Mosque Protest to be held at Civic Park, King St., Newcastle

This is a call to action! Concerned Novocastrians will hold a protest against the proposed Saudi funded Elermore Vale mosque on Friday, 3rd December, starting from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. We urge you to inform your friends, residents and family to come and join us in opposing the proposed mega mosque at Elermore Vale. It is important we send a loud and clear message to NCC that this proposed mosque is not wanted in Elermore Vale.

The Newcastle Muslim Association submitted their mosque DA to Newcastle City Council last September. Newcastle City Council is currently assessing the mosque DA before submission to the Joint Regional Planning Panel in January 2011. The exhibition period for objections is now closed however we still have a window of opportunity while Council is still assessing the mosque development application.

Last March the NMA announced their intention to purchase land at 158A & 164 Croudace Rd., Elermore Vale. This large parcel of land consisting of over 8300m2 cost $1.3 million. The mosque construction is predicted to cost $6.6 million. The proposed mosque will be able to accommodate over 300 worshippers at any one time for five daily prays. There is also a funeral home and an Iman’s residence included in the plans.

The Newcastle Muslim Association says, “When the mosque will be built, it will cater for religious needs of thousands of Muslims living in the Hunter region”. There is little doubt that having a mosque in the area will encourage more Muslims to move here. There have already been reports from other suburbs stating that extremist Muslims have been harassing and targeting non-Muslims in areas where Muslims predominate.

The residents of Elermore Vale overwhelmingly do not support the mosque proposal but it seems there are voices within Newcastle City Council who do, so who should the Council listen to?

The window of opportunity exists for one day only to protest against the proposal to build a mega mosque in Elermore Vale. Come and support the residents of Elermore Vale in their campaign to stop the mosque. Bring your flags and placards to show NCC we do not want this mega mosque in Elermore Vale. Hope to see you at Civic Park, Newcastle on 3rd December from 12pm to 2pm. Your country needs you!


  1. lived @ punchbowl now live at kograh wow its nice to go down the street and by a egg n bacon roll

    all i will say is i have met and known lots of Muslims

    the worst ones are the ones that dont go to a mosq or go to some backyard fundamentalist mosq

    i did work for a big muslim high school construction and must admit

    they all had good manners and it was the cleanest school i have been to and i was well payed on time to spite not doing mutch work

    if they are going to spend 6 million on a mosq i say put it out of town contribute to upgrade road

    if you push them underground the situation will get worse and id like to see some of them move away from sydney

    • we live in a muslim area of sydney, we are moving in two weeks back to newcastle to get away from it all.

      it would be sad to see this crap in Elermorevale, I used to live around there and didnt think that area would have muslims.

  2. Young white English girl gang raped by Muslim takeaway owners and their clients, then murdered, then MINCED INTO KEBAB MEAT THEN SOLD AS KEBABS!!

    They are not just content with colonizing, raping and murderering, they are going to eat us as well.

    How did it come to all this?

  3. Proud Australian says

    Getting these filthy religious extremists out of Newcastle requires support. Why did only four people attend the rally???

    I learnt about APP from a news article which followed. At least some good came of these four patriots giving their time and standing up for what they believe in.

    Well done.

    • Apparently there was ten people turn up, but one carload was delayed due to unforseen circumstances. Still, it didn't matter very much because we made the local TV and print news and as the next few days showed, our protest had quite an impact!

    • Because most of us had to work, more of us would have attended if we were from the far left we would be on the dole, our hair dressed in dreadlocks, stinking of cannabis and wearing tye dye shirts accompainied with voilent turd world immigrant welfare bludgers to make 'our point'.

  4. Skipping Girl says

    The biggest threat to the Western World today is Islam.

    They are moving in.

    Read Melanie Phillips book – Londonistan.

    Get your heads out of the sand before they are removed for you!

  5. Enoch Powell was an AUSTRALIAN politican working in England warning them back in the 1970's what would happen to England if the far left had their way with their 'Multiculturalism' genocide programme, how right he was.

    Listen to this man who was betrayed by his own team and deemed a 'racist', look at England today and what is happening to Australia now. 'When the Black man will hold the whip over the white man, rivers of blood will flow" Never have so few words spoken by one white man, become so true…

  6. What Muslims think of us whites.

    Maybe 'Macca" and 'Person" would like to defend these creatures.


  7. A little comedy to make yas laugh

  8. No doubt the bleeding hearts on here do not live in Elermore Vale !!

  9. It is time for the members of newcastle and the hunter valley to get off their armchairs and give Nick and Paul some support..

  10. You people are what is wrong with Australia, so full of hate, fear and paranoid delusions.

    • What? That's it? No evidence to back that up with, just an assumption based on what?

    • Evidently Person, you dont give a damn about your country or your heritage being turned into a s***hole 3rd world poverty stricken dump for illegals, Pakis, Afghans, Tamils, Africans, Somalians, Iraqi's, Iranians, Indonesians, and every other troubled Muslim people that will bring this country down to below their level….mate, I could rant on all day with stories about their open hatred of us and committing crimes left right and centre….you just dont get it, do you? Evidently you must live in a district that hasn't been contaminated yet.

      • Michelle W says

        I fully agree with you ex-Digger. I live very close to Merrylands, NSW, another suburb that has been, as you say, "contaminated." I didn't attend the local shops for several years, after a muslim bloke spat at my feet. I have no idea why he did that. Recently, I returned to the new refurbished shopping centre, and yesterday a muslim woman ran into my foot with her pram, then gave me a mouthfull!

        The government needs to stop enclaving these people NOW!

    • Hatred is not the answer. If anything, I am anti-hatred. That's why I am trying to expose Islamic teachings: Shari'a law includes a system of legally-mandated hatred. Mohammad is their model, and he expressed hatred toward non-Muslims. He maligned them, robbed them, tortured them, killed them, raped them, and took them as slaves. Muslims are supposed to follow his example. It says so in the Qur'an over seventy times. I suggest you read it.

      I'm talking about the teachings, not the people. Some Muslims follow the teachings, and some are Muslim in name only. But non-Muslims need to know about the teachings, because many of the most fundamental Islamic teachings are about how to deal with non-Muslims. According to the teachings, we must be subjugated under Islamic law. All of us. Voluntarily or by force. And the tens of millions or hundreds of millions who follow Islamic doctrine to the letter are actively working toward that end. They have gained control over how Islam is taught in American schoolbooks. Devoted followers have set up organizations in the United States and other Western democracies with the express purpose of undermining those democracies from within. We need to know about this stuff. It is affecting us already.

      If I say the teachings of communism advocate ending economic inequalities, does that make me a hatemonger? If I say Republicans advocate smaller government, does that make me a hater? If I say Buddhists believe in reincarnation, does that make me a hater? But if I say the teachings of Islam advocate striving to institute worldwide Shari'a law, that makes me a hatemonger? That doesn't make any sense. Many people don't realize how politically-oriented Islam is at its core. Shari'a is the law of Allah. Any other form of government is a sin. It is their duty as a Muslim to keep striving until all governments have been converted to Shari'a law. I think when we understand this, they will immediately grasp the basic principle that all governments must immediately stop all concessions to Islam.

      I am partial to groups who want to support the continued existence of Australia, the United States (or the UK, or wherever you are). So I guess in that sense, I am a bigot — I am partial to a group and intolerant of subversives. I don't want our government overthrown or subverted by someone who wants to follow Shari'a law. I am against any movement trying to take away women's rights, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, which is what Islamic supremacists are doing

      That Islam has been hijacked is what non-Muslims naturally assume because they assume all religions are the same. So they further assume that some crazies must have hijacked the religion because surely no religion would actually encourage the killing of innocents. We want to believe the religion has been hijacked. Once people realize it isn't true, we can start talking about real solutions.

    • Nick Folkes says

      An idiot is born every minute. "You people" – great English!

      There is alot "wrong" with Australia due to inept Government. We also have to put up with indoctrinated left wing fools who can't string a sentence together.

      Take your racism and hate away from this Patriotic Australian site. We do not accept racists like you or your worthless comments.

  11. All good points Diane. There are already 2nd and 3rd generations here and the problems have only become worse. Adding more generations therefore is not the answer because it will only continue to make things worse.

    Pulling out of Afghanistan etc will not help because they already hated us before we went there.

    There is only one answer here and it is obvious to everyone, whether they admit it or not. It is to stop caving in on the simplest Muslim demand. The won't go to Australia if Australia recognizes Islam for what it is. A political ideology that endeavors to replace Australian law with sharia.

    It's simple. Make them prove that they are suitable for a visa BEFORE they get one. Being Muslim BY DEFINITION makes one unaustralian and unable to be suitable. How about, put Mohamed on a "Dead Terrorist Watch List"? Then ask them on the visa application if they have ever been associated with Mohamed.

    • So to extend your argument, if an "Australian" converts to Islam, then they should be instantly deported? Religious views are not enough to define a person. Personally I think that all religion is the stupidest thing that mankind ever invented, and that God belongs on the same page as the tooth fairy & the boogeyman, but I also believe that people have the right to believe whatever they want as long at it doesn't hurt me.

      • Crikey….you mistakenly equate Islam with other more enlightened religions when nothing could be further from the truth. If you knew anything at all about Islam you would not have posted that very negative comment!

  12. Wonder what would happen if someone starts breeding miniature pigs, near the site? I would assume it would get closed down because it would offend Muslims?

    But what to do, I'm not sure how many muslims actually live in Newcastle? They say they have grown out of the existing mosque? Or are they intending for this mosque to cater for all muslims living within Newcastle and the Hunter? If so, would more people move to Elermore Vale, if they are to pray 5 times a day? Who is financing the mosque? I see on their website they are asking for $1,000 donations and they need 6 million? Are they going to investigate the Imam? Or is that racial??? Are they going to monitor what is taught there?

    How can we push for integration, not domination? If they go to a public school, considering they have on average 8 children, they would ultimately dominate, does that mean no ham sandwiches at school, I have seen already the case of non muslim kids being beaten up for having ham in their sandwiches, does that mean no christmas? I notice that a school in Cammeray, were going to stop all christmas carols, because it may offend some!!! When 2gb got news of it, they reinstated it!!! By bowing down to Political Correctness, they are creating this us and them – and we are the ones that tolerating their intolerance.

    Seems to me the poltically correct people who run this country are the ones to blame, even some muslims don't want to change things? It is enevitable that there is going to be more Muslims than non muslims in every country in the world! Can you stop them from immigrating to Australia, I dont think so? Their excuse for hating us, is because we are killing Muslims? What happens if we pull out of Afghanistan? Does that mean they will start to like us now – or move home? What about the 2nd and 3rd generations, where are they to go? Do they go to Islamic countries, where they can wear the niqab? have four wives? kill homosexuals and adulterers? chop of hands and feet of theives, Jihad? Killing non-muslims, seems to me that is the package of Islam? Dont they see other Islamic Countries? Unless they change the Koran, like we did with the old testament, then being Islamic incorporates all these things? Do they understand this?

    • Nothing is inevitable Diane, only the inevitability of cause and effect if those in the know submit to those they shouldn't.

  13. Well written Nick. I too will copy that statement.

    Is it possible to have a meeting with these senior Muslims, a public meeting, and closely question them about the Burqa and the violent attacks on private property, the attacks against the society they came to, the spread of the Mosques, and other issues.

    They could then be informed that they, as muslims, are free to leave, and why did they come to a christian western country in the first place? Why come here and then deliberately set out to destroy all things western. What is wrong with going to some other place in the world, like Central, south America? Could it be that they would probably shoot the first Muslim in sight? We have been disarmed, and suffered decades of an incredible propaganda war, aimed at the white Australian.


  14. Then bury more pigs! That's better than burying our friends and families which is what we will be doing if we don't start buying something else soon.

  15. Enough of muslims radical or not just chosing where to built their mosque's (which are just havens for terrorist organisation)…….unfortunately we are of western civilisation not middle eastern, and our values will never be the same. ……try going to a middle eastern country and demand you want a HUGE christian church built in the middle of a large city…….try not wearing a burka in one of these radical middle eastern countries…… will be harmed if not killed…….these guys chose to come over to Australia and we welcomed them, and as the saying goes in Rome do as the Romans do…..FOLLOW AUSTRALIAN LAWS!!!!!!!!!!…….if you do not like……..GO HOME. NO HUGE MOSQUE'S AND NO MORE BURKAS!!!!!

  16. Tolerance in the face of evil is treason

  17. Ray Cullen says

    I read of a similar problem in America recently the locals fixed the problem by burying a pig on the proposed site! All fixed end of story!

    • Ray it really did not stop anything

      they clensed the site at tax payers expence, shipped out 700 tons of dirt and brought in 700 clean tons and the local people paid for it all

      they have there mosque being built now

      the mosque on the war grave site ( 9/11 site) is now being funded by US tax payers too and those who disagree ( 79% of NY residents) not only get to pay for it but now are being hunted as extreamists

      shall it get like that here? it already is ..

      you cant say ban the burqa without being racist but look at the lady in queensland who lost her burqa in a high wind ( accident) and her husband punished her by setting her on fire and leaving the country ( to get a new wife i suppose) but thats not bad thats "just a cultural quirk" i read one journalist state

      ITS EVIL

      Tolerance of evil is TREASON

      and bloody close to Suicide when it come to Islam

  18. Folk's Newcastle is a great city , i was based in Singleton in the Army and lived in Hamilton , do you want it to be like Lakemba ? Been to Auburn in sydney lately ? or maybe Riverwood where police cars have to wait for community liason before they go there to help and save people , to not upset the "community" (Radical Islamists)

    If your a business owner , come along and bring your staff , especially if you retail anything to do with Pork , it may save you thousands in window repairs and vandalism as these are the things the main stream media dont tell you

    Look at Parramatta

    a Islamic gang was chased out by the Police for intimidating Asian and jewish people ( store keepers mainly but some public)

    and responded with a gang attack that broke nearly $800,000 dollars of shop windows in less than 4 minutes , and they stopped to spray paint a logo in arabic

    Allah al Akbar !!!

    god ( little g from me) is great


    they want to take over like at bankstown and lakemba and that was the opening salvo

    how long has the Parramatta Mosque been open before this happened ??

    4 months

    check everything i said , its all there but made polite by the media ,but its all there .

    you decide

    is that what you want ?

    i'll be there for my old neighbours ( great folks)

    i hope to see you too



  19. Nick Folkes says

    "In the beginning of change the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot."

    Mark Twain.

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