Eastern states flooding

The current disaster we are witnessing in the eastern states of our nation is undoubtedly one of the worst in living memory.

Australians have turned their attention to the events in Queensland, northern New South Wales and more recently Victoria and Tasmania. The outpouring of goodwill and generosity merely serves to reaffirm in the minds of us all that the traditional Australian ethos of mateship and concern for the battler is still alive and well within our culture and gives one hope for the future.

The National Committee of the Australian Protectionist Party shares the concerns of all Australians for the welfare of our countrymen in the areas afflicted by these disasters and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Many party members reside in the stricken areas and our best wishes go out to to them all – we sincerely hope the impact has not been too severe and life returns to normal as quickly as possible.

At this time, we would also encourage any party members who are able, to donate to a reputable organisation which will direct funds to helping our fellow Aussies in their time of need. Likewise, there are organisations co-ordinating clean-up efforts and if any members have free time to donate to the task, we are sure it would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, we extend our deepest sympathies and well wishes to our brethren in the north and east of the country. While the scenes shown repeatedly on our screens are of tremendous loss and destruction, it is at this time we witness the best of our national character.

Our thoughts are with you.


  1. If this disaster had occurred in Africa,Gillard would have thown ten billion their way,courtesy of Australian taxpayers.When QLD need the money,suddenly they have trouble finding funds. The double standards are alarming.I don't see Africa or Indonesia helping us when we have natural disasters here.When third world cespits do nothing for the world,yet expect everything in return,they should attract criticism.

  2. Andrew Phillips says

    You have every right to be angry.While our own people are left to clean up their homes and businesses once they are permitted to leave the refuge centres, our government continues to thrown hundreds of millions of dollars of our taxes to corrupt and inept regimes.

    Rather than increasing taxes to help with this damage, the government should be drawing upon this money and redirecting it to the needs of our own- the very people who gave them those taxes in the first place!

    There must be something wrong with the targetting of our foreign aid- Indonesia accepts around $500million per year from us, yet is in a position to offer us $1 million back to "help with the relief effort".

    The Protectionist Party is here to represent your concerns. Help us build on the foundations we have already created, get involved, if you have sympathetic contacts in other parts of the country let them know about the Party. We have much work to do prior to the next election and to be effective we need a concerted effort-starting now!

    Anger is great, activity is better!

  3. Australians will help with their hands and again dig into their pockets to help fellow Australians. While they are doing this the government will keep on using Australian Tapxpayers money to support ILLEGALS, with money paid for by the people who have lost everything in the floods. Turn the boats back and give the Taxpayers money back to the people to rebuild this country.


  4. ringer from the west says

    Will goldie locks get the money from the chinese to fix up the flood damage or put up the taxs?

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