European Nationalist Parties Top Opinion Polls

From the BNP:

Several nationalist and anti-immigration parties have become the most popular in their countries, topping recent opinion polls in France, Austria and Finland.

France’s Front National, Austria’s Freedom Party and Finland’s True Finns have all headed voters’ surveys in recent weeks.

In March, Marine Le Pen’s party received 23 per cent in a poll of voting intentions for 2012’s presidential election. The survey, carried out by the Harris Institute and published in the newspaper Le Parisien, put Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling UMP and the Socialist party at 21 per cent each.

The Front National received a 15.06 per cent vote share in the first round of France’s regional elections in March; however, that total would have been higher had the party contested more seats.

This week the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) also proved the most popular in its country.

The FPÖ would secure 29 per cent of the vote if there were a general election held today, according to a poll by the OGM institute on behalf of the Kurier newspaper. For the first time, the FPÖ overtook the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ), who polled 28 per cent, and the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), who earned 23 per cent.

The FPÖ stands opposed to EU membership, Turkey’s joining the EU, the Islamificiation of Austria, and immigration.

Previous Austrian polls this year have shown support for the FPÖ at around 24–29 per cent, on par with the SPÖ and ÖVP. Among people under 30 years of age, the FPÖ has the support of 42 per cent.

The BZÖ, a breakaway party from the FPÖ that also advocates stronger immigration controls and opposes Turkish accession, scored highly too, at 13 per cent. The FPÖ already holds 38 seats in the Austrian national parliament, and the BZÖ holds 17.

Meanwhile, in Finland, the anti-immigration and anti-EU True Finns party also surged into the lead.

A poll commissioned by a group of regional newspapers found that 22.4 per cent of those questioned said they would vote for the True Finns, compared with 20.6 per cent for the centre-right National Coalition party and 19.1 per cent for the Social Democrats.

The result reflects another rise in support for the True Finns, whose opposition to EU bailouts and the erosion of Finnish culture saw them become the country’s third-largest party in last month’s national election. The party earned 19.1 per cent of the vote in April, just 1483 votes behind the Social Democrats, who also gained 19.1 per cent, and 1.3 per cent behind the winning National Coalition Party.

The rise of nationalist sentiment is also felt in the Netherlands, where support for Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) increased this week.

A Maurice de Hond poll gives Wilders’ PVV 26 seats if there were a general election tomorrow, three up on the previous poll. The ruling centre-right VVD fell by two seats to 32.

Source: British National Party


  1. Proudinfidel says

    I am hopeful that there is a genuine awakening, (certainly not publicly), and that sufficient evidence is being gathered from sources outside the normal "experts" who have proved to have been mere misguided intellectual stooges of multicultural idiots who simply will not admit defeat.

  2. mike monroe says

    Our genocide explained in full, listen to JFK's speech at the end. No wonder he was silenced,

  3. Michael R says

    Mark Steyn explained this drift to the right a couple of years back:

    … in the room where they cook up European conventional wisdom, they could easily pin a sign on the door saying: “This Political Machine Creates Fascists.” … in the western half of Continental Europe, politics evolved to the point where almost any issue worth talking about was ruled beyond the bounds of polite society… if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, then the electorate will turn to unrespectable ones…

    You want to talk about immigration? Whoa, racist! Crime? Racist! Welfare? Racist! Islam? Racistracistdoubleracist!!! Nya-nya, can’t hear you with my two anti-racist thumbs in my ears! …

    Things are not going to get any prettier in the next European electoral cycle. Aside from professions of “horror” at the success of the neo-nationalists, there is now talk of shutting down these parties by using the legal system (as was done in Belgium) or by denying them the public funding to which their share of the vote entitles them. Subverting democracy to suppress neo-nationalism doesn’t seem a smart move. But then if the political class were that smart it wouldn’t be in this situation. The problem in Europe is not a lunatic fringe but a lunatic mainstream ever more estranged from its voters.

  4. OzPatriot says

    It will be very interesting to see how Front National do in the coming elections.

    France is in dire need of change and Marine, with the help of her father, should fare well.

  5. Unfortunately there is NO difference between our major parties. Until a NEW party made up of True Patriotic Australians gets in power NOTHING will change. how about we send the "Boat People"/ Criminals Straight back to their country of origin NOT to a processing center. tear up the UN treaty on refugee's. it has got to the stage in regional Australia that these Illegals are getting preference over Australian's for jobs and Housing (Private and Public – i have seen this first hand). i am ALSO a believer that State and Territory governments are a waste of tax payer money. one more thing STOP selling our country to overseas MultiNationals and Governments

    • Michael R says

      While I agree that us white folks are deservedly treated like nobodies until we have our own identity-conscious party like the APP in power, I can't agree with dissolving state governments. Power generally should be as local as possible to prevent it's misuse. The shambolic NSW Govt is due to the corrosion of diversity i.e. diversity scatters all the good people, who can't stomach it, and just leaves the opportunistic career politicians.

  6. About time Europe woke up to the madness of " Multiculturalism "

    Australia being 10 years behind will eventually wake up to the fact multiculturalism in its current form, selecting third world immigrants and unskilled refugees to populate Australia is committing cultural suicide.

    Previous immigrants such as Italians , Greeks,Asians , have assimilated into Australian society and contribute to the wealth of our country by gaining employment and providing much needed skills.For that I am sure most Australians are truly appreciative.

    However the current wave of immigrants being legal , illegal and refugees unfortunately do not fall into the fore mentioned category. Instead decide to non conform , isolate themselves in ethnic enclaves while mainly welfare dependant and unskilled with little English language skills and no attempt to learn.Meanwhile a vast majority are practising a foreign religion known as Islam which further discriminates one from main stream society.

    One has to question the rational behind allowing a large influx of clearly unsuitable peoples into a majority Western society.

    Clearly the article I am commenting on is a result of the majority of nations that have undergone a large influx of third worlders have decided to say " enough is enough" The question is will Australia say the same before its too late?

    Sadly if Labor remain in power the answer will be " its already too late "

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