Stop the school at Hoxton Park

Hoxton Park Residents Action Group Inc. have taken their fight against plans to build a Muslim school in their suburb to court. Hoxton Park Residents Action Group Inc. members are taking Liverpool Council to the Supreme Court in an attempt to prove a decision to allow Greenacre’s Malek Fahd Islamic School to build a second campus on Hoxton Park Rd was unconstitutional. The next hearing will be on April 20 in the Supreme Court of NSW. We have received advice that Liverpool City Council and possibly other arms of governments will do almost whatever it takes to stop this case proceeding to the High Court of Australia. Which is precisely where we want and need this case to be. We believe the reason for this is if we are successful it would have massive implications on councils everywhere.

If we win this case it will be a victory of nuclear proportions and it will punish Liverpool Council like you would not believe. It may even be possible to take further class action against decisions made in the past – Read OASIS, Orange Grove, etc. But that is for the future and only if we win of course.

There is also a second case in the Land and Environment Court where we have received legal advice that we have a VERY good case against this particular development application and that it would almost be an open and shut case. The problem is that for this case, we need legal representation and lawyers want to get paid. At this point in time, we have spent somewhere between $7,000 to $10,000 and we have been advised that the total cost would be somewhere in the region of $50,000 to $100,000. At this point in time, it looks as if we may be forced to drop this case which is heartbreaking. We are currently looking at all options to raise funds for this and of course local raffles and Lamington drives helps but are not going to be sufficient to fund it all.

To everyone who has contributed funds already:

Thank you very much indeed, your support is invaluable.

To everyone who wants to support your suburb and save your quality of life:

We now have two court cases against the decision to build the school. Both are good cases with very good chance of success. But one of the cases is in the Land & Environment Court and is complex and requires a lawyer to represent us. Lawyers want to get paid so we need money. Yes folks, that is the bottom line. At some point, it was always going to come to this and we cannot do this with just a handful of people footing the bill on behalf of the whole of Hoxton Park. If that is what you were expecting, walk away now please.

But if you want to support us, please contribute as per banking details below. We have a single mother working part-time and a pensioner who have both contributed $500.00 each and if they can do that, so can most of you. Unless your weekend away or buying a Playstation is more important of course. Right now, we need somewhere in the region of $10,000 by Monday. That sounds like a lot but if you consider that there are approximately 4000 residents in Hoxton Park (that’s what I have been told), that should not be difficult.

Note: One committed resident said “I object to my rates paying the councillors who are acting AGAINST me but also to fund the legal defence of this hostile council. Therefore, I will refuse to pay rates for the next two or three quarters and instead divert that money to support the fight”. THAT is the spirit we need!

Bank details:

Account name: HPRAG Inc

BSB: 082343

Account No: 169785990

Or via a cheque to Hoxton Park Residents Action Group Inc PO Box 331 Hoxton Park. 2171 Please leave your email address as reference and a receipt will be forwarded to you.

Stop the school at Hoxton Park

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