Victorian police deem Christianity to be offensive

According to a report from the ABC an Easter Crucifix re-enactment was shut down by the Victorian police even though there were apparently no complaints.  Instead officers invoked the ‘reasonable man’ clause which permits police to shutdown an event they think would offend the public.

Given the rank political correctness of the Victorian government, its a fair guess on which segment of the public would find expressions of Christianity offensive and why the police would invoke a hitherto unknown power to shut it down.

Organiser Paster Sarah Kenneally expressed surprise and disappointment saying that she believed Australia was a free country where people could express their religious beliefs. We’re sorry Sarah but it looks like you’ve discovered that in Australia, Australians are not free and only certain religions have freedom of religious expression in Australia.

As for the ‘reasonable man’ clause invoked by the Victorian police, you would do well to remember that the road to hell was paved with good intentions and maintained by the ‘reasonable man’.


  1. Scooby doo says

    It's about time the government banned the public reenactment of the crucifixion.

    I am offended that children might be exposed to a man being murdered while they're innocently walking to the park to play cricket.

    I am also offended that in 2008, Sydney held the World Youth Day (read Catholic Youth Week) but not with Catholics paying for it – oh no, the rest of us paid for it and were told if we wore Slayer shirts we'd be committing a crime as it offends Catholics.

    Yes, I'm sure the Muslims were behind that too.

    *shakes head*

  2. The vic police are puppets of the communist faction that hides within the labor party.It is now clear for everone to see.

  3. Jack Richards says

    Fair enough I say! Let’s face it, if it has upset the Muslims, Hindus, African Animists and Jews i.e. the majority in Victoria, it should be banned.

    All us redneck, homophobic, misogynistic white racists who obtained this land by our genocide of the Aborigines and the theft of their children really need some intense cultural sensitivity training. Who do we think we are? How dare we impose a blatantly anti-semitic and provocative re-enactment of a doubtful historic event on the friendly and peace-loving multi-ethnic community of Victoria.

    I’m sure all those Sudanese and Somali youths who gather in gangs daily, for cultural purposes, at every suburban railway station in Melbourne will express their rightful anger about this and justly punish a select group of heretical white bigots. Perhaps they will emulate the just retribution recently exacted from that South African racist bigot, Eugene Terreblanche, and dramatically make the point that racism won’t be tolerated in this country.

    Allah Akbar!

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