Downfall: Hitler on the Garrett debacle

WARNING: Subtitles contain strong language.


  1. As soon as I saw the word MIRA on 'recent comments' section I just knew what kind of white hating maggot. Sure to form, the parasite didn't dissapoint

  2. Ex Digger says

    Mira, you and your ilk will not have a life once this country loses everything.
    Believe me cobber, I am not stupid as you have quoted, far from it.
    Realistic, yes, worldly wise, yes, rose tinted glasses brigade, No, head in the sand, No.
    I've seen first hand what multiculturalism has done in Old Blighty, and believe me sunshine, you would be rather sick if you were to visit……
    By the way, will you put up in your glass house any of the illegals now arriving at 5 boatloads a week in WA?? Put your money where your mouth is sport…go on, I dare you…

  3. Perhapas MIRA would like to go on some Pacific Islander websites that I have seen here in Australia, boasting on how many whites they have bashed and robbed this week. Oh, sorry MIRA, they are dark-skinned so their actions of hatred wouldn't be considered 'waycist' by the likes of knukkle draggers like you.

  4. It was great to look at your website! I always suspected that racism was a sure sign of stupidity- thanks for confirming. Thank goodness you will end up in oblivion like John Howard and Pauline Hanson. Enjoy your sad little games, they're sure sign you dont have a life

    • Haha. The lefties who come and leave these comments always play the same spiel. I swear they have some sort of handbook to go by. They always try too hard to be demeaning, they rarely touch the issues themselves, and they always have the 'So take that I'm off never to return to your silly site again' thing at the end. Hi there Mira, I'm sure you're still around 😉

  5. pale face says

    ahh good old perth shops close at 5 bed by 9

  6. pale face says

    hey ex digger i believe u perth is violent but is there some place i can find proof for your comment

  7. pale face says

    i must say perth is super violent and boring as snot it sucks ugly city to nothing but sand no pretty buildings or anything not like melb or syndey
    i jsut came back from melbourne for a holiday and perth feels so third world in comparrasin

  8. Ex Digger says

    Per head of population, Perth is one of the most violent cities in the world….fact.
    I have been here in Perth since 1963 and have seen a "G'Day Mate, she'll be right" attitude, go to a "Give us $5 for a train fare white c..t", and "If you dont give us your mobile and shoes, we'll kill ya!" State of menace.
    "Spider Boys", M'Bros", "African Gangs", Vietnamese Gangs are all rife in Perth….but the police spend all their time raiding bikies pads……I have never been in a conflict with bikies, but I have with all the other gangs Iv'e mentioned……Poor old Perth, we have had it.

  9. pale face says

    was on the way home from work and a kid must have been 15 years old had been beaten and robbed at like 5 in afternoon . perth is becoming very unsafe

  10. Ex Digger says

    Agreed! KRudd should have statues of our Victoria Cross winners….these serviceman deserve everything….Has KRudd ever served?

  11. pale face says

    We have a seemingly over-emphasis on indigenous culture and history and almost an entire blotting out of our British traditions and … heritage,'' he told said

    i agree growing up in south africa we learnt lots bout our dutch and english history we have statues in the city centre of english and dutch war heroes u dont see that here

  12. pale face says

    is global warming real or a hoax ? what do people on here feel

    • localyokel says

      On the one hand the government tells us to cut back as there is no water and we have to pay more for energy consumption to fight and stop global warming but with the other hand the government wants a 30,000,000 population. How are any of those things going to stop global warming? More people and more money is that the solution? Gee Australian governments are dumber than dumb to think they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes.


    SUBJECT: Climate, Sorry Day in curriculum overhaul

    Brainwashing school children about Australian History and about this global warming HOAX.

    This Chairman rudd is truely evil!,23739,…


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