Activists’ showdown at Villawood’s gates

AT ONE entrance to Villawood Detention Centre stood a coalition of refugee rights activists and anti-racism groups.

At another, flying the flag and carrying signs about ”bogus refugees” were members of the Australian Protectionist Party.

Its NSW chairman, Darrin Hodges, said Mr Rudd may have toughened his policy on asylum seekers but his latest actions would not ”stop the invasion that is out of control”.

”The illegals get to holiday at the Christmas Island Hilton at taxpayers’ expense,” he told about 15 supporters with placards which read “Deport Rudd, we’re full”.

When a lone protectionist party supporter was spotted among the crowd the group followed the woman, chanting “hey hey, ho ho, racist scum has got to go” as police escorted her away.

Sydney Morning Herald

We have some interesting pictures and footage to upload from the day – stay tuned!


  1. I fought for the flag and country. says

    I’ve been to several “Eastern” countries. At no time is there any exceptions for those that don’t speak their language. Learn or leave is their attitude. Now we have Muslims murdering in the name of Allah, threatening our way of life and what does the Labor Government do???? Invite more so they might vote Labor. The time has come…Pack up their kitbags and send them back.
    They are not here to mix and integrate, they want us to change, to suit them. They are not here for the betterment of the country, its been said before, these white people pay us to stay at home and have kids. We’ll breed them out…..And we’re paying them to do just that.
    Go to the International Terminal any Friday or Saturday night and see these people in their droves coming here.
    I came here in 1967 on a ship invited by the Government of the day. MY whole family has embraced the Australian way, built houses, worked 2-3 jobs to get ahead. We have married people of similar minds from other countries who also wanted better lives. Not continue with the same crap they’re trying to escape. Enough is enough, shut the gates. Our fighting hero’s would roll over in their graves if they saw what has been let happen here. IT’S time to make a stand. If you’re with me stand beside me.

  2. localyokel says

    Villawood contains bogus refugees because genuine, honest people are stuck in their countries. Those people will never get out because they are too poor to jump any queue.

    It is very brave of those Australian Protectionist Party members being honest and true to their beliefs with their showdown at Villawood’s gates.

    It’s a shame that the rest of Australia’s politics cannot be honest too; instead they have earned themselves a reputation through their deceit and corruption.

    This has been demonstrated in various polls on professions and politicians topped the poll for being the most untrustworthy profession.

  3. Alan Webb says

    My personal congratulations to these wonderful people that had the courage to stand up and be counted.

    Every time these fighters present themselves to the public eyes, it must be like a shot in the guts to the rent a crowd..

    I did an Anzac day speech, and I reminded the audience that 120000 service personal are dead to give us all the God given right to free speech and expression without vilification or retribution from others.

    Theses package protesters should be reminded of this simple fact.

    Thank you to all involved.


  4. happy infidel says

    Well thats why parties like this one and the BNP are so important, it lets people know the truth of what is happening, yes its bad in England, but hopefully as things get worse people will finally see the truth and jump on board the only parties who have the countries best intrest at heart.

    Sad but true, things need to get to crisis point before people react, they are blind stupid and short sighted as a rule.

  5. Revisionist says

    In Britain, many, or maybe all, of the 'demonstrators' are paid and choreographed, and have been since before the Second World War. You'll notice none is ever interviewed or identified or questioned in depth. Nor are the groups controlling them ever revealed. That of course shows they are establishment pawns, though probably distanced legally in case of violence. There are plenty of important issues which they ignore – that is, I'd suggest, a reliable guide to their being used. It's only unpopular official policies they support.


    Rudd to turn back boatpeople | The Australian – ELECTION PROMISE 2007

  7. The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling

    How Labour drowned Britain in immigrants

    YouTube – Labour MP – Muslims will take over Britain

  8. SUBJECT: A minority in their own land

  9. Jack Richards says

    No doubt the anti-racist bleeding hearts will have gone back to their leafy and all-white suburbs with a warm inner glow knowing that they have helped to inflict more crime on their fellow Australians living in the working class suburbs of western Sydney.

    They’ll feel really good about themselves as they sip chardonnay by the pool and leaf through their leather-bound copy of Das Kapital.

    You see, it’s good for them. It drives up their property values and drives down the wages they have to pay for their gardeners, maids and shoe-shine boys. What altruism they have displayed!

    Of course, it has never entered their heads that, at some point in the future, when these coloureds and muslims have reached sufficient numbers to go on murderous rampages (as they do in Europe and the USA) that they’re not going to ask a whitey’s politics before they shove a knife in someone’s ribs.

    What blind, smug, and self-satisfied fools they are. They want to impose on their feel-good views on everyone else in this country and silence any disent. They are the worst kind of racists and fascists there are. They really make me want to puke!

  10. maybe these poor deluded anti racists should look at whats happened in third population none white.rape has increased by 100percent in the last 5 years in london schools.90 percent of knifings perpetrated by non whites..racists or realists.

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