Peter Spencer – “Tower of Hope” Property Rights Campaign

Alistair McRoberts and special guest speaker Peter Spencer (52 days without food on the Tower of Hope) have agreed to speak to the people of the Manning Valley regarding the destruction of your rights to farm your land. (Native vegetation and other acts)

We must protect our National interest to produce fresh food for
our nation – and for the world

Do we want to import food from Peru, Vietnam, Brazil, America, Mexico, China and other foreign countries when we can produce it here in AUSTRALIA?

Venue Details:
* Taree West Bowling Club, Edinburgh Drive
* Friday 26th February 2010 1pm – 4pm

Why not come early and have lunch at the club!!!



“Donation of gold coin/note would be appreciated”

Manning Valley Coo-ee committee: Ray Martin > (0408 530664)


  1. Aussie digger says

    aus1st, does this mean seeing as your post wasnt approved by the administrator that we should ignore that comment (small joke).

    Personally it bothers me not one way or the other, if I begin reading something that I find offencive I tend to skim over it without reading it further. You normaly find the abusers dont stick around for long, they just try to get people riled up then go away laughing to themselves (because noone else listens to them). sad but true situation, a small minority are deliberatly offencive, and another small minority are overly or deliberatly sensitive. build a bridge get over it, cause ive moved on (to the offenders and offended)

  2. If all the commentshave to be approved by the site administrator now, I can understand why there are no comments on this page. Oh me, Oh my the people who nominate themselves as the watch dogs have wormed their way into APP, and here I was hoping they, the APP had the balls to get on with the job. If people don't like swearing and all those other nasty little things that get up their noses, let them blank out the words and let others get on with saying it the way it is. I don't write swear words in my comments but like those that do I too must be approved……. Once again, the minority govern the majority. This most likely will not be approved by the administrator.

  3. I agree with peter w, above and think it is about time we really made a STAND in Australia to say LOUD AND CLEAR to the government what we want and where we want this great country to go. If the politiians don't listen to us GET RID OF THEM……. All the best to Peter Spencer and his group.

  4. It fills me with warmth to know that there are still people living in this country that care about its future, its just a shame that we might have to return to the conflict of the eureka stockade before the powers that be decide to start making some good decisions about our future. P.S iam not a farmer but i do eat food and unlike many ignorant city folk, I realise that food comes FROM FARMS (after a bloody great deal of work).
    Best wishes with the cause….peter

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