Qld.’s surrogacy Bill and Anna Bligh’s family values

When Queensland Premier Anna Bligh called members of the parliament who spoke out against new surrogacy laws “rednecks” she insulted every person who values the family unit and the protection of children, Queensland Family First senate candidate Wendy Francis said last night.

“It was behaviour unfit for a Premier and she has proved today that she doesn’t deserve to be Premier,” Francis said.

Francis has predicted another “Sorry Day” in around 20 years when the full effects of the new laws are felt.

“Anna Bligh has destroyed the lives of a future stolen generation and has mocked those who are appalled and distressed at the passing of these laws which can only be described as evil.”

The new legislation allows single adults and homosexual couples to enter into a surrogate agreement for a child.

“The Premier thinks it’s okay for a child—who doesn’t get a choice—to enter the world without ever having a legal mother or father, or maybe having two legal fathers or two mothers,” Francis said.

“Anna Bligh doesn’t care because her own children won’t be affected as they enjoy a mother and father.

“Yet she will have long left office when society has to deal with the horrific emotional and psychological consequences of her immoral choice for many other children.”

Francis accused the state opposition of being all talk and no action on this issue.

“The opposition should have been shouting this down for months, but until the last few days we’ve heard very little from them.”

Francis has vowed to look at ways to overrule the Queensland legislation if she is elected to the federal senate at the next election.

“Queensland needs a senator from Family First because the fight to protect children has just begun,” she said.

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that the entire nation is far better off under conservative government including the workers. For many years I mostly voted Labor but for the last decade I have been a constant conservative voter as I believe that it is impossible for a nation in heavy debt to possibly look after the worker. A nation in debt is a slave to international powers so how could the Labor Party possibly claim to be 'for the worker' when they are infact eroding the value of the worker through heavy debt burdens. I am also sick and tired of union bosses being so chummy with their ALP counterparts that they have abandoned the workers. Many of the unions have now stopped fighting against Bligh's privitisation plans and have proven that they aren't there to represent workers but are there to funnel votes to the ALP and keep themselves in the top heirarchy with their government mates. When the workers find out how much they have been conned over the decades, they will unleash their wrath on the ALP and the unions in the most unscrupulous way. The Truth will set them free. It has only been conservative governments which have kept debt low and spent wisely.

  2. The above comments point to a common cause of all our problems… small groups and individuals make decisions for the entire electorate yet surveys reveal around 80% of the electorate disapproves of around 90% of government policies.

    In other words, what we have here is the abandonment of democracy; as Abraham Lincoln overstated it so lyrically in the face of the banker elite… government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    Reinstall democracy and the people can support commonsense policies derived from the people themselves.

    I mention this because every APP candidate must understand and accept this or he or she will become as corrupted as the other politicians.

    At the end of the day, there are only two kinds of governments: governments by the people, or governments by less than the people; and history shows it doesn't make much difference if this is a group, party or an individual; tyranny is the inevitable product.

    • With that kind of logic well….you could even get Nazis truly represented!!
      You are not correct in ASSUMING people want to vote for your or other parties. For example Family First was only voted in with 1.9% of the popular vote – so go figure mate!

  3. As I said once before Family First should be a party to consider. Being a dad who is caught up in this disgrace called "Best Interests Of the Children" They also get my vote along with APP and Non Custodial Parents Party. We get sick of one person thinking they can go against the majority of people. People who are ignorant and self centred. It is a voting stunt to gain more votes from the Gay & Lesbian Community. Well i hope she loses everyone elses votes!

  4. She is an utter disgrace to her gender! Krudd and Bligh are cut from the same 'teflon' cloth………..Peter Beattie mentored both. They have learned well from their grubby master. Don't forget, Beattie was the one that forwarned Dr Patel that he was about to be investigated for malpractice at Bundaberg Hospital. The good Dr fled the next day………….and then millions of taxpayers money was spent getting the bastard back. Now he resides in the community at OUR expense while his trial proceeds. Then we have Captain Bligh's Mary Valley Dam fiasco (ruining thousands of lives,several committing suicide) and then we have her Wild Rivers legislation stealing the rights of indigenous aboriginies to manage their own land in order to lift themselves from poverty and off welfare. Noel Pearson has my total support for what he is trying to achieve for his people in Cape York.

    Also note the tactics of these Labour vermin – if they can't win the debate through honest means, they resort to name calling and abusive language.

  5. Jack Richards says

    Anyone who disagrees with the likes of Anna Bligh, about anything, is, by definition a: redneck, racist, trailer-trash hill billy, ignoramus, behighted fool and a culturally insensitive bogan.

  6. Darrin Hodges says

    So Anna Bligh is racially abusing parliamentarians who don't agree with her view? How 'progressive' of her!

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