How to stop the boats

The sole decision in the Federal Government’s treatment of unauthorised boat arrivals has been not to make a decision. The inaction of both the Rudd and Gillard governments in the boat arrival problem has been accompanied by media coverage which may only be described as naïve or supportive of the Federal Government’s neglect.

The effect of this combination of weak government and compliant media is to leave the population largely ignorant not only on how the people smuggling industry operates, but also to provide a veil of doubt as to what options the government has to deal with the problem.

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  1. They take advantage of our perceived softness / weakness, come here uninvited with a religion that will not integegrate, demand rights not available to the average Australian then vandalise and threaten us when they cannot get there way….all bets should be off, send every single one back first class on the next available flight to the country of their origin.

  2. Soothsayer says

    I actually admired John Howard for taking the stance he did, because it was a harsh one which got him a huge amount of criticism. That's what I expect in a leader. I don't want my leaders to be people pleasers at the expense of the Australian people.

    Once people are successful in getting asylum in Australia by coming via boat, the floodgates will open and we are going to get swamped by people from around the world. These numbers will only increase.

    It may be a small number of people coming in by boat, but you have to take into consideration all the relatives they are going to bring in once they are successful. One married male will bring in his wife and children which more than doubles how many people are coming in this way.

  3. When this government won the election in 2007, they had a nation with strong borders. The Howard government policies worked. Why would anyone want to change something which worked effectively and create this current problem? Now we have a burnt out detention centre in Villawood and one in very bad repair on Christmas Island. We don't even know what the cost will be to the taxpayer. Australians have been hijacked and taken for granted. Australia is one of the most generous nations on earth, with assistance to other nations and those seeking refuge and is not fair for the great, hard working people of Australia to be taken as fools by this government. It has happened far too many times.

    • I love what the immigration minister said, that after rioting and burning down the accomodation given them free of charge by the Australian government that it may affect their visa applications, not that they would be deported….weak!

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