Red White and Blue Is a Racist Colour Scheme, but Religious Global Domination Is Fine

The establishment’s institutional anti-white racism has been illustrated with two contrasting events this week: the feather glove treatment handed out to a Muslim who defaced a war memorial; and the heavy handed treatment of a British man who dared to put up a homemade poster in his window calling for voters to “get the lot out.”

When a 74-yr-old man decided to add some colour to his anti-politician poster, he never dreamed that his choice would end with the local police at the door.

Within 90 minutes of posting the banner on the inside of his bedroom window, a busybody neighbour had presumably decided to take offence on behalf of ethnic minorities and called the local police station.

Apparently, the choice of Union flag colours on a white background could be considered to be racist.

There are two troubling – but not all that surprising – themes to this tale. The first is that a neighbour felt the need to inform the police the moment they felt the state orthodoxy had been contradicted. There once existed a super state that encouraged this type of spying on fellow citizens.

The second concern is the zeal of the police when dealing with somebody who has allegedly said, done or even thought something which has been described as potentially racist. Somebody’s breaking into your car? Ok, here’s a crime reference number.

Somebody has a St George’s cross in their car? Cue the sirens. In other tyrannical regimes across the world there once existed organisations which dealt with potential dissidents in this manner.

I imagine the rapidity of the police response was probably inspired by the thought that they’d be dealing with a British National Party member. We’d better arrest one of them; it’s been a while.

In contrast, an Islamic radical can denigrate a memorial to our war dead, praise a mastermind of mass-murder, threaten the non-Muslim population and the Prime Minister all at once, and then walk away with conditional discharge.

Believe me, if you or I, as members of the British National Party, had incited murder, our feet wouldn’t touch the floor. The media would be presenting the act as proof that we’re all violent thugs. The black propagandists of the Labour Party would be in an orgasmic state and their aggressive attack dogs in the UAF would be tooling themselves up, looking for a BNP cranium to smash.

Yet, a spiritual leader defending the perpetrator reveals the utter contempt that these people have for the indigenous community: “It really doesn’t concern us how the British people feel about the graffiti,” he bleated.

I don’t suppose it would concern them. When you have the entire state apparatus working for you, then you need not fear offending the subjugated majority.

The twist to this disgusting story is that the local media and ultra-leftist groups had tried to claim that this hate graffiti was the work of the BNP. Egg and faces comes to mind.

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  1. Lawrence says

    I am not racist,BUT,I believe that the criminal intollerance shown to the indigenous whites is undemocratic when observed from any angle. In the army I was taught coorctly) that the best defence is always attack.

  2. Dave Tierney says

    Fight for 'White Rights' now before it is too late.

  3. The only way around this is not to make any direct, explicit statement like "Get the lot out".

    Be indirect, vague, irritatingly non-specific.

    And only use officially approved symbols like the flag.

  4. Hi All,

    Poor old coppers cop it again. The unfortunate thing is that they have to follow the pollies laws and regulations. What happened to commonsense?

    • Nemesis says

      Rob, that is true to a certain extent. But being a sworn officer requires that officer to exercise discretion in most everything they do. If a law is seen to be unfair then that officer can complain to the police union and withdraw his/her consent to enforce that law. So why aren't police not condemning certain laws aimed at British natives?

      Because the average young cop is now indoctrinated into diversity and that airy fairy ideal that minorities have certain rights and that those British natives who protest against those minorities are bigots, racists and the like.

      The police forces around the western world today have become heavily politicised and are now just extensions of government. That is the problem!

  5. happy infidel says

    So it appears that being white nowdays is a crime, being protective of our country is a crime. Seems to me that white people are now being discriminated on based upon our race and skin colour, so where is the human rights groups protecting the unrepresented minority in the world?

    • Nemesis says

      Happy Infidel, the Human Rights Commissions will be happy to inform you that what you have commented on, and in my opinion is absolutely correct, is countered by the policy of 'reverse discrimmination'.

      In other words we as white native Australians, I was born here so in my opinion that makes me a native, are the majority population and as such have far too many privileges as compared to the poor minority groups!

      How does that make you feel? Are you still happy?

  6. Sgt. KoranFlusher says

    I hope that ALL patriotic Englishmen immediately post the very same poster in their windows as the original man did, in solidarity with him. We'll see how the government and the press feel about using the police to arrest millions and millions of people. The average man on the street wake surely wake up then!

    • Mick66 says

      Are the British people in England known as "Indigenous"? If so, do what the Aboriginals do here in Aus and claim all your land back.

      • Nemesis says

        Mick66….the white indigenous British are discriminated against just like the white native Australian.

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