequate level of care from the publicly-funded health system.

Australians do not need yet another tax. We have enough of them already.

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  1. Is this for real or just a huge joke??????

    Can someone please explain to me why some Australians are going to be subsidised if the carbon tax goes through. Where will this idiotic government borrow the money from to pay 9 out of 10 Australians this money? Why should we pay for something we don’t want, don’t cause a lot of and what happens when the volcanoes keep smouldering, do the countries where these volcanoes are pay carbon tax at a higher rate????

  2. The other thing I am concerened about is losing our individualism. If we become alligned (closer) to the Asia Pacific as similar to the EU…… we will not have what we have come to value most. Freedoms, independence, the Aussie way of life…. we will become more Asian.

    I too have only just read about this UN %10 funding agreement…… Julia will not have much left after refunding (according to her) 90% of taxpayer families and also giving ten percent to the new UN bank….. so much for funding new, clean Green schemes!

    Wake up people and smell the sourness here

  3. Isn't it time that Julia and Bob recognosed Kyoto is dead?

    They are playing at being Robin Hood and merry men etc! Take from the rich and give to the poor RUBBISH.

    Aussies need to see this for what it really is…..



  4. OzPatriot says

    The move towards one world government has begun.

    The UN is now directly taxing us (via the carbon dioxide tax)to fund themselves and in the process flood our beloved country with cheap labour and 3rd world grubs.

    Typical of a communist regime; escalating taxes wherever you look and the dumbing down of skills and transferral of wealth.

    The sad thing is that Australians always talk about how unhappy they are, yet no one will get up off their backsides and defend the bloody place!

    A prime example is when they raised the retirement age in Australia from 65 to 67, no one batted an eyelid; yet when they tried to raise it in Greece (France as well) from 55 to 57, everyone was rioting in the streets!!

    It takes nothing to write an email to your federal member to complain; if everyone did it we would not be in the mess we are now!!

  5. OzPatriot says

    Labor are a bunch of sick and twisted Communist scumbags!!!!!!!!!

    Did i mention Fascists as well?

    God save us!!

  6. Warung Discussion says

    I anticipate the next election with glee.

    PEOPLE! get rid of the "preferred parties" Vote in candidates that care about us!

    I am so SICK of these politicians we have fronting us. They are idiots.

    All this money we are paying out …FOR WHAT? to placate our corrupt neighbours?

    We have 8000 people looking for a bed and/or shelter in Adelaide. The Govt. should be looking after & Helping them.

    We have SICK people needing treatment in Hospitals. Help Them!

    STOP giving away our wealth to corruption. STOP foreigners controlling our assets and sending the profits o/seas. Those profits should stay in Australia.

    THE CARBON TAX IS A BACK-DOOR ATTEMPT TO TAX US FOR THE AIR WE BREATHE! introduced under a different guise. NOTHING we do is going to alter the course of nature. specially not a tax.

    We pay enough

    we pay too much to people who wouldn't know if their bums were on fire.

  7. mike monroe says

    Watch out for Greg Combet, He has stated on tele that if comes Prime Monster, he's going to flood Australia with Africans as Africa has plenty of workers.

    Sadly, I see many many white and Aboriginal Australians who do not only vote (I work with some) but who also refuse to work, having had very generous welfare payouts.

  8. mike monroe says

    "Transfer of wealth" says it all.

    It's bad enough the [Third] world is claiming our countires, those that OUR ancestors built and defended, given away by a few retarded lefties who never worked a day in their life, but we now pay for them to do it.

    What a sick sick world we are now forced to live in

  9. This was revealed back in February. How is it that it took so long for here to pick up on it? I'll admit that it's even the first time I've heard of it – why?

  10. Save Australia says

    Kevin Rudd wants an Asia-Pacific Union, no doubt to become like the European Union.

    And every other region in the world gets its own form of regional parliament too?

    Then the globalists will say something like "Let's just simplify all these regional governments by having one big government". A big natural disaster would be a good excuse for them to hang the idea on.

    It almost sounds like a conspiracv theory, but if you look at it as a gradual political development over several hundred years, then it becomes possible. Certainly it is the sort of thing that the globalist "left" would like and that the corporate "right" would like too.

    Thin edge of the wedge.
    Start handing legislative control over some things to the United Nations. Already done (dozens of "international agreements" that have become law).
    Start handing legal control over some areas to the United Nations. Done (applies to an extent in areas on the World Heritage List).
    Start handing your money over to the United Nations. Done (it's almost done with the carbon tax, but we give the UN millions now anyway).

    At what stage will it become "logical" just to hand the entire functioning of government over to the United Nations and just be done with it?

    It is not something that is going to happen any time soon, but it is something worth thinking about.
    Remember, it is what some people want (internationalists, globalists, call them what you will) and some of them are in our parliament already.

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