Ironback Club – July 2010

The Ironbark Club is a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives,Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Anthropogenic climate change sceptics and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC free environment. It’s a good way of meeting like-minded people and forming new social networks. We will have guest speakers on various subjects and from time to time be entertained with recitals of Australia poetry and short stories.

Rethinking the White Australia Policy: An Evolutionary Perspective.

As most of us now observe, it’s no longer a question of ‘spot the Aussie!’, it has become ‘where is the Aussie?’ and July’s guest speaker Prof. Andrew Fraser will look at the demise of white Australia at the hands of the Establishment and explore possible solutions toward re-invigorating our heritage with the aim of retaining Australia as our homeland.

Prof. Andrew Fraser

Andrew Fraser came to prominence in 2005 after writing a letter to the Parramatta Sun claiming that African immigration would lead to increasing levels of crime and was suspended from his teaching position (constitutional law) at Macquarie University. Andrew believes that the Anglosphere is under threat from mass immigration and needless to say, like other WASPs throughout the old white Commonwealth as well as those trapped in the rapidly decaying American republic, he is now suffering an identity crisis.

Entry is by donation and food and beverage will be complimentary, so come along, invite your friends!

Contact Darrin on 0431 739 260 or Nick on 0417 679 972.


  1. Mary-Anne says

    Is there an ironback in Adelaide

  2. Is there an Ironbark in Perth?

    Any chance of Professor Andrew Fraser coming to

    West Aussie in the not too distant future?

    Thank you for starting to be very pro-active in

    trying to keep our way of life,that we all love,

    in our Beautiful Australia.,

    • If I may make a sugestion Jasmine?

      Send an email to the WA protectionists ( ) with an invitation to all WA protectionists for a BBQ or some such.

      Start the ball rolling over there 🙂 It doesnt have to be big, just a nice social gathering in a park, ect, ect.

  3. Is there somewhere to say when your next meeting will be held?

    Have you got the 500 members to register as a party yet? I read that somewhere here.

    When I know more about this party and think it is a good thing, is it ok to put links on my facebook and other forums?

    I'm in the Hunter Valley, is anyone else.

    I couldn't find an introduction thread anywhere? do you have one? Cheers all. Susanne.

    • I already have a gravatar btw, that’s why the pic came up.

    • APP News says

      Hi Susanne, federal registration is being processed by the powers that be and details about the next meeting can be found here ->

    • Heya Susanne,

      There are quite a few members up there in the Hunter, I just moved away due to forces beyond my control.

      If I may suggest that you try your best to attend the next ironbark social. You will not be disapointed.

      Also keep an eye on the Australian Identity Forums, they are an excellent source of information, on many different subject, not only the hard hitting ones.

      The best thing for Australia right now is letting people know about the APP and that it is fighting for the AUstralian way of life, so please link, link, talk, link, and show people that they have someone standing up for them, even if they dont realise it.

      You dont have to be a communist or a socialist to stand up for the average joe in this country (god knows the lib/lab/greens dont/wont do that ever again) .

      And you dont have to be a capitolist to stand up for manufacturing or small business….

      Just a Patriot.

      Cheers mate.

  4. Well, our Governments are following in the footsteps of America. Trying to ram these huge electricity increases down our throats, under the cap n trade scheme, due to a so called "climate change". I got an email from our Energy Minister re my email about these increases and the rubbish they are trying to tell the Australian people. Gee all the subsidies he outlined that they are going to give to the folks who will be disadvantaged amazed me. Who is going to pay for this???

    If you have austar or foxtel go to channel 604 and watch glenn beck. This guy will open your eyes and you will see the similarities happening in America. Glenn is on at 7am and then a rerun at 4pm…….Political Correctness…….give me a break………visit the political rooms are yahoo…….very interesting

    • As someone once said a while back (can't remember who) :

      In 100 years time our great great grandchildren are going to be ashamed of us because we were conned about climate change so easily …

      well my kids arn't. I teach them to have a brain and read all sides of the argument first.

  5. Is there an Ironbark club in Canberra?

    If so, please send me the details.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Hi Sharon,

      At the moment there is no Ironbark Social Club in Canberra.

      We need new members in Canberra to establish a branch and Social Club.

      You are always welcome to Ironbark when in Sydney.

      Reach out to Compatriots and Conservatives to spread the good news about the Australian grassroots political alternative – our party APP.

      • Exactly Nick, also you may think to yourself that you cant make a difference… that your just one person …

        Well, from one person comes two who share the same convictions, and then it stems to four … and it grows.

        If you feel that you want to stand up, that you want to be counted, every little bit helps ….

        I'm not talking money here, Im talking 'talk'.

        How valuble is it for one person to talk to a friend who is to scared to say they hate the idea of multiculturalism? or that Islam is a religion of evil?; and then find that they are compatriots in the same struggle?

        That is value. That is what we need more of. Talk.

        The time for action will come, but we need to be prepared for it. More prepared then the enemies and traitors of this great nation.

  6. Geoff Warren says

    I am assuming that this advertised activity is located in N.S.W.? (Ironbark club) If this is correct as it is not stated in the article, is there any activities here in Melbourne Victoria?



    • Nicholas Folkes says


      Yes, Ironbark is held in Sydney.

      APP do hold meetings in Melbourne, call 0448 786 177.

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