Join the Protectionist party in celebrating Rudd’s first Century!

The Australian people have had their border protection progressively dismantled by the open-borders advocates from within the Labor party, the Liberal party and various independents and other busy bodies.

On the 29th of March the 100th boat load of illegals arrived in Australian waters. One hundred boats have arrived since Rudd was sworn into office on the 3rd of December 2007. That is, in the 121 weeks of the Rudd administration, an illegal is attempting to enter Australia every 4 and a half hours.

This is despite Rudd promising to turn back illegals during his 2007 election campaign. In fact quite the opposite has occurred. Rudd with support from Senator Fielding, Senator Xenophon, Liberal MPs Petro Georgiou, Judi Moylan, Danna Vale, Russell Broadbent and the Greens have watered-down our border protection to make it easier for illegals to gain entry into Australia.

So don’t think the Liberals are being genuine in their opposition. Pauline Hanson once said that Australia should have proper border protection policies, but Tony Abbott and his mates made sure she went to gaol for daring to speak out. Now Tony Abbott is echoing those very same words and expects the public to buy into it. Remember the Tampa ship? Most of those illegals are now living in Australia! Abbott is just using the issue in a cheap and cynical attempt to gain votes.

Rudd has hit a century when he should have been out for a duck!

Join the Australian Protectionist Party protest against Rudd,Abbott and all the others who have sold-out Australia’s sovereignty and your children’s future.

Where: main entrance, Villawood detention centre.

When: 3PM, April 11.

Bring your flags, bring your mates – help us win back Australia.


  1. I'm disgusted that over the last several days all we've heard about on the commercial television stations is the ridiculous football scandal, as if it were worthy of headlines for three days running. It's just unbelievable that it took up 75% of the news on all of the commercial channels over the last several nights. The fact that Rudd's insulation failure is going to cost taxpayers $1 billion seems un-newsworthy to these commercial channels. Rudd and his mates must be having a good laugh at their success in diverting attention. It's obvious to see the political persuasion of the commercial media. This is not only stooping to low levels, but it is very irresponsible in their 'duty of care' to bring important issues to the attention of Australians. I don't think a football team is worthy of consuming news and headlines for such a long time when there are far more important issues which need addressing.

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