APP lifts the veil on Burqa debate

APP members make an important point about security, identity and the burqa at a ‘townhall’ meeting where the merits of banning the Islamic burqa were debated:


  1. Shame the APP member wearing the burqa didn't have some plastic grenades, explosives or machines guns hidden underneath the burqa, now that would have displayed the security aspect a bit better on TV. Might have caught the eye of the media better also. Well done to the APP members involved!

  2. It's in the nature of Islam to lie to infidels. However these lies are easily found out as time progresses. The Burqa and Islamic face coverings WILL have it's day under public scrutiny and possible banning in the not to far future.

    There are to many people championing the idea of getting rid of this archaic rebellious act by radical Islamist.

    The fact that a Commercial artist has highlighted the matter by painting a mural in a predominately Greens/ALP suburb like Newtown shows that the public are up for debate on whether to ban the burqa for a plethora of reasons.

  3. I do wish our supporters would get off this burqa banning crusade. For one, it will never happen as the right to wear religious attire and freedom of religion are protected in the Australian constitution. And secondly, do you think it would just stop at burqas? Burqas, bikie colours. Next the government would ban something else, then something else, then something else. The fundamental right to freedom of expression is an important one and should not be compromised just because of this stupid backward, alien religion.

    • Jaxxen……..the Australian Constitution does not provide for the wearing of any religious garments by any religion. And please consider that the Burqua wearer is only concerned with making her presence felt in a public place as the wearing of this garment allows the wearer to feel superior to other non-tent wearers.

  4. Nick Folkes says


    "Banning the burkah will be seen as racist". The left will always see any opposition to the burqa as racist. I don't really care what the left think as they have their own divisive agenda. The burqa has nothing to do with race as Islam is a religion.

    The public are waking up to the Islamists and their global agenda of conquest. Citizens are also coming to the realisation that Labor and Liberal do not represent the voters of Australia or our interests.

    Spread the word about Newcastle protest to be held at Civic Park, Newcastle on friday, 3rd December from 12pm to 2pm. The protest has been organised in support of Elermore Vale residents who do not want the mega mosque in their suburb. Hope to see Compatriots there on the day. Onwards and Upwards.

  5. Australians are waking up to the fact that there is a drastic cultural change with the introduction into Australia over the past 20 years of mainly Muslim emigrants, seeking asylum for mostly economic reasons, not a true fear of persecution.

    Other points of common observation are:

    1. The fact that our troops are fighting the Fundamentalist groups of Islam puts Australia and Australians on a precarious footing with Muslims and Islam.

    2. The push by the Australian Islamic Council for a large numbers of Mosques and Sharia banking and law in Australia.

    3. The subsequent drastic cultural changes to several suburbs in Sydney where large Mosques are built.

    4. Then the culmination of Islamic terrorists jailed in Australia, gang rapes, so called Honor murders and subjugation of women that women's rights have fort hard to have here in Australia.

    5. Personal attacks of deceased Australian soldiers wives and loved ones by way of hatred mail by a firebrand Islamic cleric.

    6. Now finally the the Ninja uniforms (Niqhab and Burqa) that are totally out of character for the purpose of promoting and progressing multiculturalism.

    We leave Our Government to pick and choose who enters our borders and rely on said Government to act in us the taxpayers and citizens best interests.

    However I suggest that over the past 10 years consecutive governments have failed to achieve any great progress with there immigration policies.

    This is why I oppose the burqa and any other face coverings as is is not only a recognized symbol of oppression in western society, it has security and health issues incorporated.

  6. If anyone is interested, there 'may' be a small law within NSW making it illegal to wear all black after dark (though it is not enforced).

    For the same reason I cannot walk into a bank weilding a SHotgun, the burqua allows insecurity to all Australians everywhere.

    "I saw the culprit … they were wearing all black and looked like a muslim woman…"

    Just as we get trolls on the internet we get trolls within our society; they are called red facists (i.e. greenies).

  7. hi gareth ,we so very much agree with you on the

    ( no show no go ) if they come here they do as aussies do , dont bring there rubbish with them

    the only problem i have is you gave my nic name to

    ( as my husband calls her ) red head barron bitch .

    my kids and g/kids all call me juju or nana juju so can you giveher another name like red barron , if not dont worry i will get by

    but again , we have to stop them or they will over run us , make no dought on that , already look at the amount of aussies to the illeagal immigrants

    ( ps sorry about the spelling) or the ones who wont become true aussie , it is getting scarey and i worry for the kids

  8. Well done. May the discussion never stop. All we need is for a biker to go into a bank with a full face helmet, following a person in a burka. Headscarf, no problems.

    Also, next time there is to be a new mosque constructed somewhere, have the neighborers obtain a pet pig.

    Then put up a sign stating " muslims may build you're mosque here when the west builds a Christians cathedral in Mecca, next to the temple.. Alan Webb

  9. Gareth Connors says

    Banning the burkah will be seen as racist. Better to ban all face covering except for safety reasons, full face motorcycle helmets etc.

    Make it a 'No show no go' (all public places, shops etc) situation and the silly f***ers will be buggered.

    Then we wait until the poop hits the

    prop. Cant you just see juju Gillard wringing her Welsh hands and crying 'come on boyoes they are just like us and they have rights'

    Well Juju I am a Barry boy and I know from whence you come. I also have lived for 33 years in OZ and I am ashamed to call you wontok.

    Lady, drop the greens, drop the winkywanky leftist crap and join the real world before the poop becomes s*** and hits the fan bigtime.

    Gareth Connors

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