Celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day was established to celebrate the settlement of Australia by Europeans, as a commemoration of the day when Governor Arthur Phillip declared the founding of a colony at Sydney Cove on the 26th of January in 1788.

The anniversary of the day was later commemorated as Foundation Day or European Settlement Day, then later came to be celebrated nationally as Australia Day.

Nowadays, most Australians celebrate the day by getting together with family or friends for a barbeque or meal with a few drinks, and perhaps to attend one of the many public events arranged to celebrate the founding of our nation.

No matter how it is celebrated, Australia Day is an important commemoration of the foundation of our nation.

Some multiculturalist Australia-haters would like to get rid of the celebration of Australia Day and similarly get rid of the Australian flag – as they view both as pillars of an Australian ethos that celebrates our nation’s British-European heritage. There is a virulent strain of the multiculturalist ideology that seeks to disenfranchise white Australians of their Western heritage by attacking, by slandering, and by getting rid of the symbols and icons that promote that heritage – this is part of a wider ideological agenda that seeks to demonise, delegitimise, and disenfranchise the Australian people in pursuit of a multicultural future with a predominantly Third World population.

Multiculturalists dominate the teaching profession and misuse their positions to promote propaganda that denigrates and demonizes our Western heritage in general and our Australian heritage in particular, even to the extent of claiming that “Australia has no culture” – a lie that is a form of cultural genocide.

Our nation faces continuing trials with ongoing attempts being made at cultural genocide and demographic genocide against our people. Considering the anti-Australian propaganda pushed by anti-Western teachers, journalists and politicians, and considering the high level of Third World immigration that the Liberal-Labor parties have flooded our country with, it has even been suggested that along with the Aborigines celebrating their survival, that Australians should also utilise the 26th of January as “Survival Day” to celebrate the fact that our heritage and culture has survived the ongoing assault against our nation.

The fact is that the Australian people have created a magnificent way of life, based upon freedom, mateship and nationhood; it is a way of life that is envied by millions across the world; a way of life worth protecting and worth celebrating.

Everyone should celebrate Australia Day, whether it is by having a BBQ with friends and family, heading off to the beach with an Aussie flag draped over your shoulders, going to a night-time fireworks event, or in any other way possible. Let’s celebrate our heritage, history and nation on this most patriotic of all days!

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  1. http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=896

    Looks like the blacks are waiting for Mandela to die in Africa so they can exterminate all the whites there. Very scary stuff for the whites trapped in that cess pit. And as it states it is the black youths who want to kill the whites, and these are the savages our (gag) leaders bring into Australia?

    • Mike,when all the whites do leave South Africa and return to Europe,half the blacks will follow them as they'll realise the whites were keeping the place in order. When these same blacks get to Europe,they'll be causing trouble there too. What have these people ever done for the world? One billion useless people! When all the whites left Zimbabwe,that country lost 95% of its brains.

  2. I saw recently on the ABC the shocking rate of Tongan gangs voilently bashing and raping Aussies and the police now acknowledge they make a large part of the prison inmates. And the gangs excuse? "We're bored, there's nothing to do except bash people!"

    FOr Christ sake, how much longer can we take this crap? Yes Muslims are terrible but it's just not them, there is a direct link to the 'savage' races and crime in today's society. I'm sick and tired of hearing 'we are all once race', no we are not.

    If we were, we'd look the same, have the same values and cultures so no, we are NOT all the same.

    I detest this vile Multiculuralism, its not working and never will, there are different ethnic races and religions from us that we are compatible with and there are those we are not.

    THe Pacific Islanders have done terrible damage to both New Zealand and Australia. all thanks to the psycotic white far left. How I wish it were they who were the victims of these crimes for a change.

  3. A great article.

    I see that Australia Day is getting stronger every year.

    People are sick and tired of the assault on our beloved lifestyle and freedom.

    As long as there enough of us we need to celebrate it with joy and repel the multi-culti division the political elite attempt to create.

    Advance Australia Fair!!

  4. I went to the beach on Australia Day, sitting around with my friends, under a tent flying the Australian Flag, aussie flag capes, southern cross tatoos, boardies, kids face painted, when a motorcycle policeman pulled up at about 9.00am and said that we had to remove the flags, and no southern crosses could be worn on our bodies! We thought he was joking! unfortunately he wasn't!! How could this be happening! Needless to say, more capes were adorned and more southern cross tatoos!

    • Dianne,I went down to Captain Cooks landing spot on Australia day and honestly,it looked like Baghdad! Kurnell resembled a third world country.They took over every beach,park and camping ground down there.There were no Aussie's celebrating Australia day,all the women covered up from head to toe,nobody enjoying a beer….it was disgraceful. These are people who don't believe in womens rights,freedom of speech(unless it applies to them),democratically elected governments or religious freedom. What are they doing here? Make no mistake,when they start out numbering us,some changes will start occurring.

      • Viv, what I understand, (and I am just your average working single mother! not an academic) Islam's agenda is to create civil wars, hence refugees who are welcomed into Europe, America, Australia, and they then use our democracy against us. They are multiplying 7 times more than us, and they live of welfare. They build with petro dollars, mosques, schools and spread hatred against their host country & change our history. If I can see what's happening in Europe, why can't or won't our politicians? Surely they must be concerned for their children and grand children? Lets hope we don't establish the hate speech law???

        There won't be a country safe enough for non-muslims to flee too, why can't we say no to immigrants coming from islamic countries?? Why can't we just say no to ISLAM!

        • The politicians don't care. I'm sorry to say that, but that is the impression i get anyway. And we can say no. We just have to be prepared to fight back (doesn't mean violently necessarily)

          • I sent an email to every state and federal politician, this is a portion of it:

            Why aren’t we choosing culturally compatible people who will easily fit in with our essentially Judeo-Christian culture, if you look at the 19 examples below (this is only a few!), it’s obvious the current procedures (are there any?) aren’t working, these people, don’t seem to know our laws about rape, polygamy, murder – yet some have been in our country for many years – how can they then not know? To kill your daughter or wife (honour killing), rape unconscious women because that’s what is done in their country, means they will never assimilate and never call Australia their home?

            Surely it is the Government’s responsibility for protecting Australia, & Protecting the Australian Way?

            I got one response:

            Thank you for your email.The immigration process takes care to ensure that any person wanting to be a long term resident or citizen of this country , has information about Australia , our history, cultural background and laws. As part of the citizenship process, there is a requirement to complete a written test which reinforces the knowledge about our country and the expectations of citizenship.I believe that our country is made stronger through the engagement with a range of cultures ,though I accept that we need to have a strong basis of our law, and that all people living in Australia are subject to the law. I do not believe that criminal behaviour is linked to cultural background;the cases you list are terrible, but cannot be excused by claims of culture and are not by our courts.The government has the power to deport any person who is not an Australian citizen, when there is a conviction of a serious crime. I am interested in your comment about family benefits being limited to 4 children..is that only for migrants from particular backgrounds?I am happy to talk with you about your concerns at any time…Claire

            Senator Claire Moore

            Labor Senator for Queensland

            How can she say " I do not believe that criminal behaviour is linked to cultural background;the cases you list are terrible, but cannot be excused by claims of culture and are not by our courts."

            Unless there is a review, how can she believe this, or back this statement up?As far as I am aware they can't profile people?

            This is an excellent link I sent her, but I don't think she would have read it!


          • I think we should stand up now before its to late

            Send them home as they wont abide by our laws

            If they like the bulls*** of islam go to an islamic country

        • Everything you've said is spot on!! In the UK,an Islamic group want to make that nation Islamic!! The hide! So much for the lefts claim that that they will just "blend in". Christians in the Middle East are treated appallingly by bigoted Muslims,yet all the people arriving by boat are Muslim.Go figure. You can't fit a circle into a square hole.In the same way,Muslims will never totally fit in,in Australia.

        • They have Diane , GOOGLE Brendan O'connell

  5. Trevor W Sullivan says

    Thany you for a very good article. Since the faith of our founding fathers is normally left out of such matters, the following might be of interest, Australians need to know that it is not only attempted racial genocide we are facing but the attempted destruction of Christianity and removal of Christ from our heritage and culture:

    “Australia”, (Terra Australis – South Land, Australia del Espiritu Sando – Southland of the Holy Spirit, New South Wales), is a federation of states and territories, enshrined in law as a nation by our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901. Australia Day commemorates the hoisting of the British Union Jack by Arthur Phillip at Sydney Cove on 26th January 1788.

    The Union Jack consists of three crosses representing the faith of St George of England, St Patrick of Ireland, and St Andrew of Scotland. The British flag is a Christian flag! Be careful not to offend our people, our flag, our religion, and our Lord Jesus!

    Flying in the face of our cherished Australian mateship, ‘fair go’, good will to all, and as recently displayed, the outright heroism of this great people, and riding roughshod over all that Australia and Australia Day represent, ungodly propagandists this Australia Day again try to rid us and our children of our Christian heritage – e.g. another “Australian of the Year” immediately advocates a republican denial of our history, and the removal of our moral and legal foundations and Christian Union Jack, which has been ours since 1788; our atheist PM promotes the Communist Chinese, and a prominent “Australian” entertainer wants to add paganism to our national anthem. Since last year’s greatest “Australian” also promoted the overthrow of this nation by republicanism and illegal immigration, the plot is getting very obvious.

    By virtue of our British (Biblical) heritage and our Constitution, we have freedoms enshrined in the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Common Law etc. Notice that the republicans are promoting a republic of any kind – they don’t know or care what kind, as long as it cuts all legal ties to Britain and Christ. Their motivation is an inherent hatred of Jesus Christ and all that represents Him. The same people advocate “Multiculturalism” (politically correct for paganism) in place of Christianity. If they have their way, the failures and inconsistencies of the Christians and the British will be nothing compared to the hellish nightmare their idolatries will unleash on “Australia”.

    Do they think Jesus doesn’t see this wickedness and treachery? Do they think there will be no consequences to their blasphemy? These record floods were not sent by the pagan “Mother Nature”, but by the sovereign Creator and Lord Jesus as warnings of a greater day of reckoning – “except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3)?

    Sincerely in Christ’s service,

    Trevor W Sullivan

    Minister, Nanango Christian Faith Centre Inc.

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