Left-wing extremists declare war on our freedom of speech!

As you are aware, Sergio Redegalli was a guest speaker at our recent Ironbark social club.  Sergio came to prominence recently for painting a ‘say no to burqas‘ mural on the front wall of his private property in Newtown to highlight the issues of security surrounding the burqa and our free speech.

Socialists of various stripes have attempted to vandalise the mural on many occasions in the past on a ad-hoc basis, however Sergio has informed us that they are planning a co-ordinated attack against his and ultimately all of our freedom of speech:

Click to enlarge.

You may be interested to read the attached information, these posters
are being put up by the Socialists and extreme left wing people who
supposedly live in the Newtown area (most of them rent and are part of
the transient population of Newtown).

These people have been defacing both private and public property, as
well as making very stupid comments as you can read for yourself.
Please look at the bottom of the last page – sounds very much like a war cry to me.

Once again, free speech is being “stomped on” by people shutting it all
down if it is not a viewpoint that they agree with (violence and verbal
abuse, wilful damage being the tools of their revolution).


Sergio Redegalli

If you are interested in protecting your freedom of speech, please join us at Sergio’s shop, Cydonia Glass, cnr. Station and Wilford Streets, Newtown at 1.30PM, 19th of December. I know it’s short notice and I know it’s close to Christmas, but it’s important that we get enough people to resist these extremists and their destructive agenda.

Click on the image (above, right) to view the posters the left-wing extremists have been plastering around Newtown in an effort to stoke the fires of hate against our freedoms.

Contact Nick on 0417 679 972 or Darrin on 0431 739 260.


  1. Good to see some Australians with a brain on here. I wish there were more people like you here it would be a much better place!

  2. Shane Pike says

    I like the way dim witted muslims call we anti-muslims "racist". I despise islam with a burning passion but I am not racist, I am religionist. I will tolerate anybody, so long as he or she is not a muslim. I don't expect anything in the way of brains from muslims anyway so it's not like they're letting me down or anything.

  3. I agree with freedom of speech. I do not know where you get the idea that being left wing or socialist has anything to do with free speech. The Nazis were masters at getting rid of people who disagreed with them and brainwashing the entire population. They wrote the book and were a right wing group. I agree with most policies of the APP (there is one I have a problem with) but this sort of article without any proof at all that left or right wing associations will only damage the cause.

  4. Well we stood our ground and the 10 patriots for "Free Speech" prevailed as the 40-50 filthy unwashed, red Socialists Alliance gave up and went packing off, Not to have a bath.

    Half the unwashed that attended to protest were gay and lesbian which I don't have and issue with, but they support a religion/cult that openly practices the be-headings and deaths of Homosexuals and lesbians.

    There seems to be no logic in their in why they would support this cult.

  5. Never heard one person affectively argue that disliking a religious is an act of racism. When they say that we just hate Arabs, it's fun to confuse them when you point out that many Arabs are also Christians and, many Muslims are Caucasian.

    So fun to watch them froth.

  6. Samantha Cartwright says

    'Free Speech is under attack' as you put it.

    You couldn't be further from the truth if you tried.

    We don't have Freedom of Speech in Australia, only Freedom of Expression

    The Australian Constitution does not expressly protect freedom of speech or expression. In 1992, however, the High Court of Australia held that a right to freedom of expression, in so far as public and political discussion were concerned, was implied in the Constitution. This right was thought to be an essential requirement of democratic and representative government and thus implied into the Australian Constitution, which had established such a system of government. Subsequent cases have made determinations on the scope of this implied freedom. It has been found to extend to the publication of material:


    discussing government and political matters generally;


    relating to the performance of individuals of their duties as members of the Parliament; and


    discussing the performance, conduct and fitness for office of members of the Commonwealth and State legislatures.

    The right does not extend to more generally to a right to freedom of expression where political issues are not involved.

    • Correct. Our Constitution does not provide any protections of freedom for the people. It is mostly more like a book that tells people how the mechanics of Government works.

    • You are right Samantha, 'freedom of speech' is not enshrined within our constitution, nor do we have a Bill of Rights supporting such an ideal.

      Time for another policy which the APP should think seriously about adopting, that policy?

      A Bill of Rights which would ensure amongst other things, a right to bear arms, the right of every citizen to practise freedom of expression. Implied rights are simply not good enough!

  7. Nick Folkes says

    Come and be part of the Aussie Resistance tomorrow.

    Free speech is under attack and will not stand idle while the Inner City Marxists try to deface the "Say 'No' to Burqas" mural yet again.

  8. Well folks, this is what we can expect for being forthright in trying to defend our nation against those who would steal it. These so called anti-fascists are nothing more than Communists dressed up in fascist drag and need to be exposed publicly for the traitors to this nation that they really are. Scratch an anti-fascist and I guarantee you will see a bleeding red Communist.

    There is nothing racist or fascist in wanting a ban on clothing apparel that completely covers a woman from head to toe, that even her so called 'religion' which doesn't condone the wearing of this garb, the anti-fascists choose to ignore. The vociferous anti-fascist demonstrators would be wise to study up on the Qu'ran, which they seem to so vigorously uphold, so that they themselves can see the untruth of that which they seem so willing to support.

    And while we all know that there is no excuse for ignorance, when it comes to the anti-fascists, we also know that ignorance reigns supreme amongst this lot who refuse to acknowledge the lessons of history.

    So it is up to us to protect our homeland as no other politcial party appears willing or able to do this.

    Advance Australia!

  9. They tried to kill of our race with organised murders such as, The great depression, World War One and Two,

    now they have found a new footsoilder called Islam to do their dirty work for them accompanied by unlimited turd world invasion they 'polietly' renamed as 'Multiculturalism'…there can be no other explanation for this mass exterminiation of one particular race worldwide. When all the evidence is there for all to see, the truth is in the eyes of the beholder, no matter how illogical it seems. We ARE being exterminated and it will result in the biggest genocide/Holocaust in the history of the human race. They encourage mixed ethnic relationships, the brainwashing of our children in schools telling them they are responsible for all the evil in the world and make them apologise for 'atrocities' they themselves never comitted giving them a sense of guilt, the unnafordable housing crisis causing whites to have fewer children whilst ethnics are given preferance in social housing, the rising cost of utilities whilst we pay for other ethnic races theirs (as told to me by an Asian woman who used to work at the department for Multiculturlasim, the Africans get generous welfare then spend it on their 'bling' then go in and demand more for food etc and they are given more money as they threaten the staff with voilence), the introduction of foreign diseases from 3rd world invaders, the allowence of Muslims to have multiple wives and therefore more children than us who will one day form their own political parties and take over Western countries when they outnumber us, the refusal to acknowledge whites are the victims of racial hate crimes, the persecution of whites through the media [] as well as books and magazines, [] and created 'anti discrimination laws' that deliberately discriminate against whites.

    Either we fight back through the ballot boxes to elect a fair and Nationalistic government that protects our race or we take to the streets (were we would most likely be fired upon and killed) or we perish as a race of people, which is being actively encouraged even as I write this.

    Not even the racist Steven Spielburg couldn't have made a better script for a movie such as this.

    Personally, I think it's gone too far already and we are just heaping kindling onto our funeral pyre. It won't be long before the final call for our extermination is given out, this can be no imaginery thought process on my behalf as all whites in every Western country, even now in Russia it seems, are being deliberately out-breed into minority status.

    And we all know what Africans and Muslims do to minority races don't we?

    I just want to know, who or what organisation gave the order for us to be exterminated? It must have come from high up, even the British Royal family have stood by and watched their own indigenous race be slowly exteriminated from England.

    Bad times ahead I'm afraid.

    • Even our own Australian Troops still swear to the Queen upon enlistment.

      All she would have to do is put out a call to arms and she would be able to save us.

      Please your Majesty. Tell us why you don't?

      • The Royal family have stood by and watched their own race of people be decimated by immigration so why would the parasites lift a finger to help Aussies, she has failed as Queen, when Mugabe's troops were massacaring whites in zimbabwee, she was having tea with him in Buckingham palace. Maybe when the palace is turned into a Mosque and their family is forced onto the streets they might take notice, but I'm sure they have already a plan to look after themselves.

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