Residents fight Muslim cemetery at Bringelly

BRINGELLY could soon be home to a Muslim cemetery, with room for more than 6000 burial plots.

But residents say the proposed site is not appropriate for this use because it is in a residential area, just a kilometre from Bringelly Public School.

The development application for the cemetery was lodged with Liverpool Council by the NSW United Turkish Islamic Centre.

It is the second application for a Muslim cemetery in Liverpool’s rural zone, with a proposal for a site on Twelfth Avenue, Rossmore, from last year, yet to be decided.

Residents opposed to the cemetery are holding a community meeting at Bringelly Community Centre, Greendale Road, on March 9 at 6.30pm.

South Western Rural Advertiser

Anybody concerned about the expansion of Islam in Australia should attend and support the residents. One of the things the Protectionist Party would like to see is the inclusion of a ‘social impact statement’ or ‘cultural impact statement’ in town planning laws. This would give residents and supportive councils more scope in deciding what should be included and what should be rejected from their communities.


  1. Billgelly Brin says

    We're prepared !
    We bought our own bitumen/crude oil tanker and parked it at our front gate.

  2. Bringelly Bill says

    I wont be letting them play soccer with our kids.

  3. Worth a read:-

    Islamic school in the U.K " Christians are the pigs..Jews are the monkeys":-

  4. Halal certification:-


    Muslim Infiltration:-

  5. I've been attending all the Bass Hill anti-Islamic school meetings since 2007, wish I could've attended this protest but I am a shift worker and was stuck at work.

    However, best of luck luck to the Bringelley residents.



    It has no place in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY!

  7. Guys, the site is on a rural road, a half hour drive from the nearest developed residential suburb.
    There are a few scattered houses like on any country road.
    They have to be buried somewhere, but it also has to be accessible for visitors.
    I think you'll find most cemeteries are build a similar distance (or less) from developed areas, then suburban sprawl surrounds them later.
    There are plenty of cemeteries in Sydney that are right smack in the middle of residential areas.
    Yes, we want immigration stopped, but the Muslims already here will need to be buried someday.
    Be reasonable. How far away does the site have to be, 100 miles?

    • Darrin Hodges says

      "How far away does the site have to be, 100 miles? "

      At least the distance between here and Saudi Arabia.

    • It is not about how far away….
      The point is that they should not be allowed to have a SEPARATE CEMETERY.

  8. Socrates was a pederist, so does that make anyone who believes in democracy a pederist?

    Are we not all adament believers above all else in democracy? So for us to be truly democratic we must be pederists aswell according to the popular logic here…

    By the way, Australia does have two systems of law, the aboriginal people have access to their own law, this has been practiced for some time now.

    So, everyone's arguement here is based on not only unfounded fear but ignorance of the law itself in the very country they wish to "protect"…

    If the leadership of the APP didn't realise the issue of indigenous law and its practice here in Australia, what exactly do they know about Australia?



  9. Right on, aus1st !!!

    I think the best thing we can do is round 'em up in concentration camps now, while they still only account for < 2% of the Australian population. If they embrace Christianity , we can allow them to stay. Otherwise it's back to whatever filthy hole they crawled out of.

    I know the bleeding-hearts will squeal at first, but once people are fully educated as to why it's necessary to take these drastic actions, the clamour will subside.

  10. SICOFTHBS says

    Yes aus1st ,youve got it covered there , all you need to know . They will be kicking off soon in the Nederlands but will be reported by controlled media as youth riots as in France & everywhere else they have wormed their way into . Im considering emailing rspca re their stance on halal butchery & why a bloke in a reality tv show makes headlines for knifing a rat ….unbelievable

  11. jovialau says

    Truthtube appears not to exist!! So why give a link??

  12. Looks like the Muslims are taking over. Here are their 12 steps of GLOBAL CONQUEST.

    1. Immigrate by the millions

    2. Breed, breed and breed this is Islam’s greatest weapon against the Kafirs (non Muslims). As the Kafir’s birthrate declines, breed them out. They will become so dependant on Muslim labour (I find that funny, as most Muslims I know are not too keen on that activity, unless it is for the mosque or another Muslim) and so old demographically they will not be able to resist what will follow.

    3. At 5%-10% of the population, force the host governments to set up special laws favouring Muslims. Use the courts to gain special rights under the guise
    of “anti-discrimination” as other groups in Western countries have done before.

    4. At 20%-30% of the population elect Muslims to government and legislate additional laws that favour Muslims.


    6 Always setup in small Muslim communities to hide in. Even better, concentrate in small cities and take complete control of their government. As Dearborn, Michigan.


    8.Use their liberal tradions against them whenever possible. Being labeled a “RACIST” is a fate worse than death in most Western countries. When they oppress Muslims and seek to stem their tide, USE THIS WORD AGAINST THEM. They will never be able to convincingly assert that discrimination against one group (eg:gays) while maintaining that discrimination against Muslims is good without apppearing to be hypocritical and intellectually corrupt, thus they will lose the propaganda war.
    Recuit liberal academics and media outlets to assist in thiscampaign.

    9. ASSASSINATION – when the Muslim population exceeds 30%-50% of the total population, start the terror killings and bombings as soon as possible. It will effectively weaken the host nation to the extent that it will npo longer be able to function.
    10. If anyone is going to testify against a Muslim in court, KILL THEM BEFORE THE TRIAL.

    11. At 50%-70% of the population, seek the total submission of the host society to islamic law by all means necessary, LEGAL, MILITARY, TERROR, SOCIAL COERCION, etc.

    12. If step eleven fails initially seek extensive international help from othe islamic states and the UN in order to creat a SEPARATE MUSLIM REPUBLIC within the host country’s borders, using racial and religious discrimination against the Muslim population as a pretext, at a later date, when it is advantageous to do so repeat step eleven until successful.

    I guess we are next…….

    This was posted on the internet in March 2005

  13. BARE NAKED ISLAM – It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you

  14. I don't understand…. If someone were to declare themselves a "Nazi", would they be allowed to immigrate to Australia. The Muslim religion seems to be no better…their leader preached violence as the answer to obtaining what you want, they see women as inferior and commit terrible acts in the name of their religion. Yes Christians have pertained to violence, but against the teachings of their leader Jesus.

  15. jovialau says

    Even when dead,It appears,Muslims don`t wish to be near us.So much for assimilation!!!!!!!!

  16. So I take it you are a real aussie then daniel?

    Mohamad was a pedophile, muslims follow the teachings of mohamad to the letter, thus they MUST be pedophiles…. all of them. or are they apostate because they dont agree with his teachings?

    If there is one lesson we should have learnt in the 1990's, its that we should have stopped ALL muslim immigration and refugees.

  17. – A Silent Grief

  18. Islamists impose sharia by stealth

    Pedestrian Infidel: Islam's 12 Steps to Destroy Dar al-Harb (Land of the Infidels)

  19. Just replace 'Muslim' with 'Jew' and 'Islam' with 'Judaism' in the above comments. How would that go down? Then make broad, sweeping statements about what Muslims believe, link to websites highlighting the actions of extremists and use that to show that they're all the bloody same.

    I guess by those standards, the Jesus-loving Christians who murdered almost 200,000 Muslims in the heart of Europe during the 1990's (including 8,000 in one day at Srebrenica) also represent Christianity and are the rule rather than the exception.

    These bloody Muslims should just get with the program! They need to start gambling, drinking to excess, molesting their children, and bugger it, they better not head to the mosque on occasions other than births, deaths, and marriages. THEN they'll be REAL Aussies !!!

    • 6000 in one day! and the bryngelly proposal is for 6000! That is only one day's worth. Get real. Bryngelly can support a much bigger dumping ground than a poxy 6000. How man mussies are there in Sydney?
      If the Balkan thing happened again now, post 9/11 and Bali we would need plenty more room for the s***e.

    • Okay that's great, because christians murder people overseas that makes it acceptable to let Muslims take over Australia?. You sound like a bleeding heart sympathiser , we have too many of them here in our politically correct society. Do you want Australia to end up like the UK? Provide me a web link that shows Christians beheading Muslims because they have converted from Christianity to Islam?………oh you can't can you. The point im making is yes every religion has problems but Islam is not for the Western world. In rebuttal to your comment about molesting Children , they don't have to , they just marry one :). Do you know about the sword boys here in Perth? ….. its a Leb gang numbering over 400. They frequent the casino regulary and drink and gamble so that must make them real Aussies in your eyes….Twat!

    • Paul Toohey says

      Mate your comments are NOT taken seriously, think your comments are more to be pitied.
      I gather you must be a dimi!
      One who supports Islam but hasn't joined Islam, why not go and join them seeing you are their slave. Remember this, he who does not join Islam is to be slaughtered or be salve to them.
      On a lighter Note I have spoken to people in the area and they have asked for APP help and want to organise a rally to march onto the local member of Parliaments offices and voice their opinions.

      So Get that up you Dimi Daniel.

  20. This web site shows the true evil of Isalm.

  21. SUBJECT: Aussie Muslims support Sharia law: Trad

    This is BS!


    THERE'S broad Muslim community support for aspects of Sharia law being adopted in Australia, a leading spokesman for the religion says…..


  22. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of Islam. As long as you convert you will be among friends.

    Click on the video at the following link and watch Mohommad’s followers of “peaceful” islam carrying out his instructions – direct from the Quran.

    If you censor comments to your posts, what is it exactly that you’re afraid of?

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