When Sally met burqa // How burqas will save us from earthquakes

This is a serious cover up

It was in Hawthorn, of all middle-class suburban places, that I saw them. And where my dislike of the full-face burqa turned to loathing.

And I hate myself for it, because my reaction goes against so much that I’ve taught my children.

We were in a hardware store and the two women ahead of us at the cash register were clad head-to-toe in a billowing black tent. Even their hands were hidden, in black gloves.

Only the eyes peeked out, as if through a mail slot. And one had even that gap veiled.

They could see out, but I couldn’t see in.

There was no way I could tell what age they were or anything about them at all. I couldn’t tell if they were friendly or snooty. I couldn’t even tell if they smiled back.

It was like they had no identity, no personality at all.

To me, it seemed like they were prisoners trapped behind a huge black wall, cut off from all social interaction. They didn’t invite any contact, and seemed unable to fully respond to any.

Sally Morrell / Sun Herald

Wonder how long before Sally is denounced as a ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobe’? Many of us have realised how dangerous the ‘Iron veil’ of Islam is in a modern secular country; let’s hope more people start to realise it.

However, according to a senior Iranian cleric, women who wear ‘revealing’ clothing cause earth quakes, so it seems women in burqas will save us from earthquakes! Who knew?

A SENIOR Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

Iran is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric’s unusual explanation for why the earth shakes follows a prediction by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a quake is certain to hit Tehran and that many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate.

“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi said.
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  1. localyokel says

    It should be interesting to see how Islamic women in France will react. Their bizarre dress codes have recently been outlawed there.

  2. What happened to Geert Wilders article?

  3. So, now the liberal elete that make up the media is now facing reality, well suck it up Sally, because it is people like you and the odious Phillip Adams and co who condemn people like us who never hated any other race (once) but now do because of your treachery to your own race of people and your country. As one comment said, it's all very well these lefties advocating this mass immigration of the 3rd world into western countries…until it hits their own neighbourhoods, then it is a different story (for the journalist's, no pun intended) In other words these left winged snobs have looked down upon us calling us 'waycist's' and 'rednecked bogans' but when reality hits and it is them being confronted with a new majority race…

  4. I wonder about safety regulations.If these two legged postal boxes enter a bank why don't they remove the gadget for service as a motorcyclist must,and when (if they do)go for a license are they exempy from the mandatory license photo? I think this is reverse discrimination.

  5. Dave Tierney says

    The other day in Mt Lawley, I saw a woman in a full-face burka driving a car, I wonder if this is legal and what would happer to this woman if she killed a child because her vision was restricted? Another question that no one seems able to answer is why is our culture forced to change because new arrivals refuse to fit in. After all, if I go to another country, I try no to offend the locals but no one gives a damn about our way of life.

  6. How do you know they were women they could have been either 2 men in burkas set of 2 bombs in Pakistan and in england the failed attack they escaped wearing them

    The police can not ask them to remove it either . the Rev Fred Nile in Sydney wanted them banned and was howled down by the Carr Stste Labor Party

  7. I wonder what causes volcanic eruptions. Not too many bikinis in Iceland, eh?

    What I find perplexing are the Muslim women in flamboyant colourfully patterned "Islamic" clothes.

    Are you virtuous or decadent? Make up your damn mind!

  8. Islam4UK: Out With UK law, in With Islamic Law | Global Terrorism


    • localyokel says

      Governments are allowing Islamic fundamentalists to enter our country to cause trouble because that will take the focus away from government incompetence and corruption.

      Isn’t it a coincidence how ISLAMIC HATRED IS ALWAYS DIRECTED TOWARD COMMON PEOPLE? Not the actual officials who they have a gripe with. It’s so obvious that governments feel very safe and have nothing to fear for themselves.

      HAS AN ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST COME BACK FROM THE DEAD TO TELL? Life shall always keep changing and evolving not matter what. We are all mere atom particles in space.

  9. localyokel says

    I have witnessed on several occasions, women clad in black fabric head-to-toe, eyes only visible through their burqa. One incident a woman wore dark sunglasses, so nothing was visible.

    I have seen elderly Australians get a fright from such bizarre attire. The wearers were quite tall. Who knows if they were women as they could have been males for all anyone knows.

    Australians must have their faces exposed when they enter a bank for security reasons. Why are these people exempt from abiding our laws? Maybe all other Australians should start covering up as well.

    It's no longer, 'When in Rome, do as in Rome.' for Australia. "AUSTRALIANS HAVE NO BALLS." This was the response from an Islamic male who had been interviewed by the media a couple of years ago, when caught ripping off our system.

    Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi has not had sex with a woman otherwise he would have realized by now that it takes two to tango. Someone should inform him that adultery in society is committed by both sexes who are choose to do so. Clothing does not prevent nor cause adultery, it is the human condition that does. Blaming immoral women for earthquakes must go back to some ancient pre existing belief of Mother Earth worship.

  10. In 1972 Whitlam, (Goof Witless) started all this multi-racialism and mass immigration from the third world. That is the deliberate dismantling of Australian Anglo Celtic society. Many of these new immigrants come from former British colonised countries, or are countries that have been defeated by the British in war.As a result they have a simmering dislike for Anglo Celtic people. They have a forest growing out of their shoulders.Its pay back time. As a result many Anglo Celtic Australians have been on the receiving end of serious assaults and even death. Thanks Gough!(and Fraser)

  11. Alan Webb says

    A similar event happened to me in Brisbane.

    Two five foot nothing women, coloured tents but see through veils.

    I stopped and looked, and in return recieved a glare of contemptuous dislike, like "piss off, you dumb infadel."

    And they meant it.

  12. James Dean says

    All nations rise and fall, they have their time in history and then other nations take up the advancement of mankind. There is no doubt that the Arab tribes did invent quite a lot which we still use today, however, mankind has moved on to new understandings.

    It is quite remarkable how the Antichrist reverses everything which God created and when it comes to burqas they cover what God once created naked in all its beauty in Adam and Eve. The closest word we have to burqa is burke; which means ‘to suppress or extinguish quietly’ but I wonder how quietly the female children are when having their clitoris sliced and then ripped out by its roots and their vagina walls sliced off and sewn together to heal with only a small hole left to urinate through where they wait to have themselves cut open on their so-called wedding (rape) night where they can look forward to agonising rape by some mindless religious idiot who prays to Mecca three times a day.

    We should feel very sorry for these poor souls in burqas because they are so mentally deformed that they want all women to suffer what they had to suffer, which is a lot like foot-binding which crippled women in China for hundreds of years.

    God works in mysterious ways but we all instinctively know what is right and what is wrong regardless of our beliefs and regardless of our own thoughts the Holy Spirit which lives in us all tells our conscience what is of the Antichrist and what is of our Creator God.

  13. Revisionist says

    Yes.. it's not actually Middle Ages. When Benjamin Franklin invented lightning conductors, some clergymen said they were unnatural and would cause earthquakes! Same sort of thing.

  14. Gareth Connors says

    Time travel is possible!!!

    Just visit a mosque an islamic country or even Lakemba and travel back in time to the middle ages.

    Evolution denial, science denial (except when they need Kalashnikov rifles, Semtex or refrigerators and our looney softco*k left wing pollies turn cartwheels to appease the muzzies.

    Time to act.


  15. Perhaps the cleric is suffering from a moral crisis after an encounter with a woman who made the earth move for him. Poor chap.

  16. localyokel says

    When Australians visit Iran they must obey and respect the Iranian laws and customs. Why do Australians have to tolerate the blatant disrespect from these people towards our customs?

    That sort of clothing does not fit into our society. In most jobs it would not meet the O.H & S standards. The clothing breaches security standards because the face is hidden. The clothing is an anti-social religious mask.

    How does that encourage inclusive behavior and integration? Isn't that what multiculturalism is meant to be?

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