NSW state election campaign

Nicholas Folkes of the Australian Protectionist Party will be running as a candidate in the upcoming New South Wales state election in the electorate of Balmain. Mr. Folkes will be running on a platform that is in keeping with the direction of the policies of the APP.

All patriotic people, whether members of the APP or otherwise, are encouraged to get in touch with Nick Folkes to offer practical support, whether it be helping to leaflet the electorate, hand out how-to-vote cards, make donations, or to assist in some other way.

Nick Folkes can be contacted by email protectionist.nick.folkes@gmail.com or by phone 0417 679 972; or contact the state branch by email nsw.protectionist@gmail.com or by phone 0431 739 260.

See his website at http://www.nick-folkes.com

You can also donate to Nicks campaign at the Commonwealth Bank:

Commonwealth Bank

Name: Nicholas Hunter Folkes

BSB 062-009
Acc. no. 1059 5185


  1. TrueBlue says

    He believes everything that I pretty much believe- Multiculturalism, immigration and political correctness are destroying Australia, of course Australia is so f***ing 'political correct' you are already in the wrong just by mentioning it

    • mike monroe says

      I hope all concerned peoples commentating on this site are telling their friends and family about this party

  2. I am very curious as to why the wharfies are striking. To get a pay increase, they should actually considering working, which is quite foreign to the average wharfie. Maybe they could consider putting the coffee flask down for a while and actually load a few containers. This lot are paid better than anyone else in a labouring position and the funny thing is that they hardly do any labour. No wonder that Australia can't compete with its exports. The Chinese are loading twice as many containers per hour so our products are at an extra disadvantage on the international market. This is costing Australian business and government a fortune. It's Australians who ultimately suffer from strike action while international competitors once again get the upper hand, which you can't blame them for.

  3. I think that the Liberal National Party is the new "Workers Party". They are the only ones who are addressing the concerns of working families. They are the only ones who seem to think nationally, rather than being solely focused internationally.

  4. I think that there is only one problem with Labor governments. That problem is that they cannot be "Trusted". They have lost the "Trust" of the Australian people and it will be decades before they have the opportunity to gain back that trust. They inherited very few problems back in 2007 but they have created many.

    The Labor Party will now need to look forward to decades in opposition and they can't blame anyone outside their own party for their demise. It is all self inflicted. They simply treated the Australian people as fools. The Australian people are not fools.

  5. masealake says

    Why believe coalition economic plan works without revitalize agriculture and manufacture industries??

    Just listen how Barry O'Farrell convincing voters: "People are our asset. They are our greatest wealth and they should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams?" On the issue of economic management, Mr O'Farrell was asked what he thought was the state's greatest source of wealth, given NSW lacked a resources industry.

    Take a look below the link subject: “Time for Action” in “Healthy Active Life” program that convert Broken hill into a Healthy Las Vergas Broken Hill economy? Link with http://www.streetcorner.com.au/news/showPost.cfm?…
    … .

    When we look at what today’s shrinking industries, such of agriculture (34% of fruit and 19% of vegetables imported); manufacture (10.5% by 2005–6) destructed by John Howard’s coalition government.

    Masealake (Member of Inventor Association QLD)

  6. Sydney Centrist says

    Good luck in your election campaign Nick!! It's about time the ugly side of Labor-Greens was exposed for what it really is. I'm all for a fair go and am a bit socialist on some economic matters, but only for REAL Aussies. Shame on Kristina Kenneally for condemning Pauline Hanson's views.

    If you introduce a non-native species, it's considered a pest as it competes with native animals for food and destroys the precious ecosystem. Refugees, and culturally-heterogenous immigrants are pests. They must be removed from the UK, USA and Australia immediately!!

    • Sydney Centrist says

      Another classic Labor-Greens failure: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/asylum-seeke

      4 years ago, Australia had an effective border security system (involving offshore processing, temporary protection visas and mandatory detention for all arrivals, including women and children).

      This failure of Labor-Greens is just typical of their long term social agenda: to flood Australia with third world immigration in the name of anti-racism! Thank god these refugee vermon didn't escape on the mainland. Vote out Kristina Kenneally and send a warning to Gillard! Good luck for March 26th Nick!

  7. Michelle W says

    Best of luck

  8. Nick Folkes says

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive comments.

    I know times are tough for many but pls. don't forget to donate to my campaign. Donations are needed to print placards and colour HTV (How To Vote) cards.

    Donations are tax deductible. Account details can be found at http://www.nick-folkes.com

    Thank you to members and supporters who have offered their time to distribute flyers in the electorate of Balmain.

    Onwards and Upwards.

  9. Have a good look at this, London in the 1960's and London now.

    Signs of things to come here in Australia?

  10. Good luck!

    Australia has a chance to stop the multicult maddness before it takes root.

  11. I can't find my family, but Goollia has sent five million dollars so I guess everything is fine.

    Hope those Muslims kids enjoy their five hundred million dollars in Indonesia.

  12. Great news Nick and good luck it won't be easy and they will get voilent and nasty as true to the far left's vision of wiping out whites.

    I'm from Christchurch NZ and am appalled at the horrible comments comming from immigrants on the internet laughing at the 'Land of the WRONG WHITE CROWD" that's what the black Africans/Muslims and Indians think of whites.

  13. Great news Nick and good luck it won't be easy and they will get voilent and nasty as true to the far left's vision of wiping out whites.

    I'm from Christchurch NZ and am appalled at the horrible comments comming from immigrants on the internet laughing at the 'Land of the

  14. Good Luck Nick.

    Shame a lot of people around your way are so scared to say what they think & instead are so anti-discriminatory, that they are discriminatory in favour of the minority that the majority dislike.

    Come to Campbelltown, be as blatantly open as you like with Anti-Mosque & Anti-Immigration & watch the landslide of votes in your favour.

  15. Any area in Sydney you'll need extra luck I think…..BUT…..There are soooo many REAL AUSSIES who have been left without a voice for too long now…..Always remember Mr Folkes, if times get tough, YOU HAVE SUPPORTERS ALL OVER AUSTRALIA 🙂

  16. Mr Aussie Digger says

    To Nick,

    Good luck, safe campain, and our wishes from QLD are with you.

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