The Case of the White Horse, and other niceties…

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Years ago when I was studying in South Korea, a Korean told me about the latest headlines in the national newspapers. They read something like this, “The Case of the White Horse”: The article was in regards to an autobiography of Jan Ruff-O’Herne, an elderly Australian lady of Dutch heritage, and her experiences as a comfort woman for Japanese officers in what was then known as the Dutch East Indies during the Second World War.

Her autobiography shocked the Western World as very little was known about the ‘Comfort Women’ and how scores of young women across Asia had been forced into sexual slavery for the gratification of Japan’s army. As a young white woman, Jan Ruff-O’Herne was handed over to Japanese officers for their exclusive use.

As a colony of Japan, Korea was the first nation to have its women forced into sexual servitude by the Japanese. Some of the women were 12 and 13 year old girls who had been forcibly removed from their school classes in the middle of the day. As the Japanese Imperial Army swept through Asia, they continued to press gang more young women into their ‘brothels’. Conditions were dismal and the suffering immense.

The attention Jan Ruff-O’Herne’s autobiography received internationally infuriated the Koreans, as they had for, I suspect, many years attempted to get any international recognition for the Korean Comfort Women. To them, all it took was for a white woman to finally put her hand up and admit that it had happened to her, and suddenly the Western World was listening. So the media coined the phrase ‘The Case of the White Horse’. White horse (Paek-Mal) is a derogatory term for white women in Korean.

So that headline blew my bubble. Asians could be racist and openly denigrate women.

Some years later I moved to Sydney and was at an Afghani friend’s university share house for a party. I was talking to some of his Pakistani friends whom I’d just met, when they suddenly got up and just walked away. I asked my friend what the problem was. He explained (in a nutshell) that they hated Australian women and that they didn’t believe in multiculturalism but supported it because it was the only way to force racist Australians to let them in this country. They weren’t here to become Australian and were only here to live in an affluent country which had more opportunities than their homeland, Pakistan.

So that answer burst my bubble! Ethnic minorities hated multiculturalism and had a racist hatred of white women.

Roll on a few years from that; I had just sat down at a Korean restaurant, that a Korean friend has invited me to, when the Korean waitress rushed over and spoke to him in a hushed tone. I had to ask for clarification, as my Korean was never very good, but I felt I mustn’t have heard what she said correctly. He translated it for me, as a matter of fact, explaining that she told him at their restaurant foreigners were unwelcome and asked him not to bring any more foreigners. But not to worry, now I was there, they would let me stay. So I had understood after all!

So, another bubble burst. People were immigrating to Australia who wanted nothing to do with the mainstream population.

Over the past few weeks the controlled media has published many articles about the benefits of multiculturalism and racism in the mainstream population. Very little media attention is focused on:

1) Whether ethnic minorities themselves believe in multiculturalism, or accept it because it allows them to immigrate to a more affluent country and retain their cultural heritage and strong connections to their homeland.

2) Racist attitudes immigrants bring with them.

3) Whether immigrants are coming to Australia because they want to be part of the Australian nation and dedicate their loyalty toward it, or if they are actually settling in Australia and making inroads for their ethnic group to achieve power so they gain leverage that would ultimately benefit the agenda of their homeland.

The benefits of multiculturalism are touted repeatedly. Little debate is held about the downfall of multiculturalism. The mainstream population is considered intolerant, racist and bigoted if they hold an aversion to accepting multiculturalism because they believe it may be harmful to Australia as a whole.

The ethnic population may be positive about multiculturalism because it benefits their communities, but that doesn’t mean they are believers and hold the standards that the mainstream Australian population is expected to uphold. We wouldn’t know, because we don’t speak their languages, or are able to read their newspapers, or be privy to their conversations, or know what is said in their mosques.

Once with my Afghani friend I sycophantically chirped something nice about multiculturalism or diversity, and he turned around and snapped at me:

Don’t be so F*&^%$G! naive!!

Contributed by an APP supporter.


  1. Michael R says

    "Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power. When you see large masses of men swayed by what appear to be noble motives, it is as well to look below the surface and ask yourself what it is that makes these motives effective." — Bertrand Russell

    The few true-believers in diversity think they're building a utopia, but in reality they're just appeasing the self-interest of immigrants who want more of their own kind here.

    "Always back the horse named self-interest, son. It'll be the only one trying." — Jack Lang

    We should not be surprised when immigrants act in an ethnocentric nature – it's only natural. But it does mean that inviting large numbers of foreigners here is sheer madness.

  2. This article just ventilates what is commonly known, that racism isn't a one way street as often reported in the media filled with left wing bleeding hearts.

  3. John Stoker says

    I returned to Australia 9 years ago after 20 years in USA. I have lived in the racist divide and associated tensions in the USA and its worsening dilution of the USA by illegal invaders from Mexico. The country is becoming less and less anyone's but everybody's and its going down the drain.

    What a crying shame to find propaganda about multiculturalism being shoved down this nation's throat even more severely than Al Grasby's pantomime term. The entrenched mini foreign nations transforming suburbs of Melbourne where I now am a foreigner.

    Bloody two faced politicians and nefarious agenda agents dismantle Australia by erosion of its Anglo-Saxon backbone and use political correctness to numb opposition .

    The frustration of multiculturalism is being heard more often. I hope frequent and loud enough to reclaim our country

  4. Len Davis says

    Wow, what a story. If only the left wing politicians could read that. It may open their eyes.

    If multiculturism is so great for Australia, why do they have to sell it and create organisations to promote it.

    We all understand the necessity to open our borders to other countries, after all we don't want to be seen as a racist nation by other nations. However the volume of third world migrants into our Australian communities has exploded under Rudd/Gillard. Our communities are changing under this government – "Cry the Beloved Country."

    I for one don't want to live in an Indian or a Muslim community, I am Australian and want to live in an Australian community.

    For me, as someone who grew up in Britain in the 50s and 60s, it creates a terrible DeJaVu of the ethnic problems that Britain had then and still experiences today – far worse these days.

    If only the Labor government would learn from others mistakes.

    It is a law of nature that people want to live with their own kind. This government thinks they can control natural laws. Tolerance only goes so far!!!

    Racism is not bad, it is in all of us and we have to live with our emotions. Some feel it more than others. Only the government has tainted the word with negativity.

    • Nick Folkes says

      Len, unfortunately the current politicians whether they be left or right are both progressive (regressive) and will never open their eyes to the truth.

      Treason runs deep like a mighty river through this nation. Since Gough Whitlam our nation has suffered greatly due to treasonous, inept and cowardice Government.

      The writer of this article is spot on. Not only does racism go both ways but the vast majority is directed towards white Australians.

  5. Gareth Connors says

    You my friend have said it all. This is the best first party synopsis that I have encountered. It sums up the core issue of multiculti(MC) being a one way blind ally.

    When I think of my 30 plus years in various state Australian public service positions having to sign up that I agreed with the governments position on MC and Equal employment crap in order to gain a promotion or advance within the system I feel like vomiting. Had I not acknowledged this I would have got nowhere. So I applied my own version of ;kitman'.

    So for what it is worth NO! I did not agree with the governments statement on MC etc, I lied. For me lying is not easy, that is why I am telling the truth now.

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