Destiny magazine, issue 8

Issue Eight includes:

  • Wake up Australia!
  • How egalitarians are leading us into a new dark ago
  • The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
  • The banking system and credit creation

The problems of High Immigration:

  • Overcrowded cities
  • Increasing pollution
  • Ecological damage
  • Social disunity
  • Health concerns

Destiny magazine promotes an Australian Identity, a National Culture, and a Protectionist Philosophy.

Destiny is a showcase for the ideas of an up-and-coming Australian ideology, with writings and artwork from Australian nationalists across the country.

Destiny seeks to challenge the validity and position of the Australia-hating political establishment, to take back the moral high ground for fair dinkum Australians, and to regain our national destiny for the Australian People.

Destiny Magazine


  1. If anyone wants to see how we will end up should have a look at France.

    I was there in Christmas and the muslim/Nth African problem was almost at epidemic proportions, so much so that people there are calling for a far right solution.

    Do we really want to let it get this far out of control in our own country.

    If we don't start fighting now I fear this is our fate.

  2. Daniel Byrne says

    Indeed it is time for Aussies to stand up and fight..

    As an English person myself, I can clearly see the damages of £multiculturalism" in the UK.

    It simply don't work. End of the story and whenever we speak up, we get labeled as racists!

    Fight on and all the best.

    Daniel, Manchester, UK

  3. Time to bring back import taxes on foreign imports…….we want our Country back…….we need the private sector to start creating manufacturing, mining, jobs…..don't say that we can't reintroduce import taxes, because that is just a myth created by the huge corporations who have gone offshore.

    • I salute the good people of Northam WA! Almost unanimous in their objection of the Labour Government to house 1500 buck male Muslims in the old army camp just outside their town. Shirts with "Bomb their boats" and "Sink them before they land" were emblazoned on T shirts worn by ladies of Northam…"They will get over the 3m fence easy, steal our cars and head off to Perth to mingle with their own kind" was the popular concerns….surely the idiots running this country must wake up and heed what people want!! WE DONT WANT POTENTIAL TERRORISTS/NON-MIXERS/WELFARE BLUDGERS FROM S***HOLES WHO HATE US, LIVING HERE…WAKE UP COS ITS GETTING SERIOUS!!!

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