Julia may be an atheist….

But the devil is in the detail as far as her “new” policy on illegals:

She said that even if all boat people were found to be refugees, they would still make up just 1.6 per cent of all migrants to Australia in a year.
Daily Telegraph

Gillard’s stance on illegals is a tacit admission that the vast majority of Australians are against being invaded by the third-world despite the rubbish the refugee industry is peddling to the contrary.  The question is, what will happen after the election?


  1. localyokel says

    I would like to point out that Gillard is responding to the voices of Australians who want the illegals stopped.

    I would like to remind all ex patriots from the UK that Australia is not a part of the UK nor do we want to be.

    Let me remind you this country was colonized by convicts from the UK who were dumped here. Their descendants have not sentimental attachment to the UK.

    With constant reference to the UK by party members it makes me wonder if this is not a Pom party instead of an Australian one.

    This is hypocrisy as this party claims to be against non-assimilation.

    • Localyokel….I believe that those who reference the UK do so only as a reference point, as the UK is so far ahead of us in its islammization program.

    • OzPatriot says


      Dont trash people because they talk about the UK.

      The English are our kin and for far too long we have dismissed them as strangers or not important to us.

      It is because we have forgotten our tribal link to other Anglo Saxons that we are in a mess at the moment. We have lost this link and do very little to support our own; this has allowed the dangers of 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism to creep in and destroy Anglo society and its cohesion.

      Be careful who you talk ill of; Britain is our ancestral home and it is where we have come from – dont forget that.

      Just look at our flag….are you proud of it? That shows where we come from and who we are now.

  2. I don't care if she is an atheist, I care if she can run the country, her stupidity on the boat question has sealed that for me.

  3. localyokel says

    Despite everything, refugees are criminals when they jump the queue.

    We should also clamp down on illegal stayers.

    Asylum seekers are 1.6 too many for a country that does not know how to manage its infrastructure with the population it already has and does not have a good record for looking after its own disadvantaged.

    Noticed with population growth continually having to pay for something that was once free.

    Population growth too expensive for me because I get a lot less for my taxes these days as the cost of daily living rises.

    I am sick of job uncertainty because of having to compete with a job desperate population.

    Population growth does not create industry!

    Where are the jobs?

    When Australians no longer can afford to buy the cheap Asian imports will our immigrants go on the dole?

  4. I think the Australian people should be given a say as to who comes here…..do they remember us? The taxpayers and voters who got them in? We've never been asked what we want. Do we need population growth? Well the population of Scotland hasn't increased in forty years and they're doing OK.

  5. Grahame6thgen says

    Basically this comment will cover this issue and any other issue that arises. To the government, "dont piss down my back and tell me its raining", when are you suits going to learn that the majority of aussie diehards live in the country, and logically your bulls*** don't wash with us, we all know where this is going!!!!!!!!

  6. Grahame6thgen says

    Hi Darren Hodges,

    I would like to ask you if the comments, concerns and posts of all the people on this website have been sighted or made visual to the government, to the prime minister Gillard, or those who make out they have our concerns as an australian at heart! If not why! And if so what was their response to our concerns, cheers mate!

    • Darrin is in campaign mode Graham, so you probably won't hear from him regarding your question. I could answer it for you by saying that any comments on this site stay on this site, most politicians shining seats wouldn't give a flying fig for what the grass roots thinks or says!

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