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  1. Crusader Gary says

    The poor diggers must be turning in their graves. They would cry out. This is not the Australia we gave our lives for.
    They were fighting for a monoculture of one nation one people one destiny.
    Not a multicultural mix of home invasions,drive by shootings, ethnic gangs raping our women folk,
    Asian crime gangs, middle eastern crime gangs,
    African crime gangs,
    The bed bugs in parliament tell us that multiculturalism is working. Try telling that to our people who live in this mess of multiculturalism, it is noting more than apartheid.
    The old folk and our women walk the streets in fear of being raped or robbed and when the police try to investigate such criminal acts,a wall of silence is applied.
    Yes we are in a sorry mess.So what can we do about it?
    We can do what our fathers and grandfathers did.

    We to must fight NOT with violence or breaking the law.
    But by talking to friends workmates people who are feed up and there's a lot of them,by joining a group
    a political party (such as ours)standing up and voicing your outrage at meetings.

    You must stand with your ancestors and join the struggle because if you do nothing they win.

  2. James Gordon says

    The Need to withdraw from anachronistic treaties

    At the heart of the mass migration of millions of people from the Third World to Western Europe, North America and Australia which is costing these countries billions of dollars each year and fraying social in-cohesion are UN Treaties which are anachronistic relics of the post WWII period and Cold War when people were fleeing the Iron Curtain.

    Collective guilt felt for the plight of European Jews who perished, in many cases, because they could not obtain sanctuary in second countries resulted in the drafting of Treaties to protect Refugees and Stateless Persons after the formation of the United Nations in 1945. The Treaties placed strict obligations on signatory nations such as Australia to safely return or resettle claimants, amendments over the succeeding years blurred the definition of a Refugee/Asylum Seeker and made it almost impossible for countries who signed the Treaties to deport claimants even if they had terrorist affiliations or had committed crimes in host nations.

    A list of Treaties Australia Signed between 1946 and 1967

    1. Constitution of the International Refugee Organization. New York, 15 December 1946 – Constitution of the International Refugee Organization.

    2. Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Geneva, 28 July 1951 – Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

    3. Convention relating to the status of Stateless Persons. New York, 28 September 1954 – Convention relating to the status of Stateless Persons.

    4. Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. New York, 30 August 1961 – Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.

    5. Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees. New York, 31 January 1967

    Treaties which were created in the wake of WWII to protect people fleeing the Soviet Union are now serving to undermine the future of signatory states, illegal migration has become a sophisticated multi billion dollar industry and those enriched by it know how to play the system for all it’s worth. Those seeking to escape third world poverty and find a better life in Western countries with generous social welfare support systems pay people smugglers a considerable sum of money to aid them in doing so, they are given a thorough briefing on what to say and do when they make it through to comply with a desired countries Treaty obligations. They are also provided with information and procedures to bring their family members waiting back in the old country out to join them after they are granted asylum, under family reunification provisions in Treaties.

    They are also instructed by people smugglers that as a last resort they can claim protection under other international human rights instruments Australia has signed, for example, the Convention Against Torture and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. If they claim they fear being arrested, tortured or killed for their political or religious reasons if they are forced to return home Australia has an obligation to protect them whether or not they fit the formal definition of a refugee as defined in the 1951 Refugee Convention. The International Court will override any attempt to deport them, by signing these covenants we surrendered our rights to decide who can stay or must go.

    Exemplified by the plight of the British Government to deport asylum seeker Abu Hamza al-Masri, an Egyptian Muslim cleric and terrorist, every attempt by the UK Government to deport him has been foiled by the International/European Court who accept his claim under said Covenant(s) that he would likely be arrested and face punishment for his terrorist actions if returned to his homeland Egypt and overrides his deportation orders. Abu Hamza al-Masri continues to advocate the destruction of Western democracies, praise terrorists and incite jihad against England. The TaxPayers' Alliance (UK) estimates the father of eight has so far cost the British taxpayer £2.75 million in welfare payments, council housing, NHS, prison bills, trials and legal appeals.

    The illegal immigrants efforts are often aided by ethnic pressure groups and numerous Non Government Organizations which have popped up around the world to further their own interests, cash in or promote a borderless one world socialist utopia. Funded by shady foreign groups, leftwing orgnizations and wasteful government community grants they provide considerable legal resources to claimants to play the system and make it near impossible for governments to weed the genuine asylum seeker from the economic refugee.

    Australia like all Western countries needs to withdraw or demand reforms of these moribund United Nations Treaties and Covenants as a matter of national security, they no longer serve the noble aims they were drafted and are being exploited by foreign criminal syndicates and people who are clearly economic opportunists, people with often shady pasts and no job skills who would not allowed to settle in Australia if they tried to come through the front door. People who have passed through numerous countries before arriving in Australia but have not sought asylum protections in them because they do not have the generous welfare state benefits we do. In a world where an estimated 35,000.000 people are at present considered displaced or mobile, looking for new countries to live in and come from impoverished war-torn nations lorded over by dictators (political, military or religious) of one sort or another most fit the UN’s definition of a refugee or stateless person and they cannot all settle in the West without turning it into a third world zone.

    All Treaties and Covenants have provisions for signatories to withdraw from them and it’s in the interests of all Western nations to do so if they are not modernized to reflect current realities; that is not to say we should turn our backs on those who legitimately seek our help but every nation should have the right to decide who they allow in on a case by case basis and not be forced by foreign bodies to accept everyone who sneaks across the boarder with a good sob story.

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