Australia is worth protecting!

Senate candidates Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes believe Australia is worth protecting.

As Australians we are blessed with a land of abundance. We enjoy a quality of life that few other countries possess. We have freedoms that few others have. Australia is the envy of the many, but the privilege of the few.

Being Australian is a privilege not a right, therefore those who abuse that privilege should have it withdrawn. Australians are big hearted and fair, but those who wish to abuse our kindness are not welcome.

The lifestyle we enjoy, the freedoms we enjoy came at a cost. An entire generation of young men and women went to war to protect this country and more often than not, paid the highest price.

There are those who wish to squander that legacy, to throw away our heritage in the pursuit of hateful and divisive ideologies such as multiculturalism, socialism and globalisation.

As Australians who have enjoyed a lifestyle paid for in blood, we understand it is our responsibility to ensure we pass that legacy on to our children; they are the rightful inheritors of this land built by their forefathers, not the third-world masses.

Under various Liberal and Labor governments we have seen the demise of our manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure. We’re experiencing increasing costs of living and falling social standards and ever increasing third-world population encouraged by weak border protection policies.

Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes believe we as a nation can do better:

  • Strengthen our border protection and send illegals back – Ten year ban on Islamic immigration.

  • Rebuild our manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

  • No internet censorship.

  • No tax on everything, no ETS.

  • Tax the banks instead of our miners!

Let us truly move forward! Advance Australia fair by

voting 1 senate Group “D”

Darrin Hodges & Nick Folkes.

Authorised & printed by Darrin Hodges, 0431 739 260.

107 Woronora rd, Engadine NSW 2233.


  1. Im in VIC, what is the best direction for my vote to go to help the APP cause ?

  2. alan cordner says

    Hey Nick & Darrin

    sorry I could not make saturday but after seeing the pictures these left wing c***s need f***in shot ,

    not a white anglo saxon in view , australia waken up we will be overun by non educated refugees and left wing uni students.

  3. It would be splendid to win a voice in the Senate, and introduce a bill against homosexual perversion. At least there would need to be discussion. Of course, bills restoring the White Australia Policy would have to be discussed openly too, and the leftists and capitalists interested in cheap labour would be allowed to dismiss the introducing Senator as a racist bogan. They would have to sit still and listen; and the ABC would have to air the reading. And the public would hear about it. It would be so shockingly populist.

  4. localyokel says

    Australia should stop selling off the land to foreigner investment and relying on off shore industry.

    We should be creating our own manufacture industry instead of being dependent on existing service industries.

    Our Governments should be helping to create real jobs instead of a casual, part time employment program.

  5. OzPatriot says

    I must applaud Darrin & Nick for their determination and perseverence in registering for the election.

    It is now up to every dinky di Aussie to support them and tell everyone they know about how to vote for genuine representation.

    Remember that luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation – and this is it!!

    Best of luck!

  6. klippies101 says

    to be honest i think oz is in bad shape when the minister of entertainment and events for W.A says harbour town is a major international event

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