Keneally Labor government stealing from NSW taxpayers

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the Government has squirrelled away the cash from the budget that it can use during the upcoming March election campaign without pushing the State into the red.

Treasury secretary Michael Schur, the most senior finance bureaucrat in NSW, uncovered the bonus cash in the official Statement of Uncommitted Funds.

The money – which had been allocated for a range of programs over the next four years – includes $225 million in funding for NSW Health, $114 million for the police force and $291 million for education.

Incredibly, the election slush fund also includes $30.9 million allocated over the next two years to help reduce the soaring cost of power.

Daily Telegraph

This demonstrates the utter contempt Labor has the Australian people, in particular those who are hit hardest by rising electricity prices brought about by Labor itself. The fact they stole money meant for our understaffed and overstretched police and hospitals reveals how Labor are addicted to power and will do anything to retain it – they simply do not care about anything else. The fact is Labor will be almost wiped out at the next election and its an act of shameful hubris that Labor should spend precious resources on an election campaign for an election they have no hope of winning.

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