Australian Protectionist Party achieves registration

The National Committee of the Australian Protectionist Party is pleased to announce the registration of the Party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

“The decision by the AEC to register the Party is a positive step following several years of hard work  by members creating websites, party publications, branches and the general foundation of the party with which we intend to contest future elections” Mr. Phillips said.

The Australian Protectionist Party was formed to give voice to the concerns of Australians ignored by all the major parties. A socially conservative organization, the Protectionist Party seeks to represent traditional Australia at a time when the philosophies of economic rationalism and globalization are having a drastic effect upon our nation’s economy and identity.

“Protectionists recognize our nation cannot continue down the current self-destructive path upon which politicians have placed us” Mr. Phillips continued, “Our manufacturing sector has been decimated, our primary industry sector is continually assaulted by poorly-planned Free Trade Agreements – all the while Australians are forced to watch their jobs and taxes flow overseas.”

“For too long, Australians have been denied a voice to express their concerns about issues such as national sovereignty, government expenditure, immigration and the protection of Australian jobs and our way of life” Mr. Phillips said. “The vast majority of politicians have ignored the national interest, preferring instead to pander to the whims of well-funded and highly-publicized special interest groups.”

“The formation of the Australian Protectionist Party seeks to redress this imbalance”.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips, Australian Protectionist Party
PO Box 1452 Mt Barker 5251, 0403 699 086


  1. Hi!

    We have posted some of our blog material to your Facebook page recently, but FB have now blocked us.

    Can you please pass on our latest posts – if you like them – and thus help an expat conservative blog that is fighting hard for Western values? Thanks


  2. I.P.Freely says

    I don't know if it is evolution or creation, but I do know "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". We are but animals and have an innate dislike of others that look different or think different to ourselves. It is throughout society and is ingrained and promoted as our way of life, where we need adversarial activities to distinguish one from the other and it does not just relate to race or religion.

    A prime example is in sport, from a local club level (suburb against suburb) all the way up to the Olympics (country against country) and how these seeming innocent events teach us to look for differences which in extreme circumstances can lead to violence (e.g. football riots in Europe). I know throughout my life I would be asked what football team I follow and the response would mean a liking or disliking of you.

    I once thought if we were all one race thing would be ok, but now I believe there would still be Wars in the World. look at North and South Korea, same race different views on how to live.

    There is no answer!

    • I.P.Freely says

      Oops! that wasn't suppose to go there. This is in response to an earlier comment by e811.

      That golly gosh gee fan-dangled internet!!!

  3. I'm curious, who are the leaders of the APP in QLD. Darrin and Nick seem to be the only names I hear (and good on them) but if someone could tell about the situation of the APP in QLD it would be greatly appreciated

  4. Concerned Aussie says

    If this country is going to have any sort of prosperous,harmonious future we need to break the strangle hold of the three major political parties in this country and we need to stop preferential voting once and for all.

    The Labor Party and the Libs at the end of the day stand for much the same ideology nowadays. Long gone are the days when Labor stood for the working man.

    As for Bob Brown's "Green's",… if they are allowed to dictate terms we might as well all find somewhere else to live because Bob will let everyone in the backdoor (i.e boat people and migrants), he'll close down the coal industry and what we have left of the manufacturing industry(because they all release too much CO2)and he'll try and stop livestock farming (because he thinks cows fart too much). What will be left then? Massive unemployment and a stinking seething cesspit of violence and disenchantment because us Aussies will no longer be the majority. We'll be ordered around by Muslim and Asian "masters" and Bob will finally realise too late that he got it wrong when Muslim gangs systematically go about killing gays because homosexuality is banned under Islam.

    I used to live on the Northern Beaches but moved to a suburb near Auburn in Sydney because we needed to be closer to where my Husband works. Coming from the Northern Beaches to here was a complete culture shock. I used to wake up wondering if I was still living in Australia!

    Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. Now we have been here for 6 years in this area and I've got to see things for what they are and it ain't pretty.

    The problem we have in this country is not just the threat of Islamisation.

    My son up until 2 years ago went to the local public school where it was very much a case of "spot the aussie" because 98% of the school population are migrants from Asia, Arab countries and Pacific Islanders. He used to cry a lot in the first couple of weeks pleading with us to move back to the Northern beaches because he felt that he didn't fit in at his new school. Well, he's a nice kid and eventually he made some good friends with the other Aussie kid in his class and a few of the asian boys. He is a bright kid too who enjoys school and was in the enrichment class by the time he got to Year 6 on the recommendation of his Year 5 teacher…our son and one other "aussie" in this class. The rest of the class were asian kids…predominantly chinese.

    Because of his marks we decided to get him to sit for the selective high schools test so he could go to a good school. Little did we know at the time that every asian kid in his class were going to tutoring paid for by their parents for up to 6 days a week on top of normal school classwork and these kids were also going to be sitting for the selective high schools test. The tutoring classes include special coaching for the selective high schools test. It also includes special coaching for the HSC for older kids.

    Well our son sat for the Selective High Schools Test and missed out on a place by (wait for it) 0.02% of a mark. Nearly every asian kid bar 1 in his class made it into a selective high school. A couple of weeks later the Principal of the school read out the names of the kids who made it into selective schools at the school assembly and said that they represented the "cream" of the school. My son was absolutely gutted that he had missed out on going to a selective school and started telling me that the result must of meant that he wasn't that smart! I wouldn't have a bar of it. The reality was that he had sat for a test that wasn't a level playing field. The kids who got in essentially had paid to get into a selective high school because their parents paid for hours and hours of out-of-school tutoring. Funny isn't it. Selective High Schools are funded by the Government, i.e. us taxpayers yet most of the places at these schools go to kids who are not aussies, who rig the system to suit themselves!

    A few months after this I had to take my 18 year old son to see a specialist at Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick. We caught the NSW University bus near Central station because it stopped not far from the hospital. I couldn't believe my eyes when bus after bus arrived at Central going to NSW Uni filled to capacity with Asian students. I thought to myself maybe these kids were getting off somewhere else but sure enough the bus we were on stopped outside NSW Uni and out went @ 98% of the passengers…all asian and off they went straight into the Uni.

    Aussie kids are not getting a fair go with their education anymore. It is now a case of pay up or be content with the crumbs. As I see it, either all kids have access to tutoring (with free tutoring for the ones whose parents can't afford it) or no kid has access to it. I've never walked away from an argument in my life or a tricky situation that needed "balls" to solve but it's one thing going one on one with someone when it's an evenly matched contest. It's another thing entirely when the other party has the situation "rigged" in their favour.

    The reason so many Asian kids are getting into Uni is not because they are smarter than us aussies, it's because their parents pay for and insist on their kids going to private tutoring right through their schooling. If this is allowed to keep going, aussies are going to become the new underclass and all the professional white collar jobs will be filled by asian kids in years to come. You can imagine what will become of Australian working conditions then. You only have to look at China and Hong Kong!

    My grandfather fought the Japanese during WW2 so Australia could remain a free country, so we would have a future and it burns my arse when I see this sort of inequity. It's wrong and we have people like Gillard who go on about the "education revolution"????

    Pauline Hansen was spot on when she stood up and complained about unchecked asian and muslim immigration yet she was made to look like a fool because she didn't articulate her ideas well in public. She came across as not being too bright. The lefties had a field day with her and branded her a racist and the rest now is history.

    It isn't racist to state facts. It isn't racist to want a certain standard of living for your country. It isn't racist when you look at all the violence and the crime, when you look at Lawlink at the actual crime statistics in local government areas (LGA's), when you see that Lebanese, Vietnamese and Pacific Islanders are the major perpetrators of the crimes. It isn't racist when you see these "facts" and come to the conclusion that these people are troublemakers and should be deported. You wouldn't invite a known troublemaker into your home for a dinner party yet we are keeping the front door open for hundreds and thousands of these troublemakers who abuse our hospitality, who thieve instead of going out and getting a job,who are a burden on taxpayers, who destroy our piece of mind, who kill our citizens and little by little force their way of life on us e.g. sharia law being used in this country to settle business disputes among Muslims and to settle divorce being Muslim couples and Muslim finance companies who finance and cater for Muslim investors.

    We should all have a say about who comes into our country and who stays. I am not a racist. I'm a university educated, well read mother of three kids and a wife to a husband for 24 years. I was born here and my parents and grandparents were born here. We are aussie to our bootstraps. I went to aussie schools and ran my own successful business. My best friends at school were Greeks,Italians and Maltese. They came over here with their parents for a new life in this country. They brought their culture and traditions with them but they didn't try and take over ours. They worked their butts off to get ahead and they were model citizens who embraced this country as their new home and we ended up embracing them as our own.

    We can't say the same for many of our present day migrants who take whatever they can get (legally and illegally) and contribute nothing in return. Our current pollies in Canberra live in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, the North Shore, the Northern Beaches. They are so out of touch with what is really going on out there in suburbia it isn't funny. It's shocking!

    We need to stop bringing in people who cause trouble and who don't fit in. We need to change the laws here so that people who come here as migrants and become citizens can be told to leave if they or their families cause trouble. And by trouble I mean getting involved in drug trafficking, rape, theft and assault. We need to stop the ever increasing migration of asians, Indians and muslims into this country who are turning our towns into filthy slums and ghettoes of violence, who are not integrating into our society and are undermining the education, working conditions and future of our children. We need to protect our way of life and the future of our children before it is too late. I'm joining the Australian Protectionist Party because I'd rather fight to the death for my country and our way of life than live the rest of my life on my knees.

    • Concerned aussie says

      There is a wealth of information about Islam in the West and the threat it poses available on the net.I invite all Australian Protectionist Party Executives, APP supporters and concerned aussies to subscribe to the mailing list of the following sites;, campus watch, middle east forum, legal project and lastly Daniel Pipes.

      These sites are written by academics and scholars and are heavy on factual information and refreshingly light on emotional journalese. I have been a subscriber to the mailing list for all these

      sites for a long time now and it was one of the best things I ever did. Happily subscription to the mailing list of these sites is free to all. Knowledge is power. To solve a problem it pays to understand what you are dealing with.

      We are very much left in the dark over here regarding the worst atrocities that happen day in day out in Muslim dominated countries and what their agenda really is. It is my belief that the Muslim world keeps this under wraps deliberately so they can go about their infiltration of western countries unnoticed. Everyone needs to become aware of what lies ahead if nothing is done about the growing threat of Islam in this country. I highly recommend and encourage all concerned Aussies and APP supporters to subscribe to the mailing lists of these websites. You'll be glad you did. I must warn you all however that some of what you read will be a real eye opener!

      • The Kuta Kid says


        The powers that be are doing a bloody good job of keeping any info on muslim atrocities under wraps too!

        Murdoch is part of it.

        Our Govt. has sold us down the river. realise that vast tracts of Australia, including our ports, are owned by outsiders.. mostly muslim.

        Indonesian and Malaysian.

        When I was younger in the 70;s we used to discuss what a Government would regard as an ideal population. and how to control that population

        1. Introduce a drug culture. hey.! a product that creates its own demand! make money.

        2. Create a religion that controls thought. and life.

        3. Re-Create a class system. Get rid of our manufacturing base. keep people poor

        4. Start to cull the population.

        The above points were debated seriously. then the topic became "blase"

        In retrospect some of us think that our thoughts were surveyed!

        Paranoia? could be.

        Even so. Take a look at the calibre of our current politicians. one springs to mind that campaigned against Nuclear power etc and THEN when Garrett got into power what did he do? He stated "Australia must go Nuclear!" the guy's not worth an the dirt under my feet.

        and Juliar Gil-liar-d. wants to tax the air we breathe. (pay to stay alive)

        Kevin Rudd. Suck up nerd! speaks mandarin. big deal!

        the lot of them make my skin crawl.

        • Kuta……what you just said was exactly what I have been preaching…..dumb down the nation, then introduce all this globalization BS etc under the pretence that it is good for us……..and so many have fallen for the BS, because they honestly believe the politicians are working for THEM…..LOL

          These morons introduced…THE LIMA DECLARATION in 1975 and have continued to expand on that……..mind most Australians had no idea it had taken place…….and here we are today. Personally the Australian people need to take our Politicians to court for failing to carry out their duty and that is to protect THE CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY.

          Sick and tired of it all


          • The Kuta Kid says


            I have suspicions that our Government is just as corrupt as the British Govt. Since the last time I left a post on this forum I have been researching the BNP and the EDL in England. So many horror stories.

            Here in Australia we also have a lot of hatred directed at us but we do not read about it. None of it is made public. If it was the truth would be KNOWN and widespread.

            My suspicious mind is extremely sus!

            I think that our Govt is powered absolutely by islamic money. I think China does put in a few dollars but the pollies themselves are corrupted by islam.

            Think about it… The western world spends so much on petrol. OIL! Trillions of dollars.

            That money breeds power on our way of life. Also that and the OIL…. Think about it. the Saudi's are firing the shots and we do not hear the retort/bang of the gun.

            Somebody knows the truth. Who? Our Government that's who.

            Letting islam into our country has been done on purpose. Our Govt. knows the trouble it causes. Our Govt. knows what troubles to expect.

            We need an entirely NEW political party. One thats got GUTS. Determination and the perseverance to put a stop to importing foreigners who will never fit in.

            Or foreign workers taking our jobs from us.

    • danielbatman says

      Strange coincidence I was at Auburn yesterday and your right but unfortunatelly all along the westernline now is virtually like another country and I feel very traumatized being here unfortunately though its getting almost impossible to escape that now so all along the Bankstown line and main western line is virtually a new country now and we can only hope and pray that labor liberal and greens lose their stranglehold on things as eventually I believe Australia will be reduced to the standard of living of India or Indonesia

    • Great comment.This is happening all over europe,usa,canada and Australia.

      The White race as we know it is becoming a thing of the past.I ask you to seek the complete truth of why this happening there are answers on the internet you just have to search and eyes will be wide open and heart full of anger.

      As a young Australian of 23yrs i can see the begining of the end of this great nation.

      we now have the largest asian immigration into Australia then any other time in our history, the government has cleary stated that they wish Australia to become an asiatic race. WOW! like yourself my grandfather blead for our soil on the kokoda track aganist a invading japanese force i hope its not in vain.As white Australians we must come together and stop these money loving bloodsucking governments destroying our nation.

      we must protect our future there has never been a more extordinary time then now for us aussies and pretty much everywhite nation on the globe i beg you to please watch youtube clips of multicutral europe what you will see is heading here.

  5. 3 European leaders said Multiculturalism has failed

    Germany Chancellor (last year)

    UK PM (early this month)

    French President (early this month)

    :). We see the leaders no longer impotent anymore.

    I do not want more ISLAM in Australia.

    I come from Indonesia as minority Christian. When the number of Muslim is small they will say "We are being discriminated", BUT when the number is bigger they will say "YOU MUST follow our rules" which is "Sharia Law"

    The key is in birth rate.

    Next time I see McDonald that sell only Halal food, I will say "This discriminate against people who doesn't want to eat Halal food"!.

    ISLAM is political system that want to dominate over Western Secular system, however they try to hide as "a religion of peace".

  6. WELL! If the 'leaders' of starting with her frau from Germany, next came the gnome running France followed by the dull as dishwater Dave from England can announce publicaly that 'Multiculturalism has been an utter failure' all in harmony (but only as the Islamic political parties over there start to rise and the traitors also see a return to nationalistic parties by white voters) Then it's not going against p.c. would it for the APP to publicaly declare this one too. Those very leaders have just announced that too much attention had been given to 'invading cultures at the deterrent of the history of that country'.

    Too little too late traitors and that goes for Howard's government who let in the Africans, labour/greens just upped the intake.

    Nationiastic political parties are on the rise and there's no going back now, it will lead to civil wars in Europe and who knows, maybe here too, but whites will one day realise we are being exterminated across the globe and it's up to this generation to decide if we go quietly into the night or fight back for our very survival and right to exist on this planet. I do not beleive we should be made to co-exist with other ethnic races whose standards, morals and levels of voilence are totally different than ours, add to the fact that they re-produce quicker, which will mean our eventual loss of control in government should they choose to start their own political parties, but it could mean a voilent Holocaust facing our children in just a couple of more decades to come, and given the anti=white racism dished out already accompainied by 'racial vilification laws' that ONLY protect ethnics and seem ONLY to persecute whites I would suggest my premonition for total genocide using voilence is not too far away. There will be no-one to help us as all western countries will be going through the same ethnic cleansing of the European race. I have a friend who treat people with traumas with hypnotherapy, and one day I bought the subject up, of our extermination and she confided in me that MANY whites under, say the same thing, "We are being exterminated, my people are dying, they are going to kill us…" and on and on. They say these things on this one subject, even though it was never discussed previously with her. We both think this is a major source of depression found today in white society, and a possible reaction to this is drug and binge drinking; "Live for today, for tommorrow we die" mentality.

    But I personally still say, the greatest threat to our race's survival is from the white far left, who after tossing off the Kaftans and beads, got haircuts put on a suit and then whinnned until Mummy and Daddy put them through a 'Human Rights Course' that when qualified, ensures they don't work much except to fleece vast sums of money off the backs of whitie Australians. After that it's just a hop and a skip over to politics.

    I've always stated that Lawyers are just in the larval stages of becoming a politican.

  7. I've been warning people for years about the dangers of the social, economic, political and religious system that goes under the name of "Islam". I post actively on various forums and I speak about the dangers, even with Muslims.

    I am now thinking about taking the next step and joining the APP. But I have a few concerns.

    My first concern is the media is so Leftist, and the Australian people so indoctrinated by the Leftist media and Leftist educational systems (secondary and tertiary) that the APP will be destroyed, before having a fair go.

    We in Australia are behind Europe in the Islamicisation process, and the populace, on average, are neither aware nor concerned about Islam.

    The Muslim Brotherhood faced similar hurdles in trying to become a mainstream party in Egypt. At first, they neither had popular nor media nor academic support. So the first step of action, before coming out to the public, was the propaganda movement. They started "educating" the public, including school children, about the dangers of the West and how "ISLAM IS THE ANSWER". "ISLAM IS THE ANSWER" is their motto, and it is the sign (written in Arabic) that they display in their protests. Only after the first stage (Education and propagation) did they make a public, and popular, entry into the political scene.

    The lesson for the APP is clear. I think more effort needs to be put into educating the public (and younger generation), including media exposure, before making a huge public drive. Timing is everything, and Australia is not ready for a huge APP drive.

    In particular, we need to organise social media campaigning, and "grass-roots campaigning". I don't know how to do this, but it has to be done. We need a street presence, in addition to a media and online campaign. Again, these are just ideas, but they are the same principles used by the Left and Islamists everywhere around the world.

    Only when the public is educated about Islam and its dangers will they be ready to accept a huge recruitment drive by the APP. I fear this time has not yet come.

    And this is my worry. I don't want to join a party that will be destroyed (by the media and the public), before the party even has a chance. One Nation comes to mind. But there are many other examples of parties being destroyed, because they did not follow rule one of any revolution: Make sure the population is ready for the revolution. EDUCATE, SPREAD THE MESSAGE, COMMUNITY (GRASS-ROOTS) CAMPAIGNING come first. Form strong community units (meeting groups) to spread the message.

    Then, when the time is right — when the public hungers for a change — does a mass publicity (political) campaign begin.

    Can you convince me that the time is right to join the APP? I don't want to join, and then be ridiculed and destroyed, because of incorrect timing. I have plenty of publicity and much influence in certain communities, and hence much to lose.

    • Yes, but don't just concentrate on the danger of Islam. We need to be far more broadbased than that. People will want to know what we stand for as opposed, merely to what we are against. What Joe Blow will want to know is "What can you do for me and mine, that the other mob can't or won't". And yes, while thinking national start local, put up candidates for local council elections, build our profile at local level. This is the way the BNP in Britain did it and the same applies here.

    • “My first concern is the media is so Leftist, and the Australian people so indoctrinated by the Leftist media and Leftist educational systems (secondary and tertiary) that the APP will be destroyed, before having a fair go.”

      Very understandable. The destruction of an opposing view within politics holds no bounds to many unethical and immoral people (lib/lab/greens). What I would like to ask you is how far are you willing to go for the future of your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces? Standing up and giving it a go, in any amount of effort, is worth it. Every little bit helps.

      “Can you convince me that the time is right to join the APP? I don’t want to join, and then be ridiculed and destroyed, because of incorrect timing. I have plenty of publicity and much influence in certain communities, and hence much to lose.”

      We can try to convince you. How? Well, we can start by being honest and open with our members, and I feel that the APP have done just that. It is a growing political force, admittedly not at the stage of what is required for Australia to be saved.

      Joining the party and feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that there will be nothing to lose is not possible. As in life there is always a gamble. But to make a change for the better we need to put ourselves on the line, how much we are willing to bet is an individual choise. You don’t ‘have’ to bet it all, but just by being supportive of what the APP spokespeople say is enough.

      What can the APP do for you? The APP can give your children a future that you would be happy with. Isn’t that enough. Would you die for your children? If you would then standing up and being counted for what you believe in is nothing in comparison.

      If you would like to talk about it further, why not ask your local state branch for details on the meetings being held? There is so much you can do for yourself just by asking.

      Cheers mate,

      Nathan Smith

      • marlene huff says

        Nathan i tried to send you an email to an email address that you sent an email to me…….when i again attempted to send an email to you at the same addy address tonight…….i got a reply saying……Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

        Subject: re email to Nathan Smith

        Sent: 21/03/2011 7:56 PM

        The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

        '' on 21/03/2011 7:56 PM

        None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient.

        How does anyone reach this party to ask questions??????

    • Terry, media rep for says

      Chris….only you can make the choice of what you want to do. The APP is a grass roots movement that is different to the other political parties in that we have come together out of concern for where this nation is headed under our current lacklustre political elites.

      If the nation was being governed as is should be there would be no need for the APP.

      Your concerns in regard to the biased media is a valid one, but one that the APP is prepared to take on. We know we are in a fight with indoctrinated people who have been led astray from life's real lessons, and it all comes down to this in the end: you are either a fighter or a quitter, and we only want those who are prepared for the hard slog to get our message out as members.

      We have learned the lesson of One Nation and they will not be repeated so that we play into the hands of those who would wish to silence us.

      We will never be silenced as there is too at stake!

    • hear hear chris!!!!was thinking the same, time for the APP to start informing the Australian population, through all media outlets on what is really going on.

  8. Nemesis ! Mate ! Not surprised I found you here !

    Hows it going ? Thought you might be interested of my new project. It is and its right up your ally. In fact its right up the ally of everyone in the APP.

    In fact, I just dropped in to see if I could find an email addy to someone from the APP, so I can discuss what I have in store at my site.


  9. Does anyone or even the APP watch Glenn Beck???………now this guy is so informative about islam and the new world order…be worth watching if you have pay Tv..if you have he is on channel 604 on Austar and he comes on live at 9am and a rerun at 6pm. I have been watching him for 2years now…George Soros and all the elite hate the guy….lolol

    • Glenn Beck should be required watching, if people want to learn about Islam. All his shows can be watched for free on

      May I also suggest reading The Grand Jihad by Andrew McCarthy for a thorough education about Islamists and their cronies (the Left). The book is full of references, from the "horse's mouth" (ie Islamist spiritual leaders and political leaders), which should silence a few Leftists.

      Otherwise, we also need to learn about the "mind" of the Leftist and Islamist, and their dirty tricks. Read about Saul Alinsky and how to start a revolution, from the ground up. The Coming Insurrection also illustrates the pathetic, nihilistic psychology of the Leftist radical. They have no solutions — they just want to overthrow the system for the sake of it. They use the idea of "communism", but without explaining how it would actually work (because it cannot work).

      The 48 Laws of Power is a book about how to gain power. We need to use all the techniques that the Left and Islamists use, plus introduce our own.

  10. Are you guys using social networking to promote the party, i.e. youtube, facebook all those others if not we should be as they are extremely effective methods of promoting the cause.

  11. The Realist says

    Queensland state election is due in 2012. Will the APP be fielding candidates here?

  12. Did I hear correctly, did David Cameron just say that "Multiculturalism has been a failure in England?"

  13. another young Australian digger murdered today in Afghanastain…we need our defence force here, patrolling our borders and streets, protecting OUR people against ethnic voilence. Is there any way the APP could run a campaign like the BNP 'Bring our boys home?"

    This would also give great publicity to the party as well, any ideas on this people?

  14. I guess I should introduce myself to other concerned Aussies…my name is Viv of course,I'm living in,and paying off a unit in the Sutherlandshire,though I grew up in the country,work in the textile industry,once married,but now devorced with no kids,drive a gold 1967 VC Valiant,aged 42 and a bit. I'm concerned that Euro-Australians only have the north shore and Suthoshire where they are the majority,everywhere else,minorities are the majority! I'm concerned about all OUR money being wasted off in foreign aid. I'm concerned about boatpeople that the government refuses to turn back,or deport. I'm concerned that Muslims are breeding at a rate seven times ours.Once they have Australian-born children,of course they can't be deported,hence they require removal as soon as they arrive.Its the governments job to protect our borders,but they don't seen interested.Given Julia Gillards past,its no suprise she wants to 'Islamise' Australia. "MOVING AUSTRALIA FORWARD"…….to Islamisation!!

  15. the ringer from the says

    remember what happened to pauline hanson.

  16. About time the Party got registered now it can really start to achieve something

  17. This is great news for all Aussies concerned about their grandchildrens futures.

  18. I have been spreading the word about the APP since i registered online with the party around 6 months ago. I have had a good response from my family, local friends and my work colleagues….I have also sent them emails to let them know that the APP has now registered with the AEC.


  19. Attacking Muslims is just playing into the Hegelian Dialectic.

    The real culprits is anyone not living or not promoting, the Christian lifestyle. That includes the separation of the races, as God ordained at Babel. You can have honour among the races, but they should not live within each other, else there is division and disorder caused.

    Who are the main instigators of racial dilution? The Vatican, United Nations, Freemasonry, Khazarian-Jews, insecure or brainwashed people, Mainstream media whoa re controlled by all said, and Foreigner's themselves who can't reveal their greed to take from others, etc.

    • You may have a point, but we are what we are today, which is a multiracial nation. The issue you have raised is a thorny one and one which the left in society have rode shotgun over since the 1970's. The policy of multiculturalism is at the heart of our current assimilation problems with those groups, mainly from Islamic nations, that refuse to muck in with the rest of us.

      APP policy is to halt Muslim immigration and curtail immigration generally on a one in one out basis. Our current infrastructure is stretched to the limit as are our resources. We don't need to import any more people on trumped up reasons such as lack of skills or labor shortages. We have an unemployment rate which is one of the lowest of the developed world, but is still too high by APP standards. Those who live here and call themselves Australians and abide by Australian culture and customs are our best asset and we must look after them, and get them into employment. Those who believe that they will never embrace the Australian way of life will be invited to return to the nation they originally came from.

      Multiracialism works so long as all races asprire to the Australian way of life.

    • FinnishNationalist says

      There is no problem with multiracialism, if all people have embraced the Australian way of life. But multiculturalism can't work. In a multicultural society, different ethnic groups follow their own customs and rules. Multiculturalism cause disputes and conflicts. In a multicultural society Cronulla riots are a normal sight.

      If APP wants to succeed like European nationalist parties, it should not create paranoid theories about "Jewish conspiration" etc.

      At last elections in Switzerland, nationalist Swiss People's Party got almost 30% of the votes. Its support continues to grow. Perhaps you could ask them for advices.

  20. So happy, I tell as many people as possible about this party and I wear my APP tee on the weekends and espeically on Australia day, had quite a few looks.

    Nick, Darren and Andrew, I'd like to offer the further usage of my cartoon work if any of you would care to take it up and use any profits for funds for the party. I'm thinking of a calander for next year (a funny one depicting our 'leaders' for every month that would be more appealing than the usual puppy dogs and kitten boring calenders offered) also I'd be willing to organise some tee shirts as prizes with some cartoon work for best stories etc. I'm about to do a cartoon on the Germaine Greer stamp which would look great on tee shirts.

    Well done, so happy, some light at the end of the tunnel one day I hope.

  21. ringer from the west says

    How long before GMH and Ford go to the wall?with all the free trade crap.

    • I could also ask how many more millions of our tax payer dollars will be used just to keep these multinationals interested in staying here?

  22. Shane Pike says

    Now that you're registered. KICK SOME MUSLIM ASS!!!

  23. congratulations AAP!Im sick to death of people whinging about the state of our once fine country, without doing a thing to remedy the situation! About time we have an alternitive to the labril/libour nwo clowns!

  24. AUSSIE BLOKE says

    Contact Dick Smith and get him onside to publicise and promote the APP, good advertising from an Aussie who genuinely cares and is well respected by Aussies for going against all odds to tell it like it is, just dont give the mainstream media any fuel to label us hardcore racists like they did to Pauline Hanson to discredit her and drag her over the coals. cheers

  25. Nick Folkes says

    This is great news. It is has been a long time coming with AEC delays exceeding 10 months in total. It is fantastic to know we have cleared the AEC registration hurdle and are now ready for next Federal election.

    I hope our party registration encourages Australians from all walks of life to become involved with APP by becoming Candidates, activists and supporters in general.

    We will be toasting our party registration at the next Ironbark on 19th Feb.

    By the way, if there are any interested members willing to become a Candidate at the NSW state election pls. let me know. I will be running for the Legislative Council and hope to form a group ticket. Anyone interested in running for the Legislative Assembly pls. also inform me.

    More info. on the upcoming NSW state election will be posted soon.


  26. ringer from the west says

    i went to Auutralia day celerations in Darwin and it was so gran to se all the peaople wareing and waving the australia flag.A shame it was made in china.

  27. We might have missed the boat on State registration, but we could still run as an unregistered party for the NSW Legislative Council under I'd suggest, 'Australian Protectionist Group'- not APP as such, but with the acknowledged backing of the Federal party.

  28. Andrew Phillips says

    I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the organisers of the party as well as our many members and supporters for their encouragement and interest in the Party. We also appreciated the efforts of those members who purchase or run off leaflets for letterboxing in order to get the party message out into the wider community.

    It can be difficult for a Party run on a volunteer basis to keep up to date with developments around the nation, so many thanks to members who have been contacting us with information and news articles.

    We have a great deal of work facing us over the next couple of years and I encourage as many members as possible, who are able, to contact their local Party rep to get the organisation into election mode-there is no point waiting til 8 weeks prior to the polls, we need to build the foundation now!

  29. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A great effort from APP.

  30. Well done………just drop the socialist please….but if this party is willing to take what you have said above to our Government house…….i know so many who will vote for you……time to re intorduce Import Taxes

  31. Well done to the APP and all those who assisted in getting the party to this stage of our evolution.

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