Ironbark Club – December 2010

The Ironbark Club is a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Anthropogenic climate change sceptics and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC free environment. It’s a good way of meeting like-minded people and forming new social networks. We will have guest speakers on various subjects and from time to time be entertained with recitals of Australia poetry and short stories.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

This month’s special guest speaker is Sergio Redegalli. Sergio came to prominence recently after painting a ‘Say no to burqas’ mural on the front wall of his property in Newtown.  Since that time it has been vandalised on numerous occasions by those who claim to oppose oppression and freedom of speech:

Local activist Pip Hinman was one of the organisers of the meeting, and described some of the local community’s initial reactions.

“Immediately a number of locals “creatively rearranged” it

SBS News.

We’ll also be talking about the ongoing protests against the construction of a Mosque in Newcastle and the meeting held recently at Erskineville townhall where an APP member made a powerful point on why the burqa should be banned.

Entry is by donation and food and beverage will be complimentary, so come along, invite your friends!

When: Saturday, December 11, 3PM

Where: Sydney.

Contact Darrin on 0431 739 260 or Nick on 0417 679 972.


  1. When is your next meeting? Do you ever have them in central coast?

  2. As Sweden falls to African and Islamic colonisation, take a look at these indidgenous Swedes, its a while back but I can still remember the excitment I felt watching these two beautiful women singing with no racist, swearing horrible lyrics that go for mainstream 'music' nowdays. I also resent being told my ancestors came from Africa, we don't have steelo pad hair, noses that you could park a caravan inside nor do we have lips that resemble an aging porn stars front bottom.

  3. Skipping Girl says

    Good on you guys for supporting Sergio and his controversial mural. I think he is a hero and needs all the support he can get.

    I wish I was not so far away so that I could help out.

  4. I loved the photo of the blue heeler. It reminded me of my now deceased blue heeler Saffy who was a loyal companion for 18 years.

    I'd love to attend your meetings, but regrettably live a long way away. I wish you well in your endeavours. Keep up the good work.

  5. Some one email me and let me know when and where the next meeting is… and sorry for those who use to visit my website had a few personal issues hence the lack of updates.

  6. Nick Folkes says

    Come along to Ironbark for a PC free afternoon.

    Sergio has the support of the wider community on this issue. The left is bankrupt due their hopeless attempt to try and link any opposition to the burqa as racist.

    The left are the racists as they do not appreciate or value the right of Australians to hold their own opinions or convictions. Also the dirty ass lefties want to destroy our culture, customs and traditions and replace it with failed third world cultures.

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