African violence continues on our streets

Recent incidents of violence from groups of black Africans has once again brought to the fore the ongoing nature of the violence problem within black African groups.

In Ringwood, a suburb east of Melbourne, there was a group brawl involving about 20 males, many of whom were black Africans. It was reported that “Three men were hospitalised … a caucasian male and two were of African descent” (April 2011).

At an after-party following the April 2011 “Miss South Sudan Australia beauty pageant” two men were injured, including one who had been attacked with a machete, in an attack involving about 15 males or more. The police have also admitted that there was also an affray at the previous year’s Sudanese beauty pageant at the same venue.

Yet another brawl took place in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west, where up to 100 Africans were fighting, apparently divided between two groups. When the police responded to the incident, both groups turned on the police and attacked them, with two policemen being injured (April 2011).

There was also major trouble after the 2010 Sudanese beauty pageant held in Adelaide last year, with about 100 Africans involved in a street battle, with machetes used and four people stabbed.

Such incidents are only the tip of the iceberg, with many acts of violence by black Africans in Australia having taken place. A similar situation with black African violence exists in the USA, the UK, and other countries.

Kevin Andrews, when minister for immigration for the Howard government, announced that immigration of African refugees would be limited, following problems from within those groups.

But the apologists for multiculturalism have either been trying to cover up the truth or attempting to blame the problem on someone else.

Christine Nixon, when Police Commissioner for Victoria, claimed that “Sudanese refugees are actually under-represented in the crime statistics” when the truth was, as revealed by Andrew Bolt, that “her private data showed Sudanese were four times more likely to be charged with crimes”.

Dr. Berhan Ahmed, Chairperson of the African Think Tank, says that the problem is racism.

But perhaps the best comment of all comes from Peter Run, an academic at the University of Queensland, who claims that police racism is the problem; he tells us, from his ivory tower, “If the courts fail to hold the police to account, Sudanese youth will have no choice but to assume Victoria Police is a continuing threat to them and a legitimate target – consequences notwithstanding”. The police to be considered a “legitimate target”? Really? Maybe a more legitimate target would be the black African thugs who are committing violence on our streets. Surely, the criminals should be the target of choice here?

Another tactic of the multiculturalists is to use the multiculturalism thought police to attack anyone who talks about the truth of black African immigration and violence. The Human Rights Commission is a politically multiculturalist organization, one that is known for being racist against white Australians, just another part of the neo-fascist ideology that is multiculturalism.

Andrew Bolt has published a list of some of the violent incidents perpetrated by black Africans in Australia, but the multiculturalists don’t seem to care who gets hurt in their ongoing quest for an Australia colonised by Third World populations.

There are major problems with black African immigration. Whilst this does not mean that all Africans are violent, reports certainly show that there is a much higher rate of criminal violence coming from certain groups. Whether the cause is cultural, genetic, the result of coming from a strife-torn homeland, or a combination of those, does not change the fact of what is happening, and that Australians will suffer because of it. Add to this the social destruction and displacement accompanying Third World immigration into Australia and we end up with problems all around.

The obvious choice is to halt African immigration now, for all our sakes.

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  1. Ian Mack says

    There is no mandate for excessive immigration. The word is never mentioned during elections and Australians never agreed to import muslims or africans. We have been betrayed by politicians as usual.

    Werribee and Melton are among the biggest african ghettoes in Victoria.

    Australia has been changed forever by the bleeding-hearts and softies.

  2. some of the debate I am reading is pure idiocy… people using "white mans invasion of Australia" as an excuse for now flooding the country with sudanese is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. We all know what happened all thoes years ago, but I'll have you also know that all great countries were made by conquest and unfortunately, genocide… america was, Australia was, england was… its the way things were in thoes times, not fun or pretty… just facts, however, what has Australia gained from what happened??? well… everything! say what you will about white people, but Australia would not be ANYTHING without us, it would be a circle of aboriginals around a fire talking about how the trees are there cousins… that would be Australia… how Africans can come here and have the nerve to act like this isnt OUR country and like they have more right to it then we do is just ABSURD! everything they came to the country for, we made.. they wouldnt have come to Australia if it was left to aboriginal "rule" (if you want to call it that even)… as they would be NO BETTER OFF FOR IT!!!!… so what do we get from these Sudanese immigrants? we get ridiculously high amounts of crime, murders, rape… the statistics are 1 in 16 sudanese immigrants commit 1 crime every 3 months… if you cancel out women for the most part, childtren and the elderly, how many is that? maybe 1 in 4 or so? 1 in 4 young sudanese men commiting a serious crime every 3 months???? that is UNBELIEVABLE… and because 200 years ago convicts were settled here, who didnt want to be here and were sent here by "the powers that be" in england, we are meant to put up with it, and every peice of damnation presented to us by the immigrants we are kind enough to take in, and deal with with OUR economy, OUR housing, OUR welfare systems? created by the progeny of thoes "horrible white people who came here on boats"… SORRY.. I DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!

    • Coudnt agree more man. Those deplorable ‘boat people’ (actually they were on sophisticated long haul ships which were way ahead of their time, but anyway) built this country that are now accepting these people, who are apparently in need of help. If they dont respect us, and plan to reap whatever they can without offering anything in return, these people should be sent back to their country of origin. Black, yellow, brown, whatever they are, lets ignore the neo fascist left wing extremists, who dictate from afar, and halt african immigration from sudan. What are we going to achieve by flooding the country with 3rd world desperados?

  3. Shane Pike says

    The "State Of Origin" says it all. It's no longer Queenslanders against New South Welshpersons, it's now Tonga Vs Samoa. And damn don't the Tongans & Samoans get angry when they hear this (they are fully aware of the growing resistance to non-Australians being involved in that particular game).

    The grubs who fund football games are only interested in money anyway (all spectator sports main function is to sell products, mainly alcohol).

    I never used to be racist but I now find myself being suspect of people of certain races & one religion, islam (of course, not liking a religion is not racist as many races are involved in the crock of **** that is islam). I am religionist & proud of it. All religions are nothing more than myths & fables.

    That most humans are still religious, shows just how uncivilised our species still is.

    The bottom line is, that we have been importing low quality immigrants for the past 20 years & now that is coming back & biting us on the ass.

    Some "cultures" are simply not compatible with "civilisation" at all. We all know that islam is not compatible but neither are Africans.

    You can't take a wild beast from the it's feral homeland & expect it to behave when they get here.

    It doesn't take a lot of brains at all to realise that muslims (and other assorted ***) just don't belong here.

    We as a nation (by we, I mean those born here or who have been in Australia for most of their lives. Nobody outside of these parameters, can validly call themselves "Australian"), are only just starting to wake up to ourselves. Many now, are just starting to realise that religion is pretend, like superman. Now we are importing way over the top religious idiots into Australia.

    The central theme that all casts of islam unite on, is the idea off the "infidel" (us). The infidel is the universes lowest form of life. According to islam, the infidel is lower than even pond scum.

    And that's a FACT!!!

    Those responsible for allowing muslims into Australia are guilty of treason

  4. Given the Police crack down on alcohol fueled violence on Australians streets there seem to be quite a lot more Caucasians than Africans responsible for violence.

    Once you move away from promotion of common values ie Democracy, maximum relative independence of other, equality for women etc and you concentrate on skin type you have lost any semblance of credibility. The reason being do a DNA check and you will very quickly find in terms of time you are not that far removed from those you hold in contempt.

    The fact is I found I was pretty much related to opposite sides of every major conflict within Britain, Ireland, Scotland and the European mainland for the last couple of centuries. Which means what? It means life and death issues you relate to skin type are meaningless rather it’s the common core values we each hold dear which makes for a harmonious society not matter were you are from.

    Take the current President of the United States for example – could be if your Irish your related to him.

    Concentrate on common values and purpose which promote community welfare otherwise you are and always will be a crackpot fringe group.

    It’s a common text which counts not a common skin.

    • I think the point being made is that there is no 'common text'. And the root cause of this lack of common text is cultural heritage. You are proposing that the people with violent cultural backgrounds forgo their heritage and adhere to the EUROPEAN common text of a civilised society. To suggest that when they cannot or choose not to, that it's not their fault or the host country's problem, is ridiculous, short sighted and dangerous. So you tell me what a Somalian man aged 20 has as his cultural background and belief system? Violence? Intimidation? No sense of equality? Brutality? No respect for property or Government, as he's lived in a country without one? No education or understanding of things like justice, history etc. You tell us what you think he knows and cares about? Harrowing accounts are surfacing of young Australian men attacked by African immigrants. The theme being said outright by the men during the attack 'Australia is African now' and that Australian's have no rights except to submit to African culture and it's violent demands. Australian ownership will be on THEIR terms, THEIR common text as you call it and the European philosophies will be exterminated. By assuming they will relinquish primitive/violent background upbringings in favour of Western ideals of tolerance and peace, you are showing yourself both ignorant and racist. Genuine migrants might embrace the change, but how do you tell who is genuine? How do you decide this? When you travel, do you stop being Australian? No-one can leave their background behind, and you make a huge assumption that they want to.

      • Thanks for replying

        Western ideals of tolerance and peace,


        ignorant and racist.

        Mmm Interesting definition the trouble is here we have terms such as civilised tolerance peace which you have determined as somehow totally incompatible from my own view point which you have assumed includes all which underlies the Secular & Christian derived Europeans ethics – you may be right but given you have not defined either what tolerance and peace means Western or Non-Western I cannot really comment.

        I may have incorrectly interpreted your text but are you suggesting retention of communities

        violent cultural backgrounds

        just for the sake of heritage. This looks like a better definition.

        You are proposing that the people with violent cultural backgrounds forgo their heritage and adhere to the EUROPEAN common text of a civilised society.

        Fact is the European Christian based common text produced the Norwegian counter-terror so I am not sure when push comes to shove as we see from History the underlying notions regards Other really in the end are any different for European culture than

        the people with violent cultural backgrounds.

        Fact is I do believe where heritage informs violence or subjugation of Other – untouchables, and women in particular I certainly would strive to have such heritage diminished. Positive heritage I am all for it – aren’t you?

        Humanity has just witnessed a man pull his eyes out in a church in Italy because the Christian foundation text said

        do it

        . You see I am simply fed up with enabling the idea of cultural relativism where everything is acceptable which clearly continues to cause terror and such insanity – the fact is the idea of enabling conflicting cultural ethics in the same space is impossible as history clearly shows – Byzantine period is a nice example. To put it simply you ask someone into your house, which is in essence your country, is it not appropriate the one who owns the house determines the ethics, the limits of behavior which will be acceptable? What happens when this does not happen? Slavery in the United States ring any bells.

        Yes civilized society can mean many different things we see it at its extremes depending on where you stand with the Taliban?

        Unless a society can agree on what civilised is there will be violent schism – it is that simple.

        You tell us what you think he knows and cares about?

        I am concerned about the source of violence against Other, African, Norwegian, French, Neanderthal, Australian, etc so terrorists and violent thugs compose poetry and invent the wheel, aspire to build a three bedroom house on 1 acre block three children and a dog – am I or anyone else to excuse their acts because they have more than two neurons to rub together and they bleed?

        The whole point is to enable the latter the dreams not the nightmares.

        The fact is I am from your definition racist and bigoted against everyone who participates in terror – it is rather presumptive of you to assume by raising one group I should not hold the Other equally responsible – it is the same Old story they do it worse – frankly it is sickening and continues to be used to grotesquely define certain terror as


        and therefore other Terror is somehow acceptable and reactionary to the fact someone simply disagrees with it.

        You have a right to be upset and who knows you may be right about everything for I am not certain of anything.

        I simply observe humanity continues to suffer from terror be it secular religious or a combination of both and trying in my own way to provide insight as to why and suggest how to stop it. I do not have all the answers or possibly any of them.

        If what I am saying is racist and bigoted so be it. Compared to the multitude of broken bodies and dreams with the unfathomable grief which goes with it, such taunts are really meaningless.

        The fact is you cannot trust those who come into your house to keep to their promise of peace – you have to read the text and see in fact how it has played out elsewhere and take appropriate action – that for me is not happening now – I have read the text I have seen the results – which reoccur everyday as they have since the seventh century and now we have the inevitable reawakening of counter-terror as both sides vie for secular power.

        But the fact is we all have problems with our foundation text regards Other and unless we get together and get rid of the text enabling violence against Other nothing will change.

        First step is getting people to face the fact it is the cause.

        The Simple Answer to Ending the Terror – Plato Knew it years Ago Why have we not Understood?

  5. The financial cost of importing uneducated diseased violent Black Africans needs to be considered.

    How many are still unemployed or in fact unemployable after several years on welfare.

    Statistic prove over 70% are still unemployed after being in Australia for more than five years!

    You cannot count making children for the " baby bonus " a job!

  6. The ruling class only think about making money right now from cheap labour.Any person that is hurt or killed by third world thugs is just swept under the carpet.They only think about the short term.

  7. mike monroe says

    It will be the Africans and Muslims that will destroy us, as they have done with all other western countries they have invaded.

    I've been attacked twice now by African gangs, I was told; "This is OUR country now white boy"

    Even some of the Abos at work know the country is in trouble. They call the Africans 'invaders'.

    I wonder if JM thinks my Aboriginal co-workers are racist for thinking and saying thus?

    • Wow-Aboriginal people thinking Africans as invaders. Mike-you do realise that Aboriginal groups have called white people invaders as well, don't you? There's a celebration called "Invasion Day"-where Aborigines celebrating ongoing survival despite the European invasion-heard of that at all?

      By the way, have you told your Aboriginal co-workers that you want Australia to be a white only country? Have you told them what you intend to have done to the Aboriginal co-workers to make this happen?

      • mike monroe says

        I never said at anytime I support a white only Australia and I have never said at anytime to displace Aboriginals.

        You are putting up lies to cover the fact that Aboriginies don't want Africans in their country either.

        Please, if you can't hold down a sensible discussion without race baiting don't reply to my comments as I just can't be bothered to reply to your traitorous, revolting, vomitious idiocy anymore.

        And as I said, you're ,more than welcome to discuss this with my Aboriginal co-workers who I'm sure, would show you exactly what they think of traitors like you who seem to want to flood Australia, which you claim is their country (have any of you socialist's ever asked them if they wanted this Tusnami? No I bet you haven't)with these 3rd world, incompatible, voilent, racist savages.

        • mike monroe says

          I've also noticed to refuse to acknowledge my own voilent bashings by these Africans, how typical of your kind.

          Maybe one day you too will be on the receiving end…

      • Nick Folkes says

        JM, you don't get out much. In your primitive little brain Australian aborigines don't consider black Africans as "Invaders" but "whites" are?

        Pls. supply your address so I am able to send the golden drongo award to you. Black Africans, muslims and asians in general are invaders who are given preferential treatment while culturally similar whites are denied visas and citizenship – that's discrimantion.

      • JM, let me say it for you then you tosspot. This is not a debate about Aboriginies, Kooris or Nyungars, this is a debate regarding Australians allowing people that WE deem suitable to share our country. Why dosnt the gutless government and babbling liberal opposition hold a referendum on who WE allow into this country and hold our parliement to the result of that referendum. I for one would never vote to allow these scumbag, welfare reliant f***ers suck from the money tit of OUR overtaxed system a moment longer. Banish them back to the deserts and jungles they crawled out of and let them fight to make their own s***hole countries livable instead of illegaly landing in this country and doing their best to 'f*** ol whitey over'. I for one am sick to death of the bleeding heart liberals of this country telling the MAJORITY of us that multiculturalism works, bulls***, it dosnt work here and it dosnt work in ANY OTHER country it has been attempted in. If i am wrong on this point then please enlighten me as to where in the world it works! Do some bona fide research on the subject starting with the problems the Nordic countries are having and how their welfare systems are being exhausted by the cash sucking muslim s they mistakenly allowed into their countries. Here is a good starting point you uninformed ********, type the words Sweden Muslim and Welfare into your under utilised computer and start learning of the violence, criminal activity and drain on our welfare systems these knuckle scraping tree swinging trogolodytes will bring to the country i once enjoyed and loved living in.

  8. Soothsayer says

    The term racism is losing its meaning. I grew up in a place where racism was actually a problem and when people started to take racism seriously it was a relief.

    Now racism is a tool used by people, especially those who have just arrived in Australia, to explain away their bad behaviour.

    Some years ago I planned to attend a rally to protest against racism against the African community in Brisbane. The meeting time was 11am. A few white people had met at the meeting point before 11am. Just after 11am an African man arrives to explain that he had organised the rally in a hurry and that there was something called 'African Time', which meant that noone was going to arrive at 11am for the rally and asked us to be patient and understanding. I went away for a while (forty minutes to an hour). When I passed the meeting point only a handful of African people had arrived.

    I was left with the impression that racism isn't actually a problem in Brisbane for the African community. If anything some African activist was using it to organise some pointless rally and wasting the time of the whites he'd mislead.

    Some of these people need to ask themselves if their own behaviour, attitudes and habits are getting a negative reaction from the mainstream community for good reasons, rather than accusing everyone of being racist.

    That rally left me feeling negative because I'd been asked to support a community and was expected to hang around for hours until they showed up so the rally could start. The expectation was that I was suppose to be 'tolerant' of African time, and not the Africans realise that they being rude by wasting the time of their supporters. But by feeling put out and offended, I am being intolerant and hence racist.

  9. No-irrationality says

    Australia has the highest cancer rate in the world. This is suffered by white people, not black people. Geographically and evolutionarily speaking, if anyone doesn't belong in Australia, it's WHITE people.

    If immigrants should adapt to the customs of the country they are immigrating to then WHITE people should have adapted to INDIGENOUS culture.

    If boat people should be denied entry to Australia and sent back to their respective war torn homes, then WHITE people, who originally arrived in Australia by BOAT(and not just early settlement – arrival in Australia by boat was still common 50-60 years ago), then WHITE people should be sent back to Europe, especially those who arrived escaping WWII. MOST 'Australians' are either descended from people who arrived by boats, descended from migrant parents or grandparents, or are migrants themselves.

    BUT, I'm not an irrational, blind bigot, I understand that it is far more complex than that, and your own policies would not be entirely fair if applied even to your own 'race'. We live in a globalised world – if you import oil from Nigeria that causes local conflict, participate in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and feed off the poverty-waged labour of Asians, you can't then expect no repercussions. Of course those people will want to leave those areas, if anything, Australia has a responsibility since it is part of the cause of migration. Australia is benefiting from the miserable conditions in those countries.

    • mike monroe says

      Actually i'd love to live in Europe, the home of my ancestors, but unfortuneatly thanks to people like you, Europe will be a muslim state within 20-30 years so not a viable option. Perhaps you should re-locate to Africa and see how well you are treated over there. In the meantime, your racist comments would be best served on the Greens or Labor websites.

    • Wow! I give you a big " yawn " for your rebuttal.

      What are you, a bleeding heart leftist who is hell bent on the destruction of Australia by third world immigration or a recently arrived third world refugee yourself who thinks we sat on our buts and Australia build itself to where it is now?.

      Actually looking at your anti white racist statements I can easily conclude you are not white and more than likely an ungrateful African refugee yourself.Listen here , if it wasn't for whites creating the welfare system Black Africans wouldn't want to come here as Australia would be as disadvantaged as Africa is!. Think about that.

      What the hell has skin cancer to do with African violence?

      Your reasoning is totally flawed and irrational.

    • Nick Folkes says

      Irrational Racist,

      What indigenous culture should white people have adapted to? The reason why blacks, asians and most people in the world have adapted to Western culture is simply because it is a better existence. You are free to leave the conveniences and modern inventions of society and collect berries off the jungle floor.

      The Anglo-Celts and Continental Europeans built this nation and now the third world masses are destroying it. Why aren't the whites emigrating to non-white nations?

      "BUT, I’m not an irrational, blind bigot", actually you are! You are the same sort of idiot who declares himself, 'I'm not a racist but' which means in reality you are a racist. You are the worst sort of racist.

      It seems your low IQ has affected your judgment and observation. Australia is giving much more to the third world than it receives in benefits. The "globalised world" is destroying humanity and making us all poorer.

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