The proposed mosque for Elermore Vale (NSW), an update

A report from a local member:

As determined in NSW Planning applications (over 5 million now), the previous NSW ALP government setup of the Join Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) comprised of 5 entities that determine applications on their merits.

Because of the volume of objections lodged, the JRPP decided to hold a community meeting in the Newcastle town hall on the 31st of March 2011. At this meeting some 600 residents turned up to object to the proposed Mosque, which has now been classified as a ‘Regional’ Mosque.

Through proper channels on the website of the JRPP, some 100 applicants registered to speak to the JRPP.

60 were heard on the 31st of March and on the 5th of May another 650 residents turned up to hear the other 40 submissions of objection, which was the balance that were allowed to voice their objections. Three of these individuals were barristers and made excellent objections and gained standing ovations from the local residents.

It was exciting, as there was a determined air of objection to the proposal from the audience.

This meeting started at 5.30pm and went to 9.00pm. Near the end, the panel of five made statements to the effect that they determined that there was insufficient testing done for noise and traffic issues and a 3 to 2 vote meant that there will be a deferred decision until further tests reports are done.

So, in a nutshell, they have put the decision to reject the mosque on hold until they check the noise levels that had been submitted by the Newcastle Muslims Association. There was an uproar from the crowd and a heap of police and security turned up and everybody at the meeting left in disgust. So now we have to wait a further 8 weeks for a decision that could go either way.

The public was unaware as to the fact that the Newcastle Council has allowed the Muslim Association to change and divide into two the whole application. What is not being heard is that there is a proposal to have 20 major events a year, with an estimated 1000 to 2000 extra Muslims attending said Mosque.

When I left the building I spoke to several people and they said “That’s it, we are selling now and getting out of the area”.

It is disappointing that this matter is dragging on. However, one tactic that has been used in the past for unpopular building projects is to drag them out for a long period so that the community upsurge of objection runs out of steam, and then the unpopular project can go ahead later with less public opposition.

It is important that the residents of Elermore Vale and the Newcastle district “maintain the rage” and continue to campaign loudly against this “Regional Mosque”, which would alter the demographics of the local area; with the resulting changes that could impact heavily upon their way of life.


  1. The mosque is central to muslim thinking and identity.

    Once it is established all the areas surrounding it where muslims outnumber non muslims becoms 'Dar al Islam. Land of Islam.

    It can then establish itself and expand (immigration)to accomodate more muslims.

    Writing from 40 years of experience dealing with muslims both socialy and professionaly I can tell you that they are a blight on any community that they infest.

    Multi Culti has given us a cancer for which the only cure is tumor removal and follow up treatment to kill off any remaining malignency.

    How we deal with this is not going to be easy. Politicians like Gillard, Rudd before her only make the condition worse so they must go (democraticaly and peacefuly if possible).

    Are you up for it Australia?


  2. Islam is the enemy of the west, & seeks to overthrow it. If that sounds far fetched to you, educate yourself on the matter, will give you everything you need to know. Western governments are betraying their people.

  3. Interesting article in Bare Naked Islam:

    British barrister Gavin Boby, who specializes in planning law, has launched a new program called “Mosque Busters,” for which he will work pro bono to help ordinary citizens demonstrate to their local councils that the building of a mosque or an Islamic center is actually in violation of British law.

    Gates of Vienna – (H/T MJT) -Mosques play a central role in the propagation of Islamic political doctrine, which incites behavior that is illegal under British criminal law and human rights law. Local councils are therefore legally exposed if they approve the building of a mosque, and Mosque Busters will help citizens make councilors aware of their vulnerability under the law. Citizens need to check in with their local councils regularly to find out if a request for planning permission for a mosque has been filed. This is public information, and councils are legally required to supply it upon request. If you learn that such an application has been filed in your locality, contact the Law and Freedom Foundation

    Wonder if this could apply in Australia?

  4. To build a mosque in a local area is the first step towards a full Islamic 'take-over' and the building is just a beacon that will attract more Muslims. It's disgusting that wanting to preserve our local communities against Muslim and third world immigrants is branded as hate speech. Call me a racist I don't care but as I look at more and more responses on here the phrase 'something needs to be done' keeps coming up. So why don't we do something? If we don't, goodbye good old Australia, our identity is fast falling. Everyday we don't act, they get stronger and more support from pro refugee supporters (the traitors of Australia).

    I wish all those in elemore vale the best of luck in keeping this monstrosity of a mosque out of your community

    Long live Australia!

  5. G'day, Would the author of this post like to contact me at

    I'm in Darwin but can maybe help in a small way. The local Mosque recently built a community hall on site despite the protests of local residents. We fought long and hard but the planning authority let it go ahead with just a few ammendments. All the things we said would happen have now become a reality. I can send you some damming photos of how a local quiet residential area can be overun by these people. This will show the Newcastle Council what can happen by allowing these type of buildings to go ahead. Once the damage is done you can't undo it!!!

  6. Could you please inform us when another meeting will be held in Elermore Vale, I wasn't aware of the last one?

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