BNP supporter lays out the facts

RACIST? your having a laugh! ok we all know the party has attracted a few idiots in its membership in the past, but this video represents 90% of the BNP, the real members. good people.


  1. markos prescotikas says

    Yes the british girl knew exactly what she was going on about.Australia never learns most level headed people say but i do suspect much more sinnister works at play.

    Dudd Rudd wants his UN seat which will be soon available for him never worked in his showman life .

    Always seen in Canberra having tea with Joe Hochey yes the Lib Lab pack have done it again lead you all up the garden path.I have never heard any comments from the Union movement up to press so cheap labour mums the word from Labour head office.If you go back to the Olympics 2000 Chinese illegal workers were living on building sites in sydney guarded by security and the union were on the take so much for giving a damn its over.

  2. lokelyokel makes a great point about comparative living standards.

    That's really what most people care about in the final analysis.

    When Australians (including immigrants from post-war Europe) see their living standards drop too far, no amount of lovey-dovey utopian propaganda is going to convince them to keep up the same old immigration routine.

    If immigration isn't stopped now (while deterioration is still preventable), it will be stopped later. Not by the Minister' "pen", but by the people's "sword".

  3. No doubt the lady is 100% on track.It is a shame to see the decent British have to put up with anti-white discrimination such has been in the case in what was once called ,the land of the free.

    Keep it out of Australia by and means whatsoever.

  4. localyokel says

    Governments are hoping that those people who experienced fair living standards in the so called good old days, will hurry up and die.

    The majority of immigrants of the past 40 years have come from countries that never had it good in the first place. To them anything is paradise compared to what they had. Our sly, corrupt governments play on that all the time.

    Let's watch these immigrants react in the future because things will get worse. Governments won't be able to use the old racist scapegoat then.

  5. Even with the mess that Britain now finds itself in the media still trumpets the big three parties which really have not a clue in how to win the concerned voter over.

    That lady in the video knows exactly what she is on about and I certainly agree with her sentiments.

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