No mosque at Ground Zero // No Surrender!


  1. His support for the Cordoba mosque together with his failure to recognise that it is a Muslim monument placed offensively close to a place of carnage wrought by Muslims suggests that Barack Hussein Obama is not merely a Muslim but one of that extremely small group of Muslim fundamentalists, being no more than 99.34% of all Muslims, who support terrorism and jihad against the West, against Islam al-Harb.

    It seems Barack Hussein is intent on liberating Westerners from their idolatry and offering them the opportunity to submit to Islam, or be impoverished by jizya, or face death. Before he can offer these options, it seems Barack Hussein sees the wisdom of Marxist-Keynesian economics.

    Thus, in the interests of salvific jihad, he will bankrupt the United States, and so the rest of the free world, by distributing American wealth to the uncreditworthy through unaffordable health insurance to millions of illegal immigrants, and by paying for the mortgages of minorities who do not want to pay for their houses. He will also impose fines on firms like BP, after first obliging them to take risks by drilling to great depths in difficult terrain where there is a good chance they will suffer punishable mishaps.

    In accordance with the doctrine of Taqiyah, Barack Hussein will continue the pretence of being a Christian, though Jeremiah Wright is as much a reverend as is Barack Hussein's role model Osama bin Laden.

  2. Grahame6thgen says

    We are a 'Silent Majority'

  3. If these pathetic governments in the US and Australia are so committed to pleasing muslims, pull out our troops NOW and send them home, let them blow each other up and commit our support to Israel, possibly the last hope for civilisation as we know it. God help us all and I am an atheist.

  4. The battle ground is no longer in another country. The battle is in our cities. our community, next door and sometimes a treacherous "friend".

    Our enemy works alongside us, eats with us in our restaurants, sends their children to the same schools.

    Every citizen is challenged to be a brave soldier against evil, tyranny and betrayal.

    The people elected to protect us are now more often the most treacherous.

  5. AUSSIE BLOKE says

    anyone in the know knows that muslim extremists didn't pull off 9/11, saying that I still dont welcome them, their religion or their mosks anywhere in Australia

  6. Well said Morris – I just wish the other 22 million Australians would wake up to this corrupt political system. At Federation in 1901 there were no Liberal or Labor or other parties, these are a fiction which merely came into fruition and in time, and over time were accepted as the norm but they are both detrimental to our very existence. Where is our manufacturing industry? Where is our farming industry now going? Why do we "sheep" keep putting up with a choice of party members, in a party with it's own agenda and not the agenda of the country? read the book Aussies wanna KISS and with the petition we can take back our constitution and our democratic rights.

  7. Australian politicians with their political parties agendas are detrimental to all Australians. Adverse international treaties and misguided political correctness will destroy our democracy and our culture. Read the book and sign the petition at

  8. OzPatriot says

    I agree and stand side by side with our American cousins.

    This is a blatant insult to our civilisation and Judeo-christian foundations.

    This is just another phase in islams' 1400 year attempt to displace Christianity and replace it with evil.

    It is plain and simple to see and the West continues to place its' head in the sand.

    Lets face it, they openly hold up the banner of their intentions for everyone to see and are definitly not backwards in going forwards. Perhaps it is so brazen and obvious that the sheeple cannot see the wood for trees?

    Wake up!!

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