Volunteers Needed on NSW State Election Day

This Saturday, 26th March 2011 NSW electors will go to the polls. Nicholas Folkes, Sydney organiser of APP is contesting the Inner West seat of Balmain as an Independent.

Nicholas stands for real issues not social engineering. He believes we need a strong community voice to represent the electorate of Balmain on the following policy issues. Abolish payroll tax, support the NSW coal industry (the state’s biggest export earner), oppose a carbon tax/ETS, stop funding the divisive official multicultural industry, no more lavish taxpayer funded pensions once a member of Parliament leaves office, support the NSW Police through extra funding and less government interference and rid the state of the burqa through legislation.

The people of NSW face a dangerous future if Labor is returned to power with Green party support. In Balmain there will be 8 candidates contesting the seat. There is a real danger that Jamie Parker of the Greens may win the seat, the first seat to go to the Greens in the Legislative Assembly. With your election support on the day I believe we can make a difference and hopefully deny the Greens the seat of Balmain

Over the past three weeks APP members and supporters have distributed over nearly 20,000 election flyers throughout the Balmain electorate. The overall response has been very positive from local residents.

There are 24 polling stations in the Balmain electorate so we need APP members and supporters to exercise their patriotism by volunteering at polling stations in the Balmain electorate this Saturday, 26th march 2011 by handing out how-to-vote cards. Hope to see you on Election Day.

Meet: In front of Rozelle Public School, 663 Darling Street, Rozelle

Time: 8am, Saturday, 26th March 2011

Contact: Nick Folkes on 0417-679972

Email: protectionist.nick.folkes@gmail.com

ABC Election Guide of Balmain candidates, follow link below.



  1. I wish this site would put up different videos for visitors to watch…there are plenty of anti-white racism videos to put up just from U-Tube alone, with different African and Muslim groups declaring extermination for whites.

    It would silence those that come on this site calling us racists.

  2. Good luck Nick.

    I was wondering, as there still seems so much support for Pauline Hanson, should she be invited to join the APP, she still atracts a lot of media attention.

  3. Unfortunately I cannot get to NSW tomorrow, but good luck, Nick!

  4. OzPatriot says

    Good on you, Nick!

    It's great to see that there is finally someone out there who wishes to tackle the real issues on behalf of our great nation.

    The Left are social and moral bankrupts!!

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