Australian Protectionist Party achieves registration in N.S.W!

The Australian Protectionist Party is now registered in NSW for the purposes of contesting local government elections. This was a very important milestone in the growth of the party as we are keen to develop a strategy and nurture candidates for the 2012 council elections.  The APP believes that local government is one of the most important levels of government: Its the closest layer of government to our communities and has the greatest effect on the community. APP will be encouraging Australians to take more interest in this level of government, after all its “your community, your council!”

Council should be made up of genuine local people who care about their community and the concerns of residents, it should not be controlled by party politics and zombies who take their orders from Macquarie street! If you are interested in being an Protectionist candidate for the 2012 council elections, please do not hesitate to contact Darrin Hodges on 0431 739 260 or Nick Folkes on 0417 679 972 and discuss it with us.

Thank you to all those who participated in the registration process, now we look forward to federal registration.

Your community, Your council!
Join the resistance! Join the Australian Protectionist Party and help us win back Australia!

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