Anti-immigration party has historic win in Sweden

It has been heartening to see the results of the Swedish election, where an anti-immigration party, the Swedish Democrats (a party similar to the APP) has, for the first time, had members elected to parliament.

This success has proved the naysayers wrong, as there were those in Sweden who thought it would be a waste of time to support a political party; instead, Swedish nationalists have shown that we can win seats in parliament and have an influence upon a country’s policies. The rise of the Swedish Democrats has affected the balance of power in that country to the point of creating a hung parliament, creating a situation like in Australia where a handful of newly elected people can hold the balance of power.

As in Sweden, the possible election of several nationalists to parliament in Australia in a future election could change the whole nature of our national politics, giving us the capability to influence the outcome of national elections, and to truly create a significant voice for the Australian People.

This Swedish result follows on from the electoral success of other similar parties in Europe, where patriotic groups have recently been elected into parliament:

In Holland the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV, Geert Wilder’s party) won 24 seats in the 2010 general election, making it the third largest party in the country.

In Belgium the Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) won 12 seats in the 2010 general election (winning 19% of the Flemish constituency).

In Switzerland the Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP), won 64 seats in the 2007 general election (winning 29% of the vote, the highest any party has ever received in Switzerland).

All of this shows us that it is possible for people to break free of the political quicksand of Liberal-Labor politics and bring forward results to protect the future of our people.


  1. I travel all over the country and I can tell you that our people are doomed. On every corner of every suburb in the major cities there are people that we only saw in documentaries 5 to 10 standing around. Indians are the latest flood – absolutely unbelievable the numbers.

    Our forefathers went to these countries during the wars and when they came back they agreed – not here, but now they are in the media and the government. 1984 and animal farm are here. Remember NEWSPEAK? Its here.

    Imagine if I went to India or China or Lebanon or Africa and started telling those people I was Indian or Chinese etc. Or I started using the government or the media to enforce this idea. They laugh me out of the place But here its now the law.

    I don't believe in a god but I feel compelled to utter God help us.

  2. Last night on the ABC's 'rage' programme, I was disgusted to see the entire programme devoted to gangster rapp, I've never heard such racis, hate driven crap in all my life. And I was lead to beleive that racial vilification of any ethnic race was illegal. How the ABC could air this revolting, anti-white, genocidal, racist hate mongering is truely beyond me.

    If anyone is interested in looking at some cartoons on how I feel about where Australia is heading and where it is now, you are welcome to view them on my facebook page under Michael Monroe, it has a cartoon as my profile page with the title "We've had enough" Feel free to print them out, use them as novelty cards or whatever, I don't care.

    Just can't stand it anymore.

    • Reading the notes on this RAGE music clip on ABC. We all should phone ABC now and get it banded. A number of phone calls they have too.

      Report to the discrimination board etc right now. It is time to put pressure on all these outlets that are putting pressure on us. Dont just talk about it – do it. We should send Julie a dvd copy and say here Julie you are white. Say if we did a music clip about them… there would be outcry.

  3. Just imagine the "new paradigm" if Oz protectionists win seats in a hung parliament. Bring it on…

    • Nice if it did happen, but keep in mind that Sweden has a different electoral system, based on a system of two tiered proportional representation, with a 4% threshold needed to win seats. Very different from our federal Parliament.

  4. By the way, that's my cartoon up there as well as 'silly buggers', i'd like to see the APP put out a 2011 calander with cartoons people send in regarding how they feel about multiculturalism and the far left's betrayal of it own race, and eventually, should Islam take hold of Australia, the Aborginies as well. It may well be our only way at the moment to describe the anguish and dispair we feel at losing this country and most likely, our race of people when we are outnumbered and our Holocaust truely begins.

    I think this would make quite a bit of money for the APP as the public mood out there is now so pissed off. "Who let the far left drive?" is the title I fancy. What about other thoughts on the subject? Mayvbe even funny greeting cards taking the piss out of politicans and journalists etc, who make our lives hell would be an idea to play around with!

  5. I see over one hundred African went on a voilent rampage in Adelaide today…..ahhh! Ya all feeeell the loove of 'diversity' now? Maybe some of the left winged do-gooders occassionally trolling this site with their nasty anti-white racist comment could re-assure us this kind of thing would NEVER happen here in Australia, 'cause after all, Africans are JUST like us arn't they? Which, explains of course, their advanced technology inventions, infrastructures, polite service and those lovely, non-racist 'lyrics' they belt out in their gangster rapp about killing whites. Even our children.

  6. It is hard to imagine, that Non-Islamic Australian's can not see what is going here in our own suburbs. Has anyone been to Thornlie (WA) Shopping Center recently? I was in a line of 10 people at a local grocer and, without a word of a lie, mine was the only face that could be identified. Well done to all those fighting the fight – where do I join. I am not racist – I just love my race and want my grand children to see it.

    • Nick Folkes says

      Wayne hit the "branches" tab above to get APP contact numbers or alternatively hit the "Join us Now" tab located on the top right hand corner of APP web page.

      Progress can be achieved in protecting Australia but real progress will only come through the ballot box. Representation through Parliament is the key to survival for the Australian people.

      The pendulum is swinging back to the centre-right political parties. Economic insecurity, rising costs, lower standard of living and multiculturalism are turning the voter against the left.

  7. Grahame6thgen says

    The success of the said party is the direct result of the voice of the people who put them there, we need to do the same. Our culture is freedom, lets keep our culture, let us be pro-active not reactive and preserve this for our children and those to come!

  8. I see the labour party has now included a Muslim politican, this is how england was destroyed by doing this. He also placed his hand on the s**te koran when pledging his oath, the very book that says Muslims must infiltrate and destroy the infidel…looks like they are well on their way to acheiving their aims now.

    By the way, the s**te media, why is it that whenever an ethnic or Aboriginal comitts a horrific crime, a white model is used in the 're-inactment' how can we know whom to look for if the media can't tell the truth in these crimes?

  9. Take note of this! This means that we CAN kick out the established parties in ALL our countries. We CAN vote in a third party! The Liberals and the Labor, the Democrats and the Republicans in the US have been played off against the people for far too long. We must change the status quo. The Republicans in the USA are almost as guilty as the Democrats for making Obama a president. (Sorry, no capital "P" for Obongo)

    We can do this in Australia, USA, Britain and Europe. The Libertarian, Conservative, Right must unite world-wide and fight the world-wide spread of NWO Marxism! We've had enough of them trying to indoctrinate us that Islam is "peaceful" so that our resolve as a cohesive people will be weakened as we are forced to give one Liberty after another.

    Cheers to Sweden!!!

    PS: I think my Crusaders shall have throw another burka lifting party to celebrate.

    Sgt. KoranFlusher

  10. Sustainable population, sustainable Australian culture, sustainable productivity for Australians by Australians-abandon UN Treaties and non-sustainable political parties, read the book at

    • Keep up the good work Rachel.. we need more female patriots to open the eyes of those who wish to seem nuetral for fear of being labelled a redneck.

  11. Nick Folkes says

    This is brilliant news. Power to the Swedish Democrats.

    The do-gooder Fabian filth would be absolutely gagging on their Chardonnay.

    This is inspiring stuff for an aspirational political party like APP.

    We face many hurdles in our journey to represent Australians in Parliament but this positive development says it can be done. We can achieve victory so never give in, never surrender to the dirt bags of the left.

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