Immigration – you’re paying for it!

Residents in Ringwood (Victoria) were outraged to discover that they are to be charged for parking in their own street. Due to overpopulation in the area, and the resulting lack of parking places, Maroondah Council has now brought in a system of parking permits, charging residents between $30 to $80 every year for the “privilege” of parking in their own street, even if it outside of their own homes. And what about friends and family who come to visit? Well, you can buy visitor passes for them – lucky you.

Similar “pay for parking” schemes are in operation in several other areas across the country. Population pressures are changing the very nature of the way we live, all over Australia.

Immigration and over-population are destroying our way of life and ruining our standard of living in so many ways: exorbitant house prices, rising rents, increasing costs of living, high-density housing, more traffic on the roads, more traffic jams, more traffic accidents, huge pressures on health infrastructure, increasing water shortage problems, more cases of imported communicable diseases, rising crime rates … the list goes on.

All of this fallout from over-population pressures directly or indirectly affect all of us. Whether you get charged for parking in your own street, you get stuck in more and more traffic jams, your grandmother dies whilst on a hospital waiting list, your sister gets raped in a racist attack, your brother gets bashed by an ethnic gang, your wages get pushed down by foreign workers imported on work visas, or you and your family – along with most people – suffer general loss of income and loss of living standards from the collective negative effects of mass immigration and over-population upon the overall economy.

This will cost you big-time. Directly or indirectly, it will cost all of us. Liberal-Labor politicians, Green radicals, and anti-national globalists are the problem; they are creating this mess, they are doing it deliberately (because it is a inherent part of their globalist and multiculturalist agenda), and they will keep on doing it unless they are stopped.

Isn’t it time you put a stop to the problem?

In the meantime…
Immigration – you’re paying for it.



“Parking plan rage” by Alex White, Maroondah Leader, 23 November 2010, p. 3 [note: unlike the above examples, the City of Launceston does not charge residents for parking permits]


  1. Nick Folkes says

    Well written article and so true.

    There was a recent study undertaken in Britain on the benefit of third world immigration and the study concluded Brits were better off to the tune of a Mars bar. You know where the globalists can shove their deep fried Mars bar.

    I challenge the left wing fools to prove us wrong. The left get caught up in their flowery language that reeks of emotional dribble.

    The dirt bags of Liberal and Labor have sold us out to the lowest bidder. The sooner the citizens of this nation wake up and stop living in denial the better.

    • Nick – no question that we're being sold out. Our quality of life IS being undermined by a traitor class who put profit over the common good of their fellow Australians.

      But mate, it's not just the inner-city trot left that comprise this class. The worst offenders by far are those of the corporate-right. Check out the writings of the vipers down at the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) for example. As recently as yesterday, these right wing heroes of 'conservative' Australia were bleating (in the Sydney Morning Herald) about how we need big immigration programs to address our so-called skills crisis and repeating the lie about 'jobs that Australians won't do'.

      Australian nationalism is sadly scarce on the left, but the biggest cheerleaders for immigration and 'growth' these days comes from the corporate-right.

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