The Asianisation of our suburbs


There is an old Chinese proverb –


We can fool any foreigner

I live in Carlton in Sydney’s south, nestled between Kogarah and Hurstville. In the last month there has been great controversy out this way as reported in the local paper( The St.George and Sutherland Leader) with both articles and residents letters complaining at how Australia Day is being overshadowed and negated by council’s celebrations of Chinese New Year. (See Was Australia Day sidelined?

In Kogarah there is another, not entirely unrelated controversy going on. Kogarah council has not one but three sister cities in China – Shunde, Ma’anshan and Nanxiong.

Chinese government officials in Shunde are giving Kogarah council a statue of the kung fu actor Bruce Lee and they are insisting it be placed in a prominent public location; Kogarah council has decided, WITH NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION, to erect the statue in Kogarah town square. Many, many residents are against this and believe that an Australian identity, especially one with local significance should be erected instead; some of the suggestions being a statue of St George, as Kogarah is home to the St George Dragons, Don Bradman, Ken Rosewall, and even Clive James who is an old Kogarah boy.

Many residents, opposed to the placing of the statue in Kogarah town square have suggested that it should rather be placed outside one of the martial arts academies in Kogarah, but this is not good enough for the Chinese officials or Kogarah council.

There is a local lady, a true patriot, who has taken it on herself to take a petition against the Bruce Lee statue, and she has collected nearly 400 signatures so far..

The council is ignoring the opposition to the Bruce Lee statue and is instead groveling to the Chinese government. officials. The statue is due to be unveiled on Friday, 4th April at 5pm with officials from China in attendance, including the district governor of Shunde.

This will actually be the second Chinese cultural statue erected in Kogarah and there is a third on the way – officials from Ma’anshan presented an 800 kilogarm stainless steel statue of 8th century Chinese poet, Li Bai, to Kogarah council in 2009, which is now on display in the “Ma’anshan Friendship Park” at south Hurstville.

The mayor of Kogarah has stated that a third statue, this time from Nanxiong, would be given to the council. Of course none of Kogarah’s three sister cities in China are erecting statues of Australian cultural identities in their cities. It is all one way.

This nothing less than Chinese cultural imperialism.

The mayor of Kogarah is on public record as stating that “ Its about fostering business relationships between our community and theirs”. The business of local councils is the local community, not international trade relations. Of course fostering even more business relations with China means that Australia will be flooded with even more Chinese products, at the expense of local manufacturing and production and Australian jobs. The 2009 financial year alone saw 77,000 manufacturing workers lose their jobs in Australia.

It is well known that China is an unfair trading partner with Australia coming off second best in any trade deals. Kogarah council should be supporting local Australian products and jobs NOT those in communist China!

The deputy mayor of Kogarah is Annie Tang a member of the Unity Party. The Unity Party is dominated by Chinese and I believe that their real agenda is the gradual supplanting of Anglo-Australian cultural identity and the implementing of Chinese cultural hegemony.

Apart from the cultural and economic concerns involved in all of this there is also a moral aspect to all this as well.  According to a number of academics and human rights agencies there are over 1,000 ‘laogai’ forced labor camps across China.

According to a Human Rights Brief –

“Laogai, which translates from Mandarin to mean “reform through labor,” is the Chinese system of labor prison factories, detention centers, and re-education camps. Mao Zedong created the system in the early 1950s, modeling it after the Soviet Gulag, as a way to punish and reform criminals in a manner useful to the state, producing thought reform and economic gain. The Laogai system is still in place today and continues to deprive individuals of basic human rights. An individual’s mere association with groups unpopular with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) government can result in the individual being sent to a reform institution in the Laogai system, through a process that deprives the person of due process rights. Once inside the Laogai, prisoners are subject to cruel and degrading treatment and oftentimes torture. These human rights abuses violate both Chinese and international human rights norms.”

These ‘laogai’ camps what we would call concentration camps, similar to those in Nazi Germany!!

People can be sent to these concentration camps merely for their political or religious beliefs.

According to Amnesty International reports there are over –

500,000 people [are] currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances. Harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise, and censorship of the Internet and other media has grown.

Two of Kogarah’s sister cities in China , Shunde and Nanxiong, are in Guangdong province which has 68 laogai forced labor camps; Kogarah’s third sister city, Ma’anshan, is in Anhui province, which is home to 50 laogai forced labor camps.

List of labor Camps in Guangdong Province

Click to access guangdng.pdf

List of labor camps in Anhui Province

Click to access anhui.pdf

There is also the subject of Gendercide- or female infanticide.

Millions of females have gone missing in China; according to an article in The Economist last year, the number may be as high as 100 million.  The fact is China is still a one party communist dictatorship with massive human rights abuses.

Kogarah council should be supporting Australian culture and Australian products and they should be representing the constituents of the Kogarah electorate.

However, Kogarah council is hindering the democratic process- if you wish to address the council meetings you must register your name and details beforehand, you will be restricted to speaking for only 3 minutes, and after you have spoken to a council meeting you cannot address the council again for three months!

In a few more years Kogarah will not be recognizable as an Australian town anymore , it will be completely made over into a Chinese suburb and Australia Day will be a minor day celebrated by a minority of Anglo-Australians. Hurstville will be the same and god knows how many other towns in NSW will eventually follow suit. This is the reality of multiculturalism.

Is this the future of Australia that we want? Are we just going whinge and complain, but let it all happen anyway?

Join us to protest this anti-democratic, anti-Australian council!


  1. David Mason says

    Many Chinese ladies are marrying Aussie boys just to get a passport. After two years and the Chinese get permanent residency, they divorce the Australian man and then import the rest of the family on mass. In my opinion, if they get divorced and there are no children, the Chinese woman should be sent back to China.

  2. As one has said before…AUSTRAIAN TROUPS ARE NOTHING BUT CANNON FODDER…organised by the MAIN WORLD POWERS…after all…the weaker we are the easier it is for them to BUY AT A REDUCED PRICE

  3. Sad decent Aussie boys are dying in Afghanistan when…AUSTRALIA IS AT WAR ON OUR HOME GROUND!!!…We have been fighting a weaponless war for decades…basically since WW2 ended…So one day we will wake up and read in the News…THAT WE JUST LOST THE WAR…duhh…NOT ONE BULLET HAD TO BE FIRED…was all done behind our backs and while we slept…BUT ONE WONDERS HOW FLUSH THE MAIN 4 PARTY POLLIES END UP BEING FROM THE SALE/WAR…what a surprise…duhh

  4. For deacdes Asians have been infiltrating Australia…I WOULD BE FINE WITH THAT IF THEY ASSIMILATED…This story is just another example of…THEIR MAIN AIM WHICH IS TO ONE DAY…Just take over Australia in an opulent Sydney highrise with million dollar PLUS a year Lawyers to witness the signatures…OF AUSTRALIA BEING SOLD, ONCE & FOR ALL, TO CHINA & assorted other Asian conglomerates…at this stage…it's…THANKS LABOR/GAYREENS

  5. Reginald A. R. Alfre says

    I agree. Bruce Lee is NOT Australian. A statue of him should not be placed in a position belonging to Australian Heritage.

    This is another case of a different nationality forcing their culture on us.

    Bruce Lee is a Martial Arts devotee. His statue should be designated to a Martial Arts District preferably out in front of a Dojo or a Picture Theatre.


    My thoughts exactly. The obove link to an article is also informative

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