Australian patriots face off against Islamic extremists

The Australian Protectionist Party held a rally against Hizb ut-Tahrir on Sunday, 4th of July. Approx. 35 Australian patriots attended to defend Australian values against the hateful rhetoric of Hizb ut-Tahrir.  This report from The Australian tells the story:

Police on guard as anti-Islamists stage protest

THE stage appeared set for two opposed cultures to clash in Sydney’s ethnically mixed working-class suburb of Lidcombe yesterday.

But if any outright antagonism had been going to happen between the Australian Protectionist Party and Hizb ut-Tahrir, police were determined not to allow it, keeping the groups at a distance from one another.

The APP met in a small park to express their need to “protect” the Australian way of life.

Around the corner from Australian flag-waving protesters, Muslims from around Sydney and overseas gathered in a local conference hall to discuss the “Struggle For Islam in the West”, with the Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Conflict between the APP and HT amounted to an exchange of words, anti-Islam chants and the occasional drive-by of young Muslim men yelling obscenities from their car at the APP protesters.

One passer-by, a young Muslim man, yelled at the APP group, “You people have absolutely no idea”, sparking a fiery exchange of accusations and finger-pointing.

“Infidels ‘r’ us!” read one APP placard, as members marched past the conference centre.

After regrouping in the park around the corner, the APP contingent mustered for another lap of the town centre and yelled “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Islam must go”and “No sharia law”.
[ read more @ The Australian ]

Australian patiots take on Islamic extremists.


  1. Oz is ripe for change, the salt of the earth Aussies are sick of giving in and being branded when they speak, the Patriot’s have one chance to provide a voice to Australia that there is life outside of Liberal & Labor the challenge they face is not to appear too radical and to create division rather than united, they cannot turn against everyone, stay focused on the key issue of providing a leadership to this great nation that is not currently seen, bring in the RSL and AFL organisations that represent grass roots Aussies, take a leaf out of the Kiwis & Pacific Island nations regarding Patriotism, bring them into the fold, above all encourage the media to join the effort, a difficult but not impossible task.

  2. Wish I was there. The only thing stopping me was work commitments. This is why the neo marxist uni students and dole bludgers have a sizable turnout for their meetings. They have lot more spare time on their hands than workers. Still 35 is nothing to sneeze at.

  3. As Goose says: some of us have to work and i am one that works weekends but hopefully after september I will be free to come along on them and bring along a few friends but to Paul, Nick and Darrin well done and to say noone knew well it was on AI and here that it was on and where to meet but a lot of people just do not want to get involved especially the older generation

  4. Mike,obviously you've never seen Sarah Hansen Young,a South Australian Green……now she ain't bad!! When she opens her mouth though,I soon rediscover why I despise her. These people want-Sudanese and Somalians flooding the country, Indian students with one way tickets everywhere(driven past a carwash lately?), gay parental rights,and they don't seem too afraid that every western nation will possibly be Islamic before my 6yo hits middle age. I'd like every 3rd world invader deported,and for every 5 that go,they take one lefty with them……they truly deserve eachother.

    • I like to call these idiots out and ask them to practice what they preach. They either sidestep the question or change the subject.

      Perhaps Young could open her house to some of the Sudanese and Somali Muslims and let them know just how wonderful it is to have them in our country.

      Do you think she'll take the offer up? Not bloody likely!

  5. Once more, I urge a visit to the Jakarta expat conservative blog

    Ross’s Right Angle

    and take on the very mouthy and rude left-lib who is hogging the comments area?


    Sorry the link didn't show on my last comment here it is.

  7. I know this is a different topic to what is usually on this site but could someone explain to me how it is that a policeman who is charged with DUI gets only a 1 (one) day suspension from driving and is suspended from duty on full pay????????????

    Being an everyday Joe, if I am in a job where I need my licence and get done for DUI will my employer give me full pay when I am not working? Will I only get a 1 (one) day suspension from driving?

    Is there more than one law for the same charge? Does it really depend on who you are and/or who you know?

    There are other police I have read of in the local rag here in Adelaide where police are on suspension at full pay for things that other people would be jailed for, what am I missing?

    • Nemesis says

      aus1st…..there is only one law for ALL drink drivers. First offence, and depending on the alcohol blood level in the offenders blood and the circumstances of the offence, usually carries a warning and a fine by the magistrate and no loss of license. Second and subsequent offences are treated more severely.

      There seems to be anger in your comment directed against the cop caught doing something that he/she should not have been doing. I agree with that anger as ALL police should be compelled to lead by example. Years ago this was the case, but not anymore!

  8. There is footage of the conference held in Lidcombe by Hibz ut-Tahrir on this site if anyone is interested.

  9. Maybe a solution to the boat people problem is that all the bleeding hearts who believe we should open our doors and hearts to them, should finance a family or at least one of these people from their own pocket.

    Don’t use Taxpayer’s money for the “pretend” refugee’s coming here, each boat person should be met on the beach by a bleeding heart, fed, clothed, housed, educated to our lifestyle and everything they need or want paid for by the bleeding heart. It would not take very long for things to change, as putting your money where your mouth is, makes things change!

    The money being used on boat people should be used on the real people of this country, people who have paid their dues. When we have enough housing for the homeless, when their is no child living in poverty and our seniors get a fair pension, then and only then should we help others.


  10. Melanie Phillips has done an excellent article on this very group.

  11. localyokel says

    The Australian media does not voice the true Australian spirit when it suppresses these stories.

    Australians are awake to Political Correctness!

    • Nemesis says

      Those that 'couldn't care less' will soon come around once they realise the gravity of having this ideology in our land and how it will directly affect them in the not too distant future.

  12. MP Turner says

    Why on earth was there not more publicity about this meeting?.. I am sure if more people knew it was happening, many more would have turned up. I did not know about it. You need to publicise the details more next time please.

    • Paul Toohey says

      Forms of new media these days subject the masses to what they deem appropriate for us to know and this matter has been broadcast and championed by the announcers at 2GB radio for weeks before the event.. So with forms of media like TV and papers the powers to be only feed us sensationalism and what they deem as fit public consumption. Until APP have a voice on said medias to champion what everyday Australians are concerned above, APP will be treated like a fringe nationalist party. Like one nation.

    • MP Turner you need to be pro active if you are really concerned look at these websites more often. The information is there. It is your responsibility to find out what is going on.

    • Pretty sure a majority who are in APP were notified via email about this event. Even check the AIF forums:

    • Nemesis says

      The blatant conquistador mentality of Islam is an inconvenient truth for the left wing media, but is a necessary ally of the leftist 'intelligentsia' who wish to propel us into 'totallitarian democracy.'

      Once you realise the root of our current problem it will be easier to comprehend and to identify our enemies.

  13. Free educational resources to fight the incursions of Islam on the West:

    Complete history of Islam for history ignoramuses:

    History of Jerusalem showing why Jews not Arabs have the historical right to it:

    Islam Watch Blog:

    • Paul Toohey says

      Thank you these links are what the public need to understand why this so called religion of peace, Islam is undermine or country and Democracy.

  14. Paul Toohey says

    Gee Wiz I take a good photo.. That's me on the left… YAHOO!

    However APP members were out numbered by individuals protesting with us and there was not enough APP members attending on such an important event.

    APP needs the support of its members in these situation. So if you have the time and you want to help our country to get back to some sort of normality. Please come along and participate in these rallies. You will make a difference.

    And a big thank you to the two ladies who where in Sydney on holidays from Perth that while surfing the internet found that the protest was on and took time out of there sight seeing time to come along to the rally and participate and they aren't even in APP!

    • OzPatriot says

      I agree, Paul!

      We need everyone that is humanly possible to turn up and support us.

      I know for a fact that people are froghtened off by this scum and believe it is dangerous to turn up and voice their opinions.

      Turning up now will ensure that none of us has to bare arms in the future to protect our great nation.

      Those two ladies were just lovely and it was exemplary of them to attend and support us.

      If we dont stand up to this disrespectul and dangerous scum – do you think the PC government will?

      Give generously of your time where possible. Remember that this is not a joke; it is our future and the future of our children.

    • Thanks Paul and to the APP for organizing this event.

      I am proud to be Australian and to have participated in this protest. You are doing a fantastic job.

  15. Bertie_bert says
  16. Marvellous effort. well done patriots.

  17. Please ask your friends to join in the debates on our new expat blog based in Jakarta

    Ross's Right Angle

    Great fights going on Islamisation, multi-cult, etc. We need Australians with sense!

    • Its a bit rich how these people come to this country to get away from sharia law,and then campaign against the very way of life they now enjoy. When the Greens and various refugee groups get up and defend boat people and Islamists groups such as these,they're not speaking for me….or about 80% of Australians,and they wern't elected,so why can't they just shut up?! These extremists have changed countries,now they want to change the country. Enough said.

      • The hideous looking man/woman lesbian Perth leader of the Greens, Giz Watson stated earlier this year in "The West Australian' that she wanted free 'ice' (crack cocaine) to be handed out to drug users for their personal useage.

        These are the freaks of nature that make up the Greens along with their leader Bob Brown who states on ABC, that Muslims are 'wonderful people' despite that should they ever come to power here he and his gay partner would be one of the first to be executed as homosexulaity is not tolerated under Islamic law is punishable by death.

        • Errr…..I left a response for you but forgot to press the 'reply' button so its in the wrong place. Cheers.

        • The Greens Co-Founders are Bob Brown and

          Peter Singer,who is a weirdo!Giz Watson

          lives in a very Conservative suburb in

          the western suburbs of Perth. We see her

          at our Fish and Chip shop.She looks like

          a Dwarf,not that there is anything wrong with

          being a Dwarf.The Greens are Far Lefties.Green

          on the outside and red inside.They are not

          Environmentalist but are leftovers from the old

          Communist Party. She should read their mission

          statement.They are our biggest enemy.

          • The reason leftwing protests and marches are bigger than those on our side is because most of us have to work,hence the low turnout of anything planned. Those commie,lefty bludgers on the other side have nothing else to do except plan what to protest against next. These dirty traiters look like nobody owns them. I'd like to see them protest in China or Iran. They'd last as long as a schooner in Birdsville.

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